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  • Confirm actions required by students
  • Remind everyone of the weekly meeting
  • Remind mentors to provide hardware requirements

Student actions

  • A: Make a introductory video by the first week of coding
  • B: Meet with your mentors this week
  • C: Create a project page on the wiki by the first week of coding (
  • D: Send status report to beagleboard-gsoc@... before the first meeting after we start coding (and each week after)

Weekly meeting

  • We meet every Wednesday on #beagle-gsoc at noon US Eastern time

Hardware requirements


Apr 23 16:11:06 <VoltVisionSteve> hello jkridner!
Apr 23 16:11:08 <jkridner> who all is here?
Apr 23 16:11:14 <VoltVisionSteve> present
Apr 23 16:11:22 <Abhishek_> present :P
Apr 23 16:11:30 <alexanderhiam> I is
Apr 23 16:11:42 <disdi> hi jkrinder...saket this side
Apr 23 16:11:48 <jkridner> do we have all of the newly announced students?! :)
Apr 23 16:11:55 <jkridner> hi disdi, nice to meet you!
Apr 23 16:12:06 <disdi> same here
Apr 23 16:12:07 <jkridner> _av500_: you around?
Apr 23 16:12:35 <Abhishek_> hi disdi
Apr 23 16:12:46 <jkridner> so, we have disdi, Abhishek_, DiegoTc, karki, ...
Apr 23 16:12:48 <alexanderhiam> jkridner: I can't get to the full proposals any more, do we have a list somewhere of all the students irc names??
Apr 23 16:12:51 <disdi> hi Abhishek_
Apr 23 16:13:03 <jkridner> anyone seen vmayoral?
Apr 23 16:13:24 <VoltVisionSteve> DiegoTC: are you here?
Apr 23 16:13:40 <Abhishek_> vmayoral is not on #beaglepilot either
Apr 23 16:13:48 <rseethamraju> present
Apr 23 16:14:09 <VoltVisionSteve> rseethamraju :Are you here?
Apr 23 16:14:11 <jkridner> I wanted to introduce students to the idea of creating an intro video for your project. it is just a short presentation to tell about what you'll be doing. Along with the proposal, it helps to make sure you are well aligned with your mentors and helps us create buzz around your project.
Apr 23 16:14:18 <rseethamraju> yes
Apr 23 16:14:29 <rseethamraju> hello everyone!
Apr 23 16:14:41 <jkridner> has several of the old videos around the completion of the project.
Apr 23 16:14:43 <Abhishek_> hello rseethamraju
Apr 23 16:14:53 <VoltVisionSteve> rseethamraju : Hello and welcome!
Apr 23 16:14:56 <jkridner> hi rseethamraju, nice to meet you!
Apr 23 16:15:37 <karki> jkridner : hello!
Apr 23 16:15:40 <rseethamraju> Jkrinder: same here
Apr 23 16:16:11 <jkridner> has our list of accepted projects
Apr 23 16:17:03 <jkridner> so, we are still missing Victor and Praveen?
Apr 23 16:19:07 <jkridner> disdi, Abhishek_, DiegoTc, karki, rseethamraju: the idea is to have the videos available around the time you start coding. They should be under 2 minutes long and should introduce what you'll be coding. Putting it on YouTube is ideal.
Apr 23 16:19:47 <jkridner> we'll be checking in every week to make sure you've been in contact with mentors every week and that you aren't stuck on anything.
Apr 23 16:20:14 <jkridner> we won't try to work through technical issues during the meeting, but just logistic/social/program-related issues.
Apr 23 16:20:40 <VoltVisionSteve> jkridner: So the weekly check-in is always right here @ noonEST?
Apr 23 16:20:45 <jkridner> we'll highlight any technical issues and can follow-up with mentors about those immediately following the meeting.
Apr 23 16:20:59 <alexanderhiam> is this replacing the #beagle-mentors meeting?
Apr 23 16:21:01 <Abhishek_> I will be updating my blog shortly with the details of the project.
