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  • getting paid by Google
  • T-shirts
  • Review calendar
  • Are we pencils down?
  • Google deliverables
  • Mentor summit
  • Party?

Getting Paid

  • Jason plans to setup CircuitCo as a Google supplier and have them get paid. They should be reasonable to work with.


  • Cathy is going to send out some T-shirts this week.

Review calendar

Are we pencils down?

  • (10:28:38 AM) ppoudel: Mine is down
  • (10:28:43 AM) drinkcat: yes
  • (10:29:19 AM) maltanar: I'm done as well
  • (10:29:37 AM) notzed (for topfs2): sounds like he's pencil down
  • (10:34:10 AM) neo01124: jkridner, yes. the speaker driver is not tested fully. i sent in the patch for rfc on the linux-omap list
  • (10:34:14 AM) cfriedt: ok. the simd stuff is working fine... i didn't finish off neon-optimized strided memory copy routines though, which are pretty crucial for almost anything (nD transforms, composites)...

Google deliverables

Mentor summit

  • Likely attendees: Hunyue (ds2), Jeffrey (jefro), Jason (jkridner), and Soren (ssc).


  • Possible meet-ups
    • ELC Europe 2010 - Cambridge, UK, October 27-28, 2010
    • ARM Technical Conference in California in November
    • ESC Boston or Maker Faire NYC in September