Android boot time improvements

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Android boot time improvements
Artemi Ivanov
Selected to be sponsored by the CE Workgroup


Android boot time could be dramatically improved by leveraging checkpoints/snapshots approaches (might be sufficient for variety of products/use cases), on the other side it would be great to study deeper if Android cold boot speed could be improved, at least for automotive/IVI scenarios (get display/video/audio enabled early)

Related work

  • 0xlab survey - Shorten Device Boot Time for Automotive IVI and

Navigation Systems; Implement Checkpointing for Android; Android Boot Time Optimization


  • Leverage most powerful hw platforms (multicore Cortex-A15 SOCs, fast

storage, etc.)

  • Get max of what could be optimized at bootcode/kernel level (this

could be done in a week or so - using boottime cook books)

  • Try to get Android booting to UI/video/audio in a couple of seconds

range (i.e. custom/automotive-focused use-case)...

  • Compare results with snapshots/checkpoints implementation

Efforts: 6-8 weeks

Contractor Candidates


0xlab already doing this.

  • boot dropped from 30 seconds to 15 seconds