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May 07 16:03:03 <jkridner> ok, let's call to order with a quick roll call
May 07 16:03:13 <praveendath92> Just a min.
May 07 16:03:14 <jkridner> who all is here?
May 07 16:03:21 <_av500_> I am
May 07 16:03:27 <ds2> I might be
May 07 16:03:36 * vvu|Log is here
May 07 16:03:41 <praveendath92> Wiki:
May 07 16:03:44 * Abhishek_ thinks he's here
May 07 16:03:45 <jkridner> hi ds2. :)
May 07 16:04:05 <praveendath92> Yo !
May 07 16:04:06 <cdsteinkuehler> present
May 07 16:04:38 <alexanderhiam> ahoy
May 07 16:05:25 <jkridner> DiegoTc said he might not be able to make it, but we've been in regular contact and sync'd up before the meeting
May 07 16:05:53 <rseethamraju> present!
May 07 16:06:01 <jkridner> vmayoral was here earlier. still here?
May 07 16:06:04 <vvu|Log> praveendath92: k, look over them
May 07 16:06:11 <vvu|Log> s/look/looked
May 07 16:06:12 <jkridner> karki?
May 07 16:06:29 <vmayoral> jkridner: here i am
May 07 16:07:27 <praveendath92> vvu|Log: how does it look ? Any suggestions for edits ?
May 07 16:07:41 <jkridner> students here: vmayoral, rseethamraju, praveendath92, Abhishek_
May 07 16:07:58 <bradfa> jkridner, how many students do we have in total (not just the ones who are present)
May 07 16:07:59 <bradfa> ?
May 07 16:07:59 <jkridner> karki and DiegoTc are logged in, but idle
May 07 16:08:02 <jkridner> 7
May 07 16:08:03 <vvu|Log> praveendath92: good for now, we do not really have much to put in.
May 07 16:08:05 <DiegoTc> I will be here but more in pasive mode. Sorry about that :(
May 07 16:08:17 <praveendath92> True.
May 07 16:08:20 * jkridner tries to remember who the 7th is
May 07 16:08:28 <bradfa> joel_, are we meeting on mmc now, too, in parallel?
May 07 16:08:35 <vvu|Log> praveendath92: try for the blog to maintain separate posts for each week.
May 07 16:08:47 <Abhishek_> disdi, Saket is not here yet
May 07 16:08:56 <vvu|Log> it will be difficult to just target a specific week if you have just one post with all of em
May 07 16:09:04 <jkridner> disdi?
May 07 16:09:11 <praveendath92> I will do that.
May 07 16:09:20 <praveendath92> And update link at one place.
May 07 16:09:23 <jkridner> bradfa are you meeting without disdi?
May 07 16:09:29 <praveendath92> *Links
May 07 16:09:46 <bradfa> jkridner, we (joel_ and I) met with disdi last week on irc
May 07 16:10:03 <jkridner> I don't have much for topics today other than to again confirm that "bonding" is indeed going on with your mentors.
May 07 16:10:08 <bradfa> but no one is in our channel but myself at this point
May 07 16:10:20 <jkridner> what channel is that for the curious?
May 07 16:10:32 <praveendath92> Can you send me the link for kernel programming practices again ?
May 07 16:10:32 <bradfa> #beagle-mmc
May 07 16:10:38 <praveendath92> I lost it.
May 07 16:10:47 <DiegoTc> jkridner: still haven't been in contact with jongseuk
May 07 16:11:06 <praveendath92> @ vvu|Log
May 07 16:11:10 <vvu|Log> praveendath92: the eudyptula challange ?
May 07 16:11:10 <Abhishek_> praveendath92: Is that ?
May 07 16:11:14 <vvu|Log> that one is it
May 07 16:11:30 <praveendath92> I think so.
May 07 16:11:31 <jkridner> DiegoTc: I think we'll be ok the 3 of us mentors: dcschelt, VoltVisionSteve and me
May 07 16:11:43 <praveendath92> I was online from mobile that time also.
May 07 16:11:57 * jkridner appreciates that VoltVisionSteve has been attentive!
May 07 16:12:00 <praveendath92> I will bookmark right away.
May 07 16:12:14 <ds2> Abhishek_: are you getting my late responses to your questions? (i.e. by scrolling back)
May 07 16:12:52 * karki is here
May 07 16:12:58 * karki had wandered off
May 07 16:13:49 <jkridner> for all, I believe Abhishek_ is having some concerns on real-time web integration and is looking for some extra counsel on that.
May 07 16:14:40 <vvu|Log> real-time web integration as in presenting real time data *graphs and other sutff* ?
May 07 16:14:44 <jkridner> The libsigrok implementation seems to be moving forward from an outsider perspective
May 07 16:14:56 <jkridner> ds2 interaction going well?
May 07 16:15:23 <jkridner> vvu|Log: I think. I know he'd shown off a nice singal graphing utility.