Apr 23 16:21:21 <jkridner> VoltVisionSteve: yes, but I forget exactly what it does when daylight savings goes away.
Apr 23 16:21:27 <jkridner> alexanderhiam: yes, this replaces the private meeting.
Apr 23 16:21:32 <rseethamraju> oh do we have to make a blog?
Apr 23 16:21:41 <jkridner> we can keep that backchannel open for any issues.
Apr 23 16:21:57 <jkridner> this year, I'd like to make sure each project has a page on, like we did in 2010.
Apr 23 16:22:51 <alexanderhiam> rseethamraju: it might be nice to have some sort of public progress report, you could use a page on the PyBBIO github wiki
Apr 23 16:22:56 <jkridner> having a blog for presenting status is desired, but I'd like to propose focusing on weekly updates to beagleboard-gsoc@... and keeping the wiki up-to-date with information about where the code repo is, what the concept is, etc.
Apr 23 16:22:58 <jkridner> thoughts?
Apr 23 16:23:49 <jkridner> in the past, I tried to get blog posts for updates every week, but I'm not sure that would be any more read than an e-mail to the list.
Apr 23 16:23:55 <karki> jkridner : I thought blog was reqd. as per GSoC rules!
Apr 23 16:24:01 <jkridner> the desire is to have weekly status and to encourage as many people to read that as possible.
Apr 23 16:24:05 <alexanderhiam> jkridner: so the elinux page would be updated 'live', not created as a summary at the end?
Apr 23 16:24:10 <rseethamraju> ok I don’t have a blog yet. But I can create one or I could use the github wiki
Apr 23 16:24:16 <jkridner> karki: oh, is that a GSoC rule? I thought that was only our rule.
Apr 23 16:24:54 <jkridner> alexanderhiam: at the beginning and at the end at least. nice to have status reflected clearly there if it isn't obvious on github.
Apr 23 16:24:57 <karki> jkridner : not too sure, but I think it is...... I'll check it up!
Apr 23 16:24:58 <rseethamraju> jkrinder:ok then blog
Apr 23 16:25:01 <joel_> jkridner, emails would be nice, since relevant folks can be CC'd, and then a wider audience from the group replies specially to technical issues. Unless you're not talking about technical issues.
Apr 23 16:25:08 <alexanderhiam> nothing on the melange FAQ about a blog
Apr 23 16:25:32 <disdi> so we can do the entire coding + presentation stuff on github right?
Apr 23 16:25:46 <disdi> if I get it correctly
Apr 23 16:25:47 <rseethamraju> I think I read about that somewhere too
Apr 23 16:26:26 <disdi> I prefer github..other than anythong else
Apr 23 16:26:48 <jkridner> disdi: presentation also needs to be on the elinux wiki such that it can be easily found and status reports should cc the mailing list.
Apr 23 16:27:23 <jkridner> I think pushing the blogs last year didn't add a whole lot of value and required mentors to search around lots of different places to find updates.
Apr 23 16:27:23 <disdi> ok but code can be maintained and discussed on the github right?
Apr 23 16:27:44 <jkridner> disdi: that's fine with me if it is good with your mentor.
Apr 23 16:27:49 <jkridner> mentors
Apr 23 16:27:54 <disdi> ok thanks
Apr 23 16:28:11 <ds2> chumby on the fritz :(
Apr 23 16:28:17 <jkridner> joel_ seems to prefer e-mails. :)
Apr 23 16:28:30 <jkridner> ds2: you are using a chumby!?!
Apr 23 16:28:35 <joel_> jkridner, hehe. Just out of the fear I might miss out on something
Apr 23 16:28:42 <Abhishek_> hi ds2
Apr 23 16:29:17 <ds2> jkridner: yep.
Apr 23 16:29:29 <ds2> hi Abhishek_
Apr 23 16:29:34 <disdi> hi ds2
Apr 23 16:31:49 <jkridner> disdi, rseethamraju, Abhishek_, karki, DiegoTc: can I get a positive confirmation from each of you that you (A) understand about the video, (B) have met with your mentor(s) this week, (C) can create a project page on the eLinux wiki and (D) understand the requirement for a weekly status report to the mailing list.
