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  • Students will provide a quick update and we can all review
  • Note that coding starts in less than 2 weeks on May 19


BotSpeak for PRU

  • karki was present and confirmed good interaction with panto, mranostay and alexanderhiam
  • karki is researching reading remote proc, virtio, upcalls and down calls
  • karki is still analyzing and scheduling some project tasks

Beagle Android Remote Display


  • rseethamraju was present and confirmed good interaction with alexanderhiam and VoltVisionSteve



  • Abhishek_ was present
  • Abhishek_ has setup blog and created a fork of libsigrok, but github setup is not complete as there will be a main BeagleLogic repo with submodules


  • disdi was not in attendance


Apr 30 16:02:20 <vmayoral> well, seems it's time :) hi everyone! Sorry i couldn't make it last time. To all new students welcome!
Apr 30 16:02:28 <karki> hello panto alexanderhiam
Apr 30 16:02:39 <alexanderhiam> hello karki
Apr 30 16:02:48 <DiegoTc> Hi everyone
Apr 30 16:02:58 <Abhishek_> praveendath92: exams over?
Apr 30 16:03:06 <VoltVisionSteve> hello DiegoTc !!
Apr 30 16:03:15 <DiegoTc> Hi VoltVisionSteve
Apr 30 16:03:19 <praveendath92> Abhishek_ Yes. What about you ?
Apr 30 16:03:34 <vvu|Log> exams over ----> let us dev something!
Apr 30 16:03:40 <Abhishek_> Mine too, currently waiting at the airport
Apr 30 16:03:57 <DiegoTc> Abhishek_: going on vacations?
Apr 30 16:03:57 <praveendath92> vvu|Log: Yes ! Of course.
Apr 30 16:04:06 <_av500_> praveendath92: congrats on getting in btw
Apr 30 16:04:15 <_av500_> I was on vacation when the announce was
Apr 30 16:04:21 <praveendath92> Thanks @_av500_
Apr 30 16:04:24 <Abhishek_> DiegoTc: home :)
Apr 30 16:04:41 <praveendath92> Finally back :)
Apr 30 16:04:43 <DiegoTc> Abhishek_: you study in USA?
Apr 30 16:05:32 <bradfa> jkridner, sorry but I'm not able to stick around for the meeting but I'll scroll back through later today
Apr 30 16:05:32 <karki> na, unless they shifted the IIT's to USA
Apr 30 16:05:35 <praveendath92> av500: I forgot to tell you. I need to make small changes in my timeline.
Apr 30 16:05:40 <_av500_> ok
Apr 30 16:05:49 <praveendath92> Won't be there in the 1st week of June.
Apr 30 16:06:17 <DiegoTc> VoltVisionSteve: have you checked the new tutorials?
Apr 30 16:06:23 <Abhishek_> DiegoTc: Studying at India, living at Jakarta
Apr 30 16:06:27 <jkridner> bradfa: k. even I can't pay attention as I have another meeting right now.
Apr 30 16:06:48 * jkridner hopes students will provide a quick update and we can all review.
Apr 30 16:06:57 * jkridner doesn't expect everyone to stick around for an hour
Apr 30 16:07:24 <VoltVisionSteve> DiegoTc, yes looking @ them now.
Apr 30 16:07:43 <vmayoral|pc> ok so i can get started with the quick update
Apr 30 16:07:50 <praveendath92> vmayoral: Hello !
Apr 30 16:08:03 <vmayoral|pc> everything fine on my side, working close with tridge, anuj sid and the others
Apr 30 16:08:09 <vmayoral|pc> i'll keep reports here
Apr 30 16:08:17 <karki> jkridner : I have been talking to panto mranostay and alexanderhiam.
Apr 30 16:08:48 <karki> jkridner : been reading about remote proc, virtio, upcalls and down calls
Apr 30 16:09:15 <vmayoral|pc> for now, i'm testing the initial work i did. I'm having some issues with the ardupilot code (specially with the I2C side). There seems to be a bug somewhere so i'm fighting with it. Still, nothing that will keep me hanged
Apr 30 16:09:30 <vmayoral|pc> i keep coding drivers which is what i'm supposed to do through the first weeks
Apr 30 16:09:33 <ds2> are intro videos done?
Apr 30 16:10:03 <vmayoral|pc> mine is, available at
Apr 30 16:10:06 <vvu|Log> just beaglepilot i think :-?
Apr 30 16:10:38 <alexanderhiam> intro videos are due by first week of coding right?
Apr 30 16:11:00 <praveendath92_> vvu|Log: I created the Git repos
Apr 30 16:11:04 <karki> jkridner : I will get a detailed component splitup of my project by this weekend, then I'll make a video.
Apr 30 16:11:13 <vvu|Log> praveendath92_: seen that, just starred them :)
Apr 30 16:11:16 <vvu|Log> to keep updates from them
Apr 30 16:11:25 <rseethamraju> I started doing moving file i/o code to C and had 2 meetings now with alexanderhiam and VoltVisionSteve
Apr 30 16:11:28 <vmayoral|pc> jkridner: koen pinged me the other day suggesting to got for IIO drivers. I believe it's a great suggestion but i already agreed with tridge on building userspace drivers following previous the convention. Anyhow it can be done in the near future quite easily
Apr 30 16:11:29 <praveendath92_> yeah.
Apr 30 16:11:32 <_av500_> praveendath92: git url pls?
Apr 30 16:11:35 <praveendath92_>
Apr 30 16:11:39 <_av500_> ah
Apr 30 16:11:43 <praveendath92_>
Apr 30 16:11:45 <vmayoral|pc> s/got/go
Apr 30 16:11:46 <karki> jkridner : also looking at panto 's and mranostay 's code
