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Feb 11 17:03:17 <subho7_> jkridner i am a final year student from india majoring in Information technology and i am interested in the node-webkit based cross-platform getting-started app idea
Feb 11 17:04:12 <karki__> vvu : how do i get an invite to #beagle-mentors
Feb 11 17:04:31 <jkridner> I'm going to try to record the chat on G+ hangouts with the hangoutbbgsoc user
Feb 11 17:04:44 <jkridner> karki__: we are going to meet in here until we get to a sensitive topic.
Feb 11 17:04:51 <karki__> cool :)
Feb 11 17:05:21 <jkridner> karki__: seems you are already in #beagle-mentors
Feb 11 17:05:44 <karki__> yes, jkridner, how come i didn't need an invite ?
Feb 11 17:05:58 <karki__> I just randomly popped in!
Feb 11 17:06:12 <jkridner> karki__: I set some people up with permanent invites.
Feb 11 17:06:17 * jkridner forgets the magic codes
Feb 11 17:06:23 <karki__> nice :)
Feb 11 17:06:27 <vvu> ah those ones to block :)
Feb 11 17:06:57 <jkridner> so confused why the computer can't join the call.
Feb 11 17:07:44 <Abhishek_> Hangouts on air?
Feb 11 17:07:45 <sasshka> greetings
Feb 11 17:07:50 <jkridner> don't know if it is all that helpful, but want to be inclusive.... will be pushing hard for IRC participation this year... so want to migrate people.
Feb 11 17:08:15 <jkridner> Abhishek_: yeah.... so people can monitor what we do, but be encourage to join the IRC where the action is.
Feb 11 17:09:08 <Abhishek_> Did I get an invite?
Feb 11 17:09:22 <karki__> Abhishek_ : just try joining
Feb 11 17:09:25 <karki__> :)
Feb 11 17:09:30 <karki__> worked for me!
Feb 11 17:09:34 <Abhishek_> Ok
Feb 11 17:09:47 <DiegoTc> For me also
Feb 11 17:10:36 <ranjan_> anybody here who can tell me about "MMC and DMA Linux performance"
Feb 11 17:10:38 <ranjan_> ?
Feb 11 17:10:44 <jkridner> I'm pretty sure I hadn't setup DiegoTc... must not be private right now.
Feb 11 17:10:55 <jkridner> hi ranjan_....
Feb 11 17:10:56 <karki__> lol
Feb 11 17:11:00 <ranjan_> hii
Feb 11 17:11:11 <DiegoTc> lol an intruder
Feb 11 17:11:16 * jkridner kicks G+ hangouts to the curb for being stupid.
Feb 11 17:11:59 <jkridner> ranjan_: Joel F. set that project up last year... student didn't complete it so it is still there.
Feb 11 17:12:14 <jkridner> ranjan_: it is kernel-level optimizations of the MMC/SD interface....
Feb 11 17:12:18 <ranjan_> oh..
Feb 11 17:12:26 <ranjan_> thanks jkridner
Feb 11 17:12:28 <jkridner> adding mainline support for using DMA with the MMC/SD.
Feb 11 17:12:42 <jkridner> if we can get a good mentor for it, I believe it is still valid.
Feb 11 17:13:01 <ranjan_> ok
Feb 11 17:13:10 <jkridner> Joel might still be willing to do so, but we could use some help in making sure you are really ready to take it on...
Feb 11 17:13:20 <jkridner> if you are just learning Linux kernel hacking, that task is not for you!
Feb 11 17:13:37 <ranjan_> hmm
Feb 11 17:13:39 <karki__> Joel is
Feb 11 17:13:47 <jkridner> how many potential mentors do I have here?
Feb 11 17:13:52 <karki__> +1
Feb 11 17:13:59 <Abhishek_> +1
Feb 11 17:14:04 <vvu> +1
Feb 11 17:14:19 <jkridner> _av500_, ds2, alexanderhiam, rcn-ee, vmayoral?
Feb 11 17:14:20 <DiegoTc> +1
Feb 11 17:14:37 <vmayoral> jkridner: here!
Feb 11 17:14:45 <jkridner> vmayoral: you mentoring this year?
