ARM Integrator

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ARM Integrator/CP (Compact Platform) development boards

ARM Integrator Reference Design

The RealView Integrator(TM) AP (Application Platform) and CP (Compact Platform) are prototyping boards from ARM with attachable Core Module that provide an integrated development platform. The ARM Integrator/AP was the first ARM reference design to receive Linux support from ARM. The Core Module that is attached to the AP or CP board has a test chip for an ARM CPU, a RAM SIMM module connector and an FPGA that implements a set of ARM PrimeCell Peripherals and memory controllers.

  • The Integrator/AP is a basic board with two UART ports, timer, RTC and NOR Flash. The board has two UARTs, LEDs, keyboard and mouse PS/2 connectors and 3 PCI slots. An expansion board called IM-PD1 can be connected on top of the core module to provide VGA graphics, MMC card and possibly USB connectivity.
  • The Integrator/CP can be extended to support user created IP, using standard Integrator Logic Tiles, in conjunction with an IM-LT1 Interface, or using Logic Modules. The CP base board has LCD and touch screen connectors, VGA connector, Multi-Media Card (MMC) interface and an audio codec interface. Ethernet connectivity is provided by a dedicated interface chip (SMC911). Expansion to Logic Modules and Logic Tiles can be attached through an AMBA AHB-Lite system bus.

Integrator/CP is compatible with the following Integrator Core Modules: ARM920T, ARM922T-XA10, ARM926EJ-S, ARM946E-S and ARM966E-S, ARM1026EJ-S and ARM1136J(F)-S. See the following link Integrator Core Modules for a more complete description of the board and processors.

The Integrator platforms are no longer officially supported by ARM Ltd.


Boot Loader

U-boot contains support for this board. To compile U-Boot from CVS sources you can use the following commands:

*make integratorcp_config

The resulting executable can then be loaded on the board using a debugger to be run from the bootMonitor. The following page Prebuilt downloads contains some information on compiling and running Linux for this board.

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