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  • cfriedt
  • drinkcat
  • maltanar
  • topfs2
  • ppoudel
  • neo01124


  • mru
  • eFfeM_work
  • Jefro
  • koen
  • av500
  • katie
  • NotZed
  • ds2
  • Crofton
  • cmurillo1


Mid-term evaluations

  • Every primary mentor needs to complete evaluations by July 16th, 19:00 UTC.
  • If you aren't going to pass the student, please contact Jason Kridner ASAP.

USB Sniffer blockers

  • drinkcat desires better USB module documentation.

OpenCV blockers

  • ppoudel working with Kitware to resolve CMake issue.

RPC-POSIX blockers

  • maltanar is considering a change in direction to be able to move more individual functions rather than apps.
  • jkridner would rather see clean-up on the distribution aspects.
  • maltanar's concern is primarily the focus on POSIX in his application and that some functions might not be reasonable to implement.
  • Daniel, katie, and koen are aligned on getting more of an ARM-side library focus to this project.
  • There is a meeting on Friday to more fully discuss the direction of this project.