Feb 11 17:15:17 <jkridner> ds2: sorry about continued delays on your e2e post. :(
Feb 11 17:15:20 <vmayoral> I'd like to, yeah
Feb 11 17:15:37 <rcn-ee> i should be able to help. ;) all things random.. ;)
Feb 11 17:16:08 <vvu> rcn-ee: after this meeting I have some questions bout the 3.14 kernel power button behaviour...have time to talk ?
Feb 11 17:16:26 <alexanderhiam> howdy
Feb 11 17:16:38 <rcn-ee> vvu, yeap... (it works best when we also patch systemd.)
Feb 11 17:16:53 <jkridner> any multimedia experts around to do something cool with X15?
Feb 11 17:17:29 <karki__> wait.... X15 projects up for grabs?
Feb 11 17:17:30 <rcn-ee> ^ and have used the omap4 ducati setup... x15 has a very similar stack. ;)
Feb 11 17:17:34 <Abhishek_> jkridner: I'm interested
Feb 11 17:18:00 <suyashv> Suyash, CS undergrad from IITR, so, my question is regarding project idea 2.5.1, the nw starter app for newcomers to get familiar with BB. Given the amount of tooling that has come for node-webkit (with node-webkit wrapper, etc.) since 2012, and other new tools as well as the fairly recent changes with io.js adoption and es6, is the goal still to work on the incomplete project, if so how do i get started with contributing?
Feb 11 17:18:08 * karki__ thinks he should participate as a student :D
Feb 11 17:18:08 * jkridner sends invites to mdp, mranostay, Tartarus/trini, lglira, panto and dschelt
Feb 11 17:20:41 <jkridner> Abhishek_, karki__, vvu, DiegoTc: please add yourselves to
Feb 11 17:20:51 <jkridner> that doesn't mean you are approved to be mentors....
Feb 11 17:20:57 <jkridner> that officially happens within Melange.
Feb 11 17:21:11 <vvu> done that
Feb 11 17:21:15 <Abhishek_> k
Feb 11 17:21:24 <karki__> jkridner : just finished :)
Feb 11 17:21:40 <DiegoTc> Ok
Feb 11 17:21:44 <Abhishek_> Will do shortly
Feb 11 17:21:45 <jkridner> Abhishek_, karki__, vvu, DiegoTc, rcn-ee, alexanderhiam, vmayoral, _av500_, ds2: please register on Melange.
Feb 11 17:21:53 <karki__> ok
Feb 11 17:22:35 <karki__> jkridner : Thats later, right?
Feb 11 17:23:08 <karki__> mentor reg will open after the org is selected if I'm correct
Feb 11 17:23:42 <jkridner> karki__: not sure. I thought you could register now.
Feb 11 17:23:51 <karki__> doesn't look like it
Feb 11 17:25:04 <jkridner> k
Feb 11 17:25:27 <jkridner> what ideas do we REALLY have strong mentors for?
Feb 11 17:26:01 <jkridner> let's remove some cruft and lock down on some things where we solidly think we can support.
Feb 11 17:26:06 <vvu> i'm always available for the USB flasher...still want to revive that one and maybe also extend to X15 if it is possible
Feb 11 17:26:24 <jkridner> vvu: I REALLY want that one.
Feb 11 17:26:39 <vvu> i'm using it on a daily basis for my job :)
Feb 11 17:26:47 <vvu> so really keen on mentoring it
Feb 11 17:27:00 <jkridner> vvu: I just added BeagleBoard-X15 to to auto-build the Debian images based on github changes.
Feb 11 17:27:19 <jkridner> vvu: Ideally, I should wake up to a flashed BeagleBone Black.
Feb 11 17:27:24 <Abhishek_> I'm keen on getting PRU support on the newer kernels and the X15
Feb 11 17:27:28 <karki__> alexanderhiam, me and Abhishek_ : were focusing on PRU driver stuff and mainline
Feb 11 17:27:31 <jkridner> and a bunch of tests should be run on it as well.
Feb 11 17:27:53 <jkridner> Abhishek_: do you know how to break down that task?
Feb 11 17:27:57 <vvu> I will make a plan today and update the idea page
Feb 11 17:27:59 <jkridner> Abhishek_: did you graduate?