Apr 23 16:32:17 <jkridner> mentors: please express any concerns you have about these suggestions.
Apr 23 16:32:26 <karki> jkridner : yep!
Apr 23 16:32:29 <rseethamraju> jkrinder: so the video is will be an explanation of the proposal?
Apr 23 16:32:46 <jkridner> rseethamraju: yeah... I think I can dig up examples from last year for you.
Apr 23 16:33:03 <rseethamraju> ok thanks
Apr 23 16:33:13 <Abhishek_> ack
Apr 23 16:33:18 <disdi> sure...ACK
Apr 23 16:33:35 <alexanderhiam> rseethamraju: scroll down to project introductions
Apr 23 16:34:14 <jkridner>
Apr 23 16:34:27 <alexanderhiam> wait, jkridner are those ^ the right ones?
Apr 23 16:34:28 <VoltVisionSteve> jkridner: I will send DiegoTc an email with the above request right now.
Apr 23 16:34:33 <jkridner> all of was done rather well.
Apr 23 16:34:50 <jkridner> alexanderhiam: those are the *final* videos.
Apr 23 16:34:59 <jkridner> I just shared one of the *intro* videos.
Apr 23 16:35:04 <alexanderhiam> ok
Apr 23 16:35:31 <ds2> disdi: You're working on the python project, right?
Apr 23 16:35:42 <rseethamraju> jkridner: its 7 min long!
Apr 23 16:35:45 <jkridner> it is 7.5 minutes and that is OK, but a bit shorter is better. 2-5 minutes
Apr 23 16:35:52 <rseethamraju> ok
Apr 23 16:35:55 <alexanderhiam> howshould the elinux pages be organized?
Apr 23 16:35:57 <disdi> no the MMC/DMA perf
Apr 23 16:36:07 <jkridner> 2 minutes should be long enough if you are efficient in talking about the project.
Apr 23 16:36:44 <jkridner> alexanderhiam:
Apr 23 16:36:54 <jkridner> I'll go ahead and create the base page.
Apr 23 16:37:31 <alexanderhiam> ok
Apr 23 16:40:26 <alexanderhiam> oh hey jkridner, general bb compatibility question: do you think bb software should still support pre 3.8 kernels?
Apr 23 16:40:44 <alexanderhiam> (i.e. non device tree)
Apr 23 16:40:47 <jkridner> alexanderhiam: I've largely given up on support it personally.
Apr 23 16:41:01 <alexanderhiam> yeah, it's becoming a pain
Apr 23 16:41:08 <jkridner> I think the new thing will be to support Charles's big DT overlay.
Apr 23 16:41:11 <ds2> pre-DT works better
Apr 23 16:41:15 <ds2> DT sucks.
Apr 23 16:41:35 <jkridner> ds2: the new overlay isn't a sufficient work-around for you?
Apr 23 16:41:47 <alexanderhiam> jkridner: oh yeah? I haven't looked at that in a while...
Apr 23 16:42:04 <Abhishek_> jkridner: is Charles Steinkuehler here today?
Apr 23 16:42:27 <ds2> jkridner: no, the reinventing the wheel in the driver churn
Apr 23 16:42:42 <ds2> bad enough to forward port drivers now there is major surgery to add DT
Apr 23 16:43:24 <ds2> the problem is the DT setup just doesn't have the library of drivers as the older stuff
Apr 23 16:43:53 <ds2> i.e. proper drivers for a lot of the MEMS drivers
Apr 23 16:43:57 <ds2> but this is OT
Apr 23 16:44:02 <ds2> MEMS sensors I mean
Apr 23 16:44:27 * jkridner created base page at
Apr 23 16:45:13 <jkridner> in 2010, we did live video recordings to help introduce the community to the projects....
Apr 23 16:45:27 <jkridner> if students prefer, it'll give time for them to do Q&A with the community around their projects.
