Animal LVDS Mini Board

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Animal LVDS Mini Board is a low cost LVDS LCD expansion board for BeagleBoard Rev-C, BeagleBoard-xM, PandaBoard, PandaBoard-ES and compatible clones. For an introduction to LVDS display panels, please visit HERE. The

The Animal LVDS Mini board was developed by TinCanTools (Company Website) and is available here.

Animal LVDS Mini

Animal LVDS Mini - Panda


  • I2C interface for EDID communication
  • 4 Backlight PWM/ENABLE controls
  • LVDS interface via a SN75LVDS83B
    • 18-bit mode
    • 24-bit 2-LSB mode
  • 3.3V I2C interface

Supported Boards

  • BeagleBoard-xM
  • BeagleBoard Rev-C - Note: requires headers to be populated
  • PandaBoard-ES (4460) - Note: requires headers to be populated
  • PandaBoard (4430) - Note: requires resistors and headers to be populated

Note: there are wide range of BeagleBoard clones available on the open market. the Animal LVDS Mini may work with these board but are not tested or guaranteed to work with them.


Supported LCD Panels with IPEX 20455 Connector

  • Pixel Qi Model 3QI
  • LG LP101WSA-TLA1
  • ChiMei: N101L6-L Series
  • AUO B101AW01 Series
  • Samsung LTN101NT02 series
  • HANN STAR HSD101PFW2 series
  • Laptop Models Displays
    • Acer Aspire one (10.1" LED BACKLIGHT PANEL)
    • LENOVO IdeaPad S10-2 (10.1" LED BACKLIGHT PANEL)
    • HP 2133,2140/5101
    • HP Mini 1000 / 210-1000 ~ 1099
    • Compaq Mini 210c-1000~1099
    • Lenovo S10-2

Cable Connections

Animal LVDS Mini Cables

The above picture illustrates the typical cable connections.

  • Animal LVDS Mini Board - this board uses a standard 0.1" x 0.1" pitch 40-pin connector as it's output interface. It will interface to standard 40-pin ribbon cables (i.e. 40-pin IDE cables).
  • 40-pin Ribbon Cable - the length of this cable can be varied from 1" to 36" (we have tested cables up to 36" in length).
  • LVDS 20455 Adapter - this board simply converts the 40-pin ribbon cable to a standard 40-pin LVDS surface mount connector (I-PEX p/n: 20455-040E-12).
  • LVDS Cable Assembly - this LVDS cable assembly length is 6". We intentionally kept this cable short to keep the cost down. You can use longer LVDS cable assemblies without any problem.
  • LVDS LCD - standard LVDS LCD's (i.e. Pixel Qi 10.1" PQ3Qi-01 or 10.1" Chunghwa CLAA101NB01)


Software Support

  • Core display support uses the OMAP DSS driver.
  • Mainline support for the panel-generic-dpi driver
  • Support for the PWM backlight driver is provided as a patch.
  • Support will be provided for the following distros
    • Ubuntu for PandaBoard
      • bootargs for pixel qi and compatible displays "omapfb.mode=dvi:1024x600MR-24@60"
      • on some systems setting the default display may also be required "omapfb.def_disp=dvi"
    • Angstrom for PandaBoard and BeagleBoard
    • AOSP(Android) for PandaBoard
      • bootargs for pixel qi and compatible displays "omapfb.video_mode=1024x600MR-24@60 "
      • on some systems setting the default display may also be required "omapfb.def_disp=dvi"
  • other support will be provided on a case by case basis