Feb 11 17:28:12 <Abhishek_> Abhishek_: 2 years to go
Feb 11 17:28:14 <vvu> jkridner: x15 still has USR button ?
Feb 11 17:28:19 <jkridner> oh!
Feb 11 17:28:20 <karki__> :')
Feb 11 17:28:27 <Abhishek_> jkridner: 2 yrs to gi
Feb 11 17:28:31 <Abhishek_> *gi
Feb 11 17:28:39 <Abhishek_> *go
Feb 11 17:28:51 <jkridner> Abhishek_: so, would you look to be a student again this year?
Feb 11 17:28:54 <Abhishek_> Hey panto
Feb 11 17:28:56 <karki__> hi panto !
Feb 11 17:28:59 <panto> hey
Feb 11 17:29:07 <panto> it's that time of the year again?
Feb 11 17:29:11 <vmayoral> jkridner: would students receive X15's this year? can we count on that?
Feb 11 17:29:11 <jkridner> panto!!!
Feb 11 17:29:11 <karki__> long time no see :)
Feb 11 17:29:19 <vmayoral> greetings panto
Feb 11 17:29:20 <panto> 'been keeping busy
Feb 11 17:29:24 <panto> greetings
Feb 11 17:29:43 <jkridner> vmayoral: maybe 1 or 2 students, tops----plus 1 for their mentors.
Feb 11 17:30:14 <jkridner> vmayoral: so, I'm looking at trying to have a single X15 project, unless there is an onslaught of super-cool ideas.
Feb 11 17:30:15 <Abhishek_> jkridner: I'm working with TI Bangalore this summer on an intern. I'll have to check
Feb 11 17:30:34 <DiegoTc> jkridner: I will like to help out on the area of Improving initial experience for novice developers
Feb 11 17:31:33 <vmayoral> jkridner: got it, i'm fine mentoring BeagleRT A few students showed interest and one of them is quite active. Any comments on the line selected for BeagleRT?
Feb 11 17:31:36 <karki__> I know quite a few people who juggled internship and GSoC, but no clue how heavy TI will be
Feb 11 17:31:46 <karki__> but it would be cool to get an X15
Feb 11 17:31:48 <karki__> :D
Feb 11 17:32:44 <Abhishek_> I see myself with a X15 very soon
Feb 11 17:32:48 <karki__> ;)
Feb 11 17:32:51 <karki__> at TI?
Feb 11 17:33:11 <karki__> or buying one? or GSoC?
Feb 11 17:33:23 <Abhishek_> Not sure about that
Feb 11 17:33:49 <karki__> buying one is going to burn a hole in my pocket :/
Feb 11 17:34:23 <jkridner> Abhishek_: you'd need to make sure they allocated you REAL time. GSoC isn't meant to be just part-time.
Feb 11 17:36:21 <vvu> av500: any android ideas ?
Feb 11 17:36:24 <Abhishek_> jkridner: I understand
Feb 11 17:36:58 * karki__ wants an X15.....
Feb 11 17:37:12 <jkridner> karki__: :-D what is your idea on what to do with it?
Feb 11 17:37:36 <jkridner> vmayoral: you confident the BeagleRT project can be broken down? how will you screen candidates?
Feb 11 17:37:39 <karki__> jkridner : I'm thinking of one :D
Feb 11 17:38:14 <jkridner> karki__: don't take too long. :)
Feb 11 17:38:36 <karki__> jkridner : project wise, I'd like to stick with mentoring PRU bridge (as of now).
Feb 11 17:38:44 <jkridner> rcn-ee: any specifics on mainlining kernel patches?
Feb 11 17:38:47 <karki__> but will pitch in ideas for X15
Feb 11 17:38:50 <karki__> :)
Feb 11 17:38:50 <jkridner> rcn-ee: anyone to help you mentor that?
Feb 11 17:39:18 <jkridner> unless someone stands up for it, I'm going to nuke "Generic Device Tree Creator"
Feb 11 17:39:36 <jkridner> too hard to break down the task.