Apr 23 16:45:39 <ds2> didn't we also do a live talk thing that year ?
Apr 23 16:45:48 <jkridner> we called these "Lightning Talks" and they were limited to 5 minutes:
Apr 23 16:45:56 <ds2> yeah that
Apr 23 16:46:01 <jkridner> ds2: no, I don't think we ever did the live thing last year.
Apr 23 16:46:10 <jkridner> I rather liked it.
Apr 23 16:46:36 <jkridner> student just send me slides and I display them while recording the phone line.
Apr 23 16:46:54 <alexanderhiam> jkridner: do you have a couple minutes after this meeting? I'd like to chat briefly about some DT issues
Apr 23 16:46:59 <jkridner> The tool 'mumble' also works nice.
Apr 23 16:47:05 <jkridner> alexanderhiam: sure.
Apr 23 16:47:16 <alexanderhiam> great
Apr 23 16:47:22 <jkridner> is DiegoTc not around?
Apr 23 16:48:02 <DiegoTc> yes
Apr 23 16:48:04 <DiegoTc> here
Apr 23 16:48:14 <DiegoTc> Sorry for the delay. Got confuse with time zone
Apr 23 16:48:17 <karki> jkridner : so the elinux wiki link should be like : or something else?
Apr 23 16:48:41 <VoltVisionSteve> DiegoTc: see the email I just sent you about the jkridner request.
Apr 23 16:49:01 <alexanderhiam> karki: they all go here:
Apr 23 16:49:21 <alexanderhiam> just follow that template
Apr 23 16:49:28 <DiegoTc> jkridner, VoltVisionSteve I have talk to all mentos except: Jongseuk Lee
Apr 23 16:50:06 <ds2> do we need to talk to wmat about making sure the students have accounts on
Apr 23 16:50:47 <karki> alexanderhiam : so all seven projects on the same page?
Apr 23 16:50:49 <jkridner> DiegoTc: k, I will ping him.
Apr 23 16:50:56 <Abhishek_> I had created a wiki acc as we were required to mention our wiki userids on the proposal
Apr 23 16:50:58 <jkridner> karki: something else....
Apr 23 16:51:10 <alexanderhiam> karki: yeah, like here:
Apr 23 16:51:12 <jkridner> it should have 2014_Projects in the path.
Apr 23 16:51:28 <jkridner> I just created part of the entry for Android Remote Display.
Apr 23 16:52:25 <ds2> might be good to for the students that do not have a elinux account, to say so
Apr 23 16:52:27 <DiegoTc> jkridner death line for creating the video?
Apr 23 16:52:46 <ds2> is having a registration attack and new accounts may be slow
Apr 23 16:53:39 <Abhishek_> hi praveendath92
Apr 23 16:53:47 <jkridner> DiegoTc: first week of coding.
Apr 23 16:54:19 <jkridner> Abhishek_: Charles said he couldn't make this time.
Apr 23 16:54:58 <jkridner> ds2: does that mean we can't get those drivers without board file edits?
Apr 23 16:55:13 <jkridner> ds2: or without having a board-specific board file even?
Apr 23 16:55:25 <rseethamraju> jkridner: whats the deadline for the b),c) and d)?
Apr 23 16:55:31 <ds2> jkridner: yes. and those were not upstreamable cuz of the whole input driver vs iio vs someother crap debate
Apr 23 16:55:38 <jkridner> (B) this week
Apr 23 16:55:52 <Abhishek_> jkridner: okay, as I just wanted to know his area of expertise so that I could direct technical queries accordingly.
Apr 23 16:56:00 <jkridner> (C) before the first week of coding.
Apr 23 16:56:03 <ds2> jkridner: there is quite a library of SPI/I2C drivers for various MEMS and even non MEMS drivers in the wild
Apr 23 16:56:10 <jkridner> (D) after 1 week of coding.
Apr 23 16:56:11 <praveendath92_> Hi Abhishek_
Apr 23 16:56:24 <praveendath92_> Am I late ?
