Developers Administrative information for developers who wish to contribute to the Mulgara Project.

Mulgara builds on Java 1.5 and Java 1.6. Java 1.6 may not pass the HTTP tests due to policy settings, but otherwise is the preferred platform.

The Mulgara source is a fork from the Kowari project, circa 1st of August 2005. Other than the new domain, the only initial difference was a set of updates which enabled Mulgara to run on Java 1.5 and above. This was an upgrade over Kowari, which could only build on Java 1.4.

The source code to Mulgara is available through the Subversion repository. See the download page for details on getting a checkout.


IMPORTANT: Due to the licensing requirements in moving from the MPL to the OSL we need to carefully document all changes to existing source files. This is very important for developers contributing to the project. More details are provided below.


What License is the code under?

The OSL. This was chosen to be compatible with the original MPL license of Kowari. The MPL specifies an organization must be an "initial contributor" for the licensed code. Since Mulgara is entirely community driven, a more appropriate license was needed.

All new code is being written with the Apache License, Version 2.0. This license is much more popular with the community, and is compatible with the OSL for the purpose of integration. The hope is to eventually evolve the codebase over to being completely Apache Licensed. If you have copyright on any of the codebase (ie. you wrote it) and it is currently under an older license, then please consider changing your license to Apache 2.0.

How do I get the latest source code?

You need a version of Subversion which supports SSL (encryption). Subversion is an open source tool, and is free to download. Not all versions of Subversion feature SSL, so ensure you have one which supports this option.

The following command will get the latest version of Mulgara:
    svn co
You can also browse the source code by pointing your browser directly at this link.

How do I get the latest released source code?

Get one of the Source Download files from the Downloads page. These files are named with the version number of the release:

  • mulgara-version-bin-all.tar.gz

How do I contribute code?

Please mail contributions to the developers' list in patch format with comments and justification. One of the lead developers with add your code as soon as it can be tested.

How can I get read/write access to the source repository?

Ask an administrator on the developers' mailing list. Once you have established a good track record then we will consider giving you full read/write access to the repository. As a rule of thumb, we are looking for 3 non-trivial patches.

How do I learn the architecture of Mulgara?

Eventually this information will be posted in the Mulgara Wiki. In the meantime, try the following:

Download the source and read it. If code is not clear and comments are lacking, then please report it.
Ask on the developers' mailing list.
Try moving some of the documentation from the old documentation site to the Wiki.
Read Paula's blog. Many of the relevant entries may be quite old. Ask him to write about something if you need specific information. In recent months he hasn't been writing regularly, but he is still there and willing to answer most questions in detail.
If you learn something that is not adequately documented, then please consider adding it to the Wiki.

Where is the documentation for Mulgara development?

On the Development page in the Wiki. If something is missing, then let us know, and we will endeavor to add it.

How do I develop for Mulgara with Eclipse?

Install Subclipse for Subversion in Eclipse, and check out Mulgara using the address found in the download page.

Mulgara makes heavy use of 3rd party libraries, some of which generate code. Eclipse will report errors until it sees all of the libraries and code already available. To accomplish this we have an Ant task called ideSupport. Build this from the command line, and then refresh the Eclipse project.

For more details see the HOWTO.

Why is my question not answered here?

Because I didn't know about the issue and no one has asked me about it yet. Let one of the developers know, and we will put something up. Feel free to harrass us if we take too long.

Why do you sometimes mis-spell words?

The project was started in Australia. Mulgaras are Australian, Kowaris are Australian, and I'm Australian. I live in the USA now, so I try to remember to use American spelling, but sometimes I forget.

Posted by Paula on July 28, 2006
Updated by Paula on September 23, 2009







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