Feb 11 17:40:10 <rcn-ee> jkridner, i think the last great mainline project for bbb, is the dt-overlay's... panto has most of the base merged..  Does he want students involved to help get capes mainline? ;)
Feb 11 17:40:24 <panto> we still have work to do there
Feb 11 17:41:48 <karki__> panto : there is a pru driver from TI, if I recall (3.14 I think). And then there is yours. Which one will we be developing on?
Feb 11 17:42:11 <panto> karki__, well, let's just say the PRU driver from TI is not going in the direction I was thinking
Feb 11 17:42:27 <panto> but they have a resource put on it, so it might be the only solution
Feb 11 17:42:30 <karki__> panto : so we ignore it?
Feb 11 17:42:38 <karki__> oh...
Feb 11 17:43:27 <karki__> panto : so we need to patch that driver? or what direction should we be going now?
Feb 11 17:44:21 <vmayoral> jkridner: I dropped in the README a list of 4 tentative kernels. In order to screen candidates i plan taking in account two aspects: 1) I'm expecting candidates to get familiar with the kernel and compile each one of those (sort of have the kernels ready for the GSOC). 2) I'm expecting to see in the proposals a set of stress-test for each one of the kernels that help figure out the limits of the BBB with each o
Feb 11 17:44:21 <vmayoral> ne.
Feb 11 17:44:29 <jkridner> rcn-ee: how do we spec that idea?
Feb 11 17:44:46 <vmayoral> jkridner: does it make sense to you?
Feb 11 17:44:47 <panto> karki__, we need to figure out what's going on first
Feb 11 17:44:56 <jkridner> rcn-ee: we can try to put together a cape "care-kit" and ask a student to submit all the overlays along with some test cases for each.
Feb 11 17:45:01 <panto> TI is too focused on their own use-cases
Feb 11 17:45:07 <panto> which we might not care about
Feb 11 17:45:36 <jkridner> vmayoral: it makes sense, but it needs to be more clearly actionable with a clearly defined deliverable.
Feb 11 17:45:41 <karki__> panto : I see.
Feb 11 17:45:48 <Abhishek_> I see
Feb 11 17:46:43 <rcn-ee> jkridner, we do have most of the capes ported to later kernels, so it would be mostly debugging a new "cape-manager" and makeing sure the overlays load properly.. (they won't have to spend too much time looking at schematics)..
Feb 11 17:46:45 <karki__> panto : how different would working on the PRUs on X15 as compared to BBB
Feb 11 17:46:52 <panto> not much
Feb 11 17:46:54 <panto> in theory
Feb 11 17:46:57 <rcn-ee> there's 2x. ;)
Feb 11 17:47:12 <jkridner> karki__, panto: can it be better clarified what the architecture of the desired PRU driver needs to be and what the deliverable components are? ie. PRU library, specific kernel changes, ABI, etc.?
Feb 11 17:48:40 <karki__> jkridner , panto : we could come up with a mailing list thread for this discussion. So we have a quick reference that can be shared. + add ideas as we go along.
Feb 11 17:48:44 <Abhishek_> jkridner: From my experience last year I think regularizing down calls/up calls could be a good approach
Feb 11 17:48:45 <rcn-ee> pru: lets also make sure we tie in the machinekit group, they are one of the biggest pru users...
Feb 11 17:49:04 <Abhishek_> cdsteinkuehler?
Feb 11 17:49:09 <rcn-ee> exactly ;)
Feb 11 17:50:05 <Abhishek_> He's quite busy though.
Feb 11 17:51:04 <jkridner> Abhishek_, panto, karki__: I'd like to see a PRU library component that looks like a STDIO interface to allow printf-style debugging (with a light-weight printf/puts-type function and a kernel-side data logger).
Feb 11 17:51:19 <panto> err, that's already there
Feb 11 17:51:29 <jkridner> panto: only with JTAG, no?
Feb 11 17:51:31 <panto> nope
Feb 11 17:51:43 <panto> you printf to the kernel log
Feb 11 17:51:51 <jkridner> from the PRU?!?
Feb 11 17:51:54 <Abhishek_> jkridner: I don't know but I'm not in favor for PRU for string manipulation
Feb 11 17:51:56 <panto> of course
Feb 11 17:52:17 <jkridner> Abhishek_: that is the light-weight portion.  'puts' is fine.
