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Project: Android Remote Display

{{#ev:youtube|gWzg2dJ0tfA||right|Android Remote Display}} “One cable to rule them all”. I intend to build a system where all the basic peripherals - keyboard, mouse and display, can be connected to BeagleBone by attaching it with a USB cable to Android phone. This will be implemented as a kernel module and an ready to use out-of-box app for Android. This module shall have a greater reach and also serve as seed for extending to other systems - Windows, iOS, Ubuntu phones etc.

Project: BeagleLogic

{{#ev:youtube|Jl3sUq2WwcY||right|BeagleLogic}} The proposal aims to create a standalone Logic Analyser as a debugging and learning tool using the Programmable Real-Time Unit available on the BeagleBone Black.

Project: BeaglePilot


BeaglePilot project aims to create the first Linux-based autopilot for flying robots using the BeagleBone and the BeagleBone Black as the "hardware blueprint". For this purpose the project will focus on integrating ArduPilot (most popular autopilot) in the BeagleBone (Black).

Project: Bone101

{{#ev:youtube|N_Hbu0dFv_c||right|Bone101}} I'm going to develop a new platform for creating beagleboard interactive tutorials.This platform will be develop and design in an interactive way allowing users to easily create tutorials. The platform will allow all type of users to create interactive tutorials for sharing with the beagleboard community. The difference between other platform will be that this platform will allow the user to run the code if they have a board. This is a great advantage allowing user to run the tutorials live.

Project: MMC and DMA Linux performance

{{#ev:youtube|YOUTUBE_VIDEO_ID||right| MMC and DMA Linux performance}} Improving performance of MMC driver by understanding issues, improving MMC, DMA drivers and eliminating bottlenecks. A good amount of performance improvement in these drivers of Linux Kernel is possible just by identifying what's going on in hot paths and how things can be done more simply, without breaking anything else. Intelligent buffer allocation and reducing overhead where possible in dependent components such as DMA would be involved.

Project: PyBBIO

{{#ev:youtube|JChsenGXI68||right|PyBBIO}} Developing the PyBBIO library to include an SPI Library, Library for interfacing a camera and various sensors such as pressure sensor etc. Adding C extension to Python system calls to make the code run faster. Library for interfacing a BLE module and installation guides for IoT libraries Xively and

Project: BotSpeak PRU Firmware

{{#ev:youtube|8g8e4AgDqNo||right|PRU Speak}} Developing a remoteproc firmware which will allow high level languages to access PRU (programmable real time unit) functionality on the Beaglebone Black via remote procedure calls. The firmware on the PRU will support a small interpreter which can receive code fragments from the client language and execute them in a loop. The scripting language is similar to Chris Rogers' BotSpeak. Developing this library will allow language independent runtime control over the PRU.