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This year, we required everyone to make a blog and didn't require them to create pages on the wiki. Next time, everyone will be required to make a wiki page and creating an eLinux account will be a requirement before consideration.

Minix I2C

{{#ev:youtube|dxjaFsWYkAM||right|Minix I2C}}

Robot Operating System

{{#ev:youtube|JTsZL-puy-E||right|Minix I2C}} Integration of the Robot Operative System (ROS) and the BeagleBone through the meta-ros project, a layer for OpenEmbedded Linux.

Userspace Arduino

{{#ev:youtube|1F0S5ajq-Ls||right|Userspace Arduino}}

Android-based Boot

{{#ev:youtube|hxzoz6f4Q5w||right|Android-based Boot}}

Linux ADC IIO Support

Software Defined Peripherals