Feb 11 17:52:30 <panto> we don't use it because the printf function uses up all icode space
Feb 11 17:53:14 <panto> I had a plan to make it work, by performing the string manipulation from the ARM
Feb 11 17:53:30 <panto> and retrieving the arguments from the stack of the PRU but
Feb 11 17:53:33 <panto> run out of time
Feb 11 17:53:40 <jkridner> DSP/BIOS used to have a really great embedded printf where the strings all remained in the elf loaded by the host and were never transferred to the target. instead, with the printf calls, the string identifiers were passed and all the formatting was done on the host. very nice.
Feb 11 17:53:48 <karki__> panto : seems rather complex
Feb 11 17:53:53 <Abhishek_> Nice
Feb 11 17:54:00 <panto> beggars can't be choosers
Feb 11 17:54:06 <karki__> ;)
Feb 11 17:54:10 <panto> there's very little space in icode :)
Feb 11 17:54:18 <jkridner> panto: yeah, that's basically what was implemented in DSP/BIOS.
Feb 11 17:54:45 <jkridner> it was very, very cool for debugging embedded code and took next to no space on the target once you have messaging code.
Feb 11 17:55:13 <jkridner> the host side wasn't overly complex either... just references into the object file the host had already parsed.
Feb 11 17:55:24 <jkridner> then making normal printf calls.
Feb 11 17:56:14 <jkridner> this was also part of the idea for C6Run, but the people implementing it never quite understood the full objective and integrated tooling.
Feb 11 17:56:14 <panto> we can do that
Feb 11 17:56:37 <panto> you can put the strings of printf in a separate linker section
Feb 11 17:56:57 <panto> which doesn't have to be transferred to the PRU
Feb 11 17:57:06 <jkridner> cross-compile with printf that produces an a.out that "just runs" loading code onto the PRU?
Feb 11 17:57:16 <panto> yes
Feb 11 17:57:25 * jkridner drools.
Feb 11 17:57:29 <panto> we already have that I think
Feb 11 17:57:33 <jkridner> it isn't hard... just has to be done right.
Feb 11 17:57:51 * jkridner has seen it done wrong so many times
Feb 11 17:58:34 <jkridner> well we've been here almost an hour and haven't made it through all the ideas.
Feb 11 17:59:19 <jkridner> panto: will you be adding yourself to and participating as a mentor?
Feb 11 17:59:29 <jkridner> rcn-ee: ^^^
Feb 11 17:59:33 * sasshka hoped to find out how does it work with initial tasks
Feb 11 17:59:47 <panto> jkridner, probably, but I won't have much time to be a primary mentor
Feb 11 17:59:50 <vmayoral> jkridner: The issue is that i don't want to rely on external hardweare that the student can't access so my plan was to define a set of pre-defined conditions using the "stress" (to bully the kernel) command and "cyclictests" (to measure latencies). Not sure though how much workload that'll be for a student though (having the kernels ready). Doesn't seem like a three month task but more like a week. I was hoping
Feb 11 17:59:50 <vmayoral>  student's creativity to enlighten us
Feb 11 18:00:23 <vmayoral> Mmmm
Feb 11 18:00:39 <jkridner> panto: understood. having you around for breaking-down the tasks initially, defining the architecture and occasional unblocking would be a lot of value.
Feb 11 18:00:46 <panto> ok
Feb 11 18:01:14 <jkridner> vmayoral: can you turn the data into a code deliverable?
Feb 11 18:03:13 <karki__> jkridner : I think alexanderhiam is planning on working with PRU fulltime :)
Feb 11 18:03:19 <jkridner> anyone know if mranostay is going to still participate with #beagle-gsoc?
Feb 11 18:03:28 <karki__> as in a main mentor
Feb 11 18:03:28 <jkridner> or mdp?
Feb 11 18:03:50 <alexanderhiam> karki__: I think you may be right
Feb 11 18:03:57 <karki__> :)
Feb 11 18:04:20 * jkridner is thinking we might need to scale down a bit this year. :-(
Feb 11 18:04:30 <karki__> scale down?