Apr 30 16:11:58 <vvu|Log> praveendath92_: change .ko .java remove from the name of the repos...
Apr 30 16:12:02 <ds2> well, sooner would be good
Apr 30 16:12:02 <vvu|Log> u can rename the repos
Apr 30 16:12:07 <praveendath92_> yeah.
Apr 30 16:12:09 <VoltVisionSteve> vmayoral, excellent job with the intro video and the diydrones post!!!  I was checking it out earlier.  Any student wondering how to approach the video, check out the video from vmayoral !!
Apr 30 16:12:11 <karki> panto has been **very** helpful, not to mention patient!
Apr 30 16:12:25 <praveendath92_> I just went with what stuck me at that time as we can rename
Apr 30 16:12:39 <vvu|Log> ok, did u set up a blog ?
Apr 30 16:12:41 <praveendath92_> suggestions ?
Apr 30 16:12:45 <praveendath92_> I will.
Apr 30 16:12:53 <_av500_> you can blog on goithub too
Apr 30 16:12:55 <_av500_> no?
Apr 30 16:13:03 <vvu|Log> yep, github pages :)
Apr 30 16:13:04 <praveendath92_> I want to do it today itself but have a visa interview tomorrow morning.
Apr 30 16:13:05 <vmayoral|pc> VoltVisionSteve: thanks :)!
Apr 30 16:13:29 <panto> karki, I'm neither of these things
Apr 30 16:13:38 <panto> don't go whitening my black name
Apr 30 16:13:41 <praveendath92_> @_av500_: never used it as a blog but I will give it a try.
Apr 30 16:14:05 <vmayoral|pc> praveendath92_: this link,,  is it broken?
Apr 30 16:14:17 <vvu|Log> praveendath92_: just read on github pages and you can make a new post each week there, also when u have all the stuff set up post on the ML too to have people knowing what is going on
Apr 30 16:14:21 <praveendath92_> That's just a place holder as it says :P
Apr 30 16:14:24 <karki> panto : I think I'll need to put in a week or two more into my timeline?  or will the current timeline do?
Apr 30 16:14:35 <DiegoTc> This is my update:
Apr 30 16:14:58 <vmayoral|pc> praveendath92_: ;), link to your blog?
Apr 30 16:15:02 <DiegoTc> Hi, this is my updated. I have been working on the main page template (overview).I have show mentors 2 proposal. Today I'm working on a third one. &
Apr 30 16:15:08 <DiegoTc> The new proposal I'm working is with 3 cards horizontaly. I'm plannig to work on the video after I get approved the template. It will be cool having it working :)
Apr 30 16:15:13 <DiegoTc> About the tutorials that will be available I have 10 tutorials in the google docs, need to talk with voltivisionsteve about this. Need at least 5-10 more.
Apr 30 16:15:30 <praveendath92_> Yeah. That should be there in place of place-holder vmayoral|pc
Apr 30 16:15:42 <praveendath92_> I didn't setup the blog yet.
Apr 30 16:16:00 <karki> panto : do you think I should keep a blog too?
Apr 30 16:16:10 <vvu|Log> also praveendath92_ update the wiki when u have time
Apr 30 16:16:18 <ds2> karki: I believe all students are required to
Apr 30 16:16:35 <praveendath92_> elinux ? vvu|Log
Apr 30 16:16:39 <vvu|Log> yep
Apr 30 16:17:08 <VoltVisionSteve> DiegoTc, do you have time to talk after this meeting?  Maybe a skype?
Apr 30 16:17:18 <DiegoTc> yes
Apr 30 16:17:21 <DiegoTc> g+?
Apr 30 16:17:22 <praveendath92_> I will first write the content and once that is there I will do it everywhere - blog, elinux.
Apr 30 16:17:57 <VoltVisionSteve> DiegoTc, sure g+ is fine.  You can start the call after this meeting.  Thx!
Apr 30 16:18:02 <vvu|Log> perfect
Apr 30 16:18:11 <karki> ds2 : oh! okay.
Apr 30 16:18:13 <praveendath92_> vvu|Log, av500 Suggestions for repo names ?
Apr 30 16:18:50 * karki runs off to octopress and github pages 
Apr 30 16:19:07 <Abhishek_> My update: Blog has been setup last week, github setup is not complete; currently only my fork of libsigrok is there. Would create a separate BeagleLogic repo and add the code as submodules. I'm currently in transit. I'll have the video ready by this weekend; just began making the presentation.
Apr 30 16:20:09 <panto> anything that you can keep a log is good
Apr 30 16:20:49 <vvu|Log> praveendath92: kinda long names android beagle and display :) need to find a nice match
Apr 30 16:21:26 <ds2> if you get stuck at any point, please do not sit on things for weeks
Apr 30 16:21:53 <ds2> GSoC is short. talk to the mentors.... post updates on the blog even if it is just to say you a stock
Apr 30 16:21:54 <praveendath92> Yeah. Still thinking. Anyway, that won't stop us after all.
Apr 30 16:22:00 <ds2> always communicate
Apr 30 16:22:07 <praveendath92> We will get a good name :)
Apr 30 16:22:53 <Abhishek_> Like the lord of the cables ;) (one cable to rule 'em all )?
Apr 30 16:23:23 <praveendath92> Haha.
Apr 30 16:23:30 <praveendath92> #copied
Apr 30 16:24:33 <Abhishek_> Indeed
Apr 30 16:24:51 <Abhishek_> That was a quote
Apr 30 16:24:52 <praveendath92> Abhishek_: Travelling ?
Apr 30 16:25:06 <Abhishek_> Yep
Apr 30 16:25:07 <praveendath92> Abhishek_: yeah. Famous one that too !
Apr 30 16:25:57 <DiegoTc> VoltVisionSteve: I guess the meeting is over? I am calling you right now