Apr 23 16:56:34 <jkridner> hi praveendath92_, yes.
Apr 23 16:57:12 <jkridner> anyone have log links for praveendath92_?
Apr 23 16:57:22 <DiegoTc> praveendath92_:
Apr 23 16:57:51 <jkridner> praveendath92_: please read log and confirm understanding of A, B, C and D.
Apr 23 16:58:13 <jkridner> ds2: do you really run 3.2 and older kernels?
Apr 23 16:58:16 <praveendath92_> Sure jkridner. Reading..
Apr 23 16:58:23 <ds2> jkridner: yep
Apr 23 16:58:30 <jkridner> :(
Apr 23 16:58:43 <ds2> jkridner: I have all sorts of HW attached
Apr 23 16:58:47 <jkridner> well, you'd never run mine or alexanderhiam's code anyway. ;-)
Apr 23 16:58:54 <jkridner> Python and JavaScript. ;-)
Apr 23 16:58:54 <ds2> :)
Apr 23 16:59:03 <ds2> JS might happen
Apr 23 16:59:06 <Abhishek_> but you would have to run mine ;)
Apr 23 16:59:11 <DiegoTc> jkridner: just to confirm D)
Apr 23 16:59:12 <ds2> damn UI crap
Apr 23 16:59:20 <alexanderhiam> actually mine currently supports 3.2 ;)
Apr 23 16:59:56 <VoltVisionSteve> Can anyone suggest their favourite WorldClock utility/website?  The question of timezones and EST/EDT is coming up alot.
Apr 23 17:00:19 <ds2> jkridner: I am mostly running the Rowboat kernel which has more drivers
Apr 23 17:01:06 <DiegoTc> jkridner: I understand we have to inform of our status. This could be the same we write in our blog according to GSOC rules? This has to begin the first week of coding? Is there a specific date(Mon,Friday, Sat)?
Apr 23 17:01:28 <ds2> VoltVisionSteve: for US vs rest of world or within US?
Apr 23 17:02:00 <disdi> US vs rest
Apr 23 17:02:31 <VoltVisionSteve> ds2: world view, not just US
Apr 23 17:02:46 <ds2> right now most of the US is one hour ahead of the 'standard time'
Apr 23 17:02:56 <alexanderhiam> VoltVisionSteve: I use my android phone's clock app, I can choose which time zones to display
Apr 23 17:03:17 <alexanderhiam> or just google "time now <country>"
Apr 23 17:03:25 <DiegoTc> alexanderhiam: what's the app?
Apr 23 17:03:34 <joel_> jkridner, today's meeting is on -gsoc?
Apr 23 17:03:34 <Abhishek_> I currently -9:30 IST to know US time.
Apr 23 17:03:41 <disdi> I beleive there are 5 time zones in US
Apr 23 17:04:00 <Abhishek_> (I mean Eastern time)
Apr 23 17:04:07 <alexanderhiam> DiegoTc: It's just the Clock app that came on my HTC One
Apr 23 17:04:08 <disdi> so from India its difficult to judge
Apr 23 17:04:09 <ds2> what about this -
Apr 23 17:04:19 <ds2> Washington DC is in the eastern timezone
Apr 23 17:04:55 <jkridner> joel_: yes, this is today's meeting wrapping up now.
Apr 23 17:04:57 * praveendath92_ is back from reading logs
Apr 23 17:05:18 <Abhishek_> jkridner, ds2: Is it okay if my first status report coming next [Friday], as I currently have my exams which get over next week, and then I would be travelling and would prefer to update then?
Apr 23 17:05:19 <disdi> ok which is 4:30 behind GMT
Apr 23 17:05:49 <jkridner> DiegoTc: Is there a blog rule? I'm asking that we at least send a status e-mail ahead of this meeting every week.
Apr 23 17:06:03 <jkridner> DiegoTc: mentors should have a chance to read the status report before this meeting.
Apr 23 17:06:29 <praveendath92_> jkridner: I got the points. I will be able to do start working on them ASAP.