Feb 11 18:05:06 <jkridner> my count of mentors only puts me around 5 or 6 to be solid with backups.
Feb 11 18:05:53 <karki__> hmm.... so not many projects this year?
Feb 11 18:05:59 <jkridner> ds2: are you still interested in mentoring ?
Feb 11 18:06:05 <alexanderhiam> 5 or 6 projects? or mentors?
Feb 11 18:06:08 <vmayoral> jkridner: hardly ... they might deliver a "suite of scripts" for testing each case automatically. It doesn't sound to me like a huge contribution to open source though
Feb 11 18:06:28 * jkridner removes as I believe this is done.
Feb 11 18:06:49 <Abhishek_> jkridner: agree to the fact that the PRU framework has to be done right
Feb 11 18:07:28 <jkridner> vmayoral: what about debugging drivers for RT and pushing those fixes upstream? I mean, it shouldn't be hard to find a few RT-related bugs to fix.
Feb 11 18:07:56 <jkridner> ds2: is still suitable?
Feb 11 18:08:49 <jkridner> Abhishek_: thanks for breaking down
Feb 11 18:09:10 <jkridner> Abhishek_: does this combine some of the other PRU projects? can we consolidate?
Feb 11 18:09:39 <jkridner> do we know if the HWMOD dependencies are still a bottleneck?
Feb 11 18:09:58 <Abhishek_> I think it sort of consolidated all the ideas after it
Feb 11 18:10:14 <jkridner> karki__: thanks for writing up
Feb 11 18:10:15 <Abhishek_> I do not know of the HWMOD dependencies yet
Feb 11 18:10:24 <karki__> jkridner : we can clear out some old PRU projects that have been done; merge PRU bridge and PRUSS driver support for newer kernel
Feb 11 18:10:28 <jkridner> karki__, Abhishek_: how do these two proposals differ?
Feb 11 18:10:49 <Abhishek_> PRU bridge could be a way of implementing support for newer kernels
Feb 11 18:11:05 <karki__> jkridner : It's more or less the same
Feb 11 18:11:15 * jkridner wonders why there isn't much action on integrating StarterWare onto PRU.
Feb 11 18:11:35 * jkridner wonders if we'll ever be able to start working on the resource sharing aspects of that.
Feb 11 18:11:53 <jkridner> don't people want to use the other peripherals from the PRU?
Feb 11 18:12:18 <karki__> I just had specific features I wanted to be implemented in the driver to make it reusable across PRU apps. Abhishek_ was more focused on getting the whole thing upstreamed to LKML
Feb 11 18:12:24 <jkridner> Abhishek_, karki__: if there are aspects that can be isolated into separate projects, that'd be ideal.
Feb 11 18:12:33 <karki__> We will have to merge the ideas
Feb 11 18:12:40 <karki__> or maybe split them clearly
Feb 11 18:12:46 <jkridner> Abhishek_, karki__: we want students to be able to succeed.
Feb 11 18:12:54 <jkridner> DiegoTc: you've been quiet.
Feb 11 18:13:11 <karki__> jkridner : we want to make sure that the students components are not dependent
Feb 11 18:13:24 <Abhishek_> jkridner: yup, it could be a lot do in 3 months
Feb 11 18:13:28 <karki__> if one student fails, the other should not be affected
Feb 11 18:13:58 <karki__> Abhishek_ : Can you think of any meaningful way to split the project
Feb 11 18:13:59 <jkridner> karki__: certainly! I know it is tough to separate, but spending some time trying to figure out how tasks can be isolated would be good.
Feb 11 18:14:16 <karki__> such that work can go along in parallel
Feb 11 18:14:18 <jkridner> even if it is much more work overall, if the individual work is still less it is good.
Feb 11 18:15:01 <Abhishek_> there needs to be consensus on the kernel-userspace ABI which needs to be conforming to LKML
Feb 11 18:15:15 <jkridner> rcn-ee: seems is all done, right?
Feb 11 18:15:40 <jkridner> rcn-ee: any packaging work still need to be done?
Feb 11 18:16:19 <jkridner> well, I feel I've felt out the community a bit.