May 07 16:15:30 <jkridner> s/singal/signal/
May 07 16:16:00 <karki> jkridner : I set up my blog with github pages, still to make my video [exams :( ]. I had a couple of meetings with panto to break my project into smaller chunks
May 07 16:16:08 <jkridner> Abhishek_, DiegoTc, karki, praveendath92, rseethamraju, vmayoral: are you somewhat familiar with the projects your peers are implementing?
May 07 16:16:23 <jkridner> karki: cool.
May 07 16:16:46 <praveendath92> I looked at DiegoTc samples
May 07 16:16:49 <ds2> jkridner: yep...tweaking timezone differences
May 07 16:16:52 <Abhishek_> vvu|Log : like a web-frontend for a logic-analyzer
May 07 16:16:57 <jkridner> karki: I met with the creator of BotSpeak last week as well as the current maintainer (Tufts University Center for Engineering Education Outreach)
May 07 16:17:02 <karki> jkridner : overall I know how the project will be broken down and what processes I'll be following.
May 07 16:17:03 <vmayoral> i am a bit into praveendath92's work, needless to say I am interested
May 07 16:17:05 <praveendath92> I know some web stuff.
May 07 16:17:29 <praveendath92> Glad to know vmayoral
May 07 16:17:48 <vmayoral> ;)
May 07 16:17:50 <DiegoTc> not really. I watch vmayoral video. And have read about his project
May 07 16:17:54 <DiegoTc> good video!
May 07 16:18:01 <vmayoral> thanks!
May 07 16:18:15 <praveendath92> I watched too. I suppose we all did ;)
May 07 16:18:24 <jkridner> karki: they were fairly excited to hear about a PRU implementation and gave me a task to create a version of the BoneScript implementation.
May 07 16:18:32 * Abhishek_ wonders he could use praveendath92's works for the front-end to BeagleLogic too ;)
May 07 16:18:36 <praveendath92> It's good. And a nice seed for us all.
May 07 16:19:22 <praveendath92> Abhishek_: i would be glad if i could help.
May 07 16:19:28 <DiegoTc> also rseethamraju project
May 07 16:19:39 <jkridner> karki: they have a Chrome plug-in that enables loading BotSpeak programs over a serial port or network connection and typing directly into the interpreter.
May 07 16:19:52 <rseethamraju> me too! not really. I only know whats on vmayoral’s video
May 07 16:20:00 <DiegoTc> planning to use PyBBIO lib for writing the python tutorial
May 07 16:20:10 <jkridner> karki: they also demonstrated all their stuff with LabView and Blockly.
May 07 16:20:27 <vvu|Log> Abhishek_: i asked about the frontend on my university s CS club page...we have some frontend geeks over here maybe they can give any hints
May 07 16:20:34 * karki looks like I was a bit late for the meeting :(
May 07 16:20:55 <Abhishek_> praveendath92: I have a 9.7" A31 2048x1536 tablet if you need any non-Nexus tabs to try on
May 07 16:20:55 <praveendath92> You are looking for graphing tools ?
May 07 16:21:00 <praveendath92> On web ?
May 07 16:21:37 <praveendath92> Sure. That will be of good help later :)
May 07 16:22:05 <praveendath92> @Abhishek_: prev ques.
May 07 16:22:16 <vmayoral> Abhishek_: what functions are you implementing in the Logic Analyzer?
May 07 16:22:51 <jkridner> Abhishek_: I'd encourage use of for communication to the browser. It is really rather nice and simple. I'd think you'd want your C sigrok app to produce JSON on STDOUT and have a node.js listener forward it to the web page using Alternatively, though I don't recommend it, you could use another websockets implementaiton:
May 07 16:23:20 <Abhishek_> currently sample, view and protocol decoding. Trigger implementation would be something basic at first, we'll see how far we can get.
May 07 16:23:30 <jkridner> karki: you could also use a memory mapped circular buffer monitored by node.js.
May 07 16:24:19 <jkridner> karki:
May 07 16:24:21 <Abhishek_> jkridner: I too am in favour of , will try it out soon.
May 07 16:24:23 <karki> jkridner : I had mailed the creator of botspeak much before gsoc. He was excited!
May 07 16:25:08 <jkridner> rseethamraju: are you encountering any issues? engaging with your mentors well?
May 07 16:25:36 * jkridner looks for alexanderhiam and VoltVisionSteve
May 07 16:25:51 <karki> jkridner : "monitored by node.js" ? I didn't get that bit...
May 07 16:26:43 <rseethamraju> no. We’ve had a Skype call every Tuesday
May 07 16:26:45 <alexanderhiam> hey, sorry, bit distracted
May 07 16:26:55 <jkridner> karki: I mean, node.js would act as an intermediary handling the http requests on the client side and collecting data dumps from the sigrok side to forward on to the client.
May 07 16:27:19 <jkridner> karki: by monitoring, I mean having event listeners for when new data comes from sigrok.