Apr 23 17:06:36 <jkridner> Abhishek_: No need to start status reports (in my opinion) until coding starts.
Apr 23 17:06:54 <ds2> Abhishek_: I think I am ok with that
Apr 23 17:07:07 <jkridner> Abhishek_: but, mentors might have additional requirements. you certainly need to meet with them this week.
Apr 23 17:07:18 <jkridner> praveendath92_: thanks for the confirmation.
Apr 23 17:07:23 <praveendath92_> :)
Apr 23 17:07:27 <ds2> Abhishek_: just as long as we check in with each other sometime before that
Apr 23 17:07:29 * mranostay allgeries in
Apr 23 17:07:33 <jkridner> now we just need to hear from vmayrol
Apr 23 17:07:35 <Abhishek_> jkridner: Also, I would be missing the next meeting as I am travelling home on 30th [Jakarta] for the vacations.
Apr 23 17:07:55 <praveendath92_> So, are there any soft/hard deadlines for the video and elinux blog ?
Apr 23 17:07:59 <jkridner> joel_ wants to talk about hardware....
Apr 23 17:08:07 <Abhishek_> hi mranostay
Apr 23 17:08:17 <joel_> yep :)
Apr 23 17:08:28 <jkridner> I'm making it the responsibility of the primary mentor to update a spreadsheet with information on what hardware is needed and where it should go (one line per address).
Apr 23 17:08:33 <joel_> specially the kernel project, my student doesn't have any ARM platforms for that matter at hand
Apr 23 17:08:58 <jkridner> I will have Cathy send out hardware this week for entries that are there TODAY!
Apr 23 17:09:01 <ds2> Abhishek_: primary mentor should be mranostay in our case
Apr 23 17:09:27 <mranostay> joel_: can i send him a minnowboard?
Apr 23 17:09:29 <jkridner> BeagleBone Blacks for certain. Other Beagles OK. Some capes, maybe.
Apr 23 17:09:31 * mranostay ducks :)
Apr 23 17:09:47 <joel_> mranostay, heh. I'm sure he wouldn't mind that, and it may help the project too
Apr 23 17:09:48 <jkridner> mranostay: we are open here. :-)
Apr 23 17:09:54 <joel_> mranostay, just don't send any cats along with it
Apr 23 17:10:31 <disdi> mranostay: thank you ...
Apr 23 17:10:36 * jkridner wants a minnow max too you know. :-)
Apr 23 17:10:51 <joel_> mranostay, there you go. he thanked you so you're now obliged to send him one. Just kidding ;)
Apr 23 17:11:02 <ds2> i think that x86 with the audrino form factor might be more useful
Apr 23 17:11:06 <ds2> minnow is just odd
Apr 23 17:11:15 <jkridner> ds2: see minnow max...
Apr 23 17:11:15 <disdi> :)
Apr 23 17:11:16 <joel_> jkridner, sounds good. thanks, just wanted to know if you need any other help from me. I think bradfa may have some more updates to make since we're finalizing which SD cards specifically to use for disdi 's tests
Apr 23 17:11:21 <jkridner> much better than original minnow.
Apr 23 17:11:38 <joel_> from my side, I've updated the HW list with what I think the student needs
Apr 23 17:11:41 <jkridner> that galileo thing shows that quark still has a ton of integration work to do.
Apr 23 17:11:56 <jkridner> thanks joel_
Apr 23 17:12:02 <joel_> thanks
Apr 23 17:12:06 <praveendath92_> vvu|Log: Ping.
Apr 23 17:12:17 <DiegoTc> jkridner one question. As part of the project is to rewrite/write new tutorials. VoltVisionSteve will help me define which ones will be, will hardware be necessary?
Apr 23 17:12:26 <jkridner> I've created tags on!forum/beagleboard-gsoc to try to help sort content.... not sure if they will work.
Apr 23 17:13:03 <jkridner> DiegoTc: I imagine I'll need to get you additional hardware. Work with me off-line from this meeting with VoltVisionSteve to help make the list.