Feb 11 18:17:09 <jkridner> I plan on proposing 5 students based on current engagement level and ideas. please convince me if I'm undershooting.
Feb 11 18:17:41 <vvu> av500: any other ideas here ?
Feb 11 18:17:43 <jkridner> ds2, _av500_: is valid?
Feb 11 18:18:06 <rcn-ee> jkridner, there's always packing.. ;)  There are a few things we should push to debian upstream.
Feb 11 18:18:18 <vmayoral> jkridner: that sounds like a huge bandwidth/learning from my side, i could try thinking of something different or else withdraw the idea
Feb 11 18:19:31 <jkridner> ds2: I converted documentation to automated testing:
Feb 11 18:20:11 <jkridner> rcn-ee: I *REALLY* like the idea of having some things in Debian upstream. Can you list some specific deliverables as an idea?
Feb 11 18:20:47 <kiran4399> are the mentors for the projects mentioned in the ideas page final
Feb 11 18:20:48 <jkridner> vmayoral: k, see if you can't recruit another mentor to help out here.
Feb 11 18:20:53 <jkridner> kiran4399: nope.
Feb 11 18:21:06 <jkridner> nothing is final at this point. :-D
Feb 11 18:21:21 <jkridner> only that we will complete an application.
Feb 11 18:21:22 <vmayoral> jkridner: will do
Feb 11 18:21:31 <Abhishek_> Stuff is final only after the application is approved by Google
Feb 11 18:21:36 <jkridner> getting close to saying 5 is the number.
Feb 11 18:21:57 <Abhishek_> jkridner: How are you going to divide the 5 among the deas?
Feb 11 18:22:00 <Abhishek_> *ideas
Feb 11 18:22:09 <karki__> jkridner : don't we always get a bit lesser than what we ask for
Feb 11 18:22:13 <karki__> in terms of slots
Feb 11 18:22:39 <jkridner> Abhishek_: that will be played a bit more by ear. we'll do that in #beagle-mentors as applications start to come in.
Feb 11 18:22:49 <Abhishek_> ok
Feb 11 18:23:37 <karki__> jkridner : no harm in applying for 6 slots, is there? (Are you sure no more seasoned mentors will join?)
Feb 11 18:23:43 <jkridner> karki__: we have gotten near the bottom of our requests, but not less than what we assert for which we are REALLY confident.
Feb 11 18:24:07 <karki__> oh, I see
Feb 11 18:24:18 <jkridner> karki__: that's my concern. there is harm in my mind in not being able to make sure students succeed.
Feb 11 18:24:28 * jkridner hates to fail students.
Feb 11 18:26:06 <Abhishek_> The PRU projects would require extensive preparation on the students' side
Feb 11 18:26:36 <karki__> yes, they are among  the tougher ones
Feb 11 18:30:14 <jkridner> k. well, seems everyone has gotten busy. thanks all those who joined. I'll get the application in. Please help by bringing in other mentors and updating the ideas page!
Feb 11 18:30:27 * jkridner sounds the gavel
Feb 11 18:31:03 <karki__> bye, gn
Feb 11 18:31:59 <_av500_> gah
Feb 11 18:32:05 <_av500_> office internet flaked out
Feb 11 18:32:08 <_av500_> now aw home
Feb 11 18:32:10 <_av500_> reading backlog
Feb 11 18:32:45 <_av500_> jkridner: sure im mentoring
Feb 11 18:32:51 <ranjan_> gdnyt
Feb 11 18:32:54 <_av500_> and I can help around the application if needed
Feb 11 18:33:08 <_av500_> vvu: yes, I have android ideas
Feb 11 18:33:27 <vvu> fill us up here
Feb 11 18:33:56 <_av500_> I want the remoter display finished
Feb 11 18:33:58 <_av500_> remote
Feb 11 18:34:02 <_av500_> with mouse/kbd
Feb 11 18:34:09 <_av500_> and then maybe sound in/out too
Feb 11 18:34:44 <_av500_> I like the ADK for android as UI idea
Feb 11 18:35:02 <_av500_> at work we run the digital readout of our mill via an embeeded cpu and an android app for UI
Feb 11 18:35:20 <_av