May 07 16:28:11 <rseethamraju> I’ll put up the video by tomorrow. And I’m working which parts of code to optimise and looking at C extensions
May 07 16:28:13 <jkridner> alexanderhiam: understood. hope you don't mind the check-in with everyone to keep the interactions going.
May 07 16:28:55 <alexanderhiam> no problem
May 07 16:29:03 <praveendath92> av500: any recommendations for next week ? Video and some practice on writing kernel modules is what i have in mind currently.
May 07 16:29:03 <Abhishek_> jkridner, mranostay: I was lately thinking of keeping the server completely in node.js and use JS bindings (which do not exist currently, but I recall you mentioning how to do native lib calls in node) for libsigrok to implement it. I would need more counsel on this too.
May 07 16:29:24 <praveendath92> Also vvu|Log.
May 07 16:29:38 <jkridner> Abhishek_: ah, node-ffi to use libsigrok directly. that'd be pretty easy.
May 07 16:29:43 <karki> Abhishek_ : you are dealing with sigrok, right?
May 07 16:29:47 <mranostay> Abhishek_: what server part?
May 07 16:30:26 <Abhishek_> By server, I mean an app running on the BBB like sigrok-cli and sampling data from the PRU and processing it to pass it to the frontend
May 07 16:30:56 <alexanderhiam> panto, karki: I haven't heard much about the botspeak project, let me know how I can help
May 07 16:30:58 <DiegoTc> jkrinder, VoltVisionSteve just as an FYI, I'm planning to finish the BBB lightbox similarity plugin for friday. It will be easier to do it from 0, than trying to modify the lightbox plugin I was using.
May 07 16:31:09 <mranostay> Abhishek_: using what for frontend?
May 07 16:31:20 <cdsteinkuehler> Signing off...I have prior committments on Wednesdays :(   ...but I'm always available via email.
May 07 16:31:21 <Abhishek_> jkridner mranostay ds2 cdsteinkuehler : <= Draft PPT for video
May 07 16:31:26 <panto> everyone is doing the same thing
May 07 16:31:32 <panto> PRU basics are important
May 07 16:31:50 <Abhishek_> mranostay: do go through that presentation
May 07 16:31:56 <mranostay> and if i see anyone toggleing the pinmux via PRU here :)
May 07 16:32:10 <vmayoral> praveendath92: can you share with me your tentative schedule?
May 07 16:32:16 <vvu|Log> praveendath92: mainly the video needs to be about your project not linux kernel coding style
May 07 16:32:22 <vvu|Log> or how to do modules
May 07 16:32:23 <cdsteinkuehler> PDF looks good!
May 07 16:34:18 <jkridner> Abhishek_: I like it. I'd just encourage you to spend a bit of time at the front to explain why you are motivated to create this and what makes running it on microcontrollers (PRUs) within a Linux computer with shared memory so interesting in a concise way.
May 07 16:34:38 <praveendath92> vmayoral: I made while making my proposal.
May 07 16:35:03 <praveendath92> Just a min. I will get you the link.
May 07 16:35:15 <vmayoral> praveendath92: thanks!
May 07 16:35:19 <karki> alexanderhiam : It's going quite steady, still figuring out the different chunks of the project! I'm looking at panto 's code (remote proc device driver ) and learning
May 07 16:35:21 <jkridner> Abhishek_: a single example of how you envision using this as a learning tool (show me don't tell me sort of thing) right at the beginning would go a ways.
May 07 16:35:32 <jkridner> Abhishek_: I like the whole way the project seems to be going.
May 07 16:36:01 <praveendath92> vvu|Log: no no it won't be about kernel programming style. That's just for my reference.
May 07 16:36:43 <praveendath92> vmayoral:
May 07 16:36:48 <vvu|Log> perfect if so
May 07 16:36:51 <praveendath92> :)
May 07 16:37:09 <jkridner> I think I've heard from everyone but disdi that communication is going well and issues are being addressed before the official start of coding in 12 days.
May 07 16:37:26 <praveendath92> I'm lagging a bit but i will catch up.
May 07 16:37:35 <_av500_> praveendath92: will you be on irc for the next 2 weeks?
May 07 16:37:36 <jkridner> Please contact me directly if you have any concerns about how the program is going.
May 07 16:37:39 <_av500_> before ocding starts?
May 07 16:37:43 <_av500_> coding
May 07 16:38:04 <praveendath92> Of course. I sorted out other issues.
May 07 16:38:34 <jkridner> praveendath92: good to hear you'll be "bonding"!
May 07 16:38:46 <praveendath92> I was missing for last 2 weeks.
May 07 16:39:03 <praveendath92> Haha. Yeah just like Google said.
May 07 16:39:13 <praveendath92> Sorry about that.
May 07 16:39:21 * jkridner sounds gavel and leaves discussion to the active issues raised.