Apr 23 17:13:10 <ds2> Galileo is what I am referring to
Apr 23 17:13:13 <joel_> jkridner, oh and bradfa sent me a bunch of kingston SD cards, so I'd like to give some to Cathy as well, so those don't need to be bought and can be included in the same shipment
Apr 23 17:14:14 <DiegoTc> jkridner, VoltVisionSteve I have more questions, but related to the project, after the meeting or we define an specific hour?
Apr 23 17:14:23 <jkridner> joel_: k, but move fast. :-)
Apr 23 17:14:43 <jkridner> DiegoTc: hang out after here if you can.
Apr 23 17:14:55 <ds2> no miniPCI on the MinnowMax
Apr 23 17:14:58 <joel_> sounds good, Cathy seems a bit busy though, I wrote to her but didn't hear back (yet).
Apr 23 17:15:33 <jkridner> Anything else before we close the meeting? I will be creating a main projects page, but look for students and mentors to work up the detailed wiki pages.
Apr 23 17:16:06 <Abhishek_> jkridner: I am interested in a Rev C board, if it is available.
Apr 23 17:16:50 <jkridner> I don't want to delay sending out hardware. only difference with C is the eMMC size. Does that matter for your project?
Apr 23 17:17:30 <Abhishek_> I have an A6A currently, so I think it should be fine.
Apr 23 17:17:31 * jkridner starts doing waving motion with the gavel.
Apr 23 17:18:00 <jkridner> Abhishek_: k, since you have something for the start, I'll hold of sending you anything else if it isn't a C.
Apr 23 17:18:29 <jkridner> Abhishek_: that is, I'll wait until we have some Rev C boards and *then* send you something.
Apr 23 17:18:38 <karki> jkridner : when would revision C be available?
Apr 23 17:18:43 <jkridner> couple week.s
Apr 23 17:19:30 <Abhishek_> yeah, I am completely fine with that. May I ask for a cape instead?
Apr 23 17:19:46 <karki> Cause I have a previous version that I can work with........ just wondering whether it is worth waiting for the 'C'
Apr 23 17:21:24 <jkridner> karki: if you also have a previous version, I can also hold off on sending you an update.
Apr 23 17:21:32 <praveendath92_> So, when can we except the board if we have no preference for a particular Rev. ?
Apr 23 17:21:39 <jkridner> Abhishek_: yeah, getting a cape instead seems reasonable, as long as it isn't TOO expensive.
Apr 23 17:22:16 <jkridner> Abhishek_: get your mentor to put it in the spreadsheet and we'll deal with it if things start to look too expensive.
Apr 23 17:22:27 <jkridner> praveendath92_: probably 2 weeks.
Apr 23 17:23:11 <praveendath92_> Okiee. Nice :)
Apr 23 17:23:15 <karki> jkridner : I'll wait! :)
Apr 23 17:23:19 <Abhishek_> jkridner: do you have a list I could pick from?
Apr 23 17:23:48 <ds2> red ones with a big S in there, prehaps?
Apr 23 17:24:56 <jkridner> Abhishek_: nope.
Apr 23 17:25:20 <jkridner> Abhishek_: look at what can be used with your project.
Apr 23 17:26:16 <VoltVisionSteve> rseethamraju, DiegoTc: I am setting up the worldclock in my iphone....what is the nearest major city for you in the same timezone?
Apr 23 17:26:26 <DiegoTc> Tegucigalpa
Apr 23 17:26:48 <rseethamraju> Hyderabad
Apr 23 17:26:52 <DiegoTc> VoltVisionSteve: Tegucigalpa/Honduras
Apr 23 17:27:00 <DiegoTc> jkridner: has the meeting finish?
Apr 23 17:27:09 <rseethamraju> if that’s not there then Bangalore or Mumbai or Delhi
Apr 23 17:27:27 <Abhishek_> Asia/Kolkata is the official time zone
Apr 23 17:27:50 * jkridner sounds the gavel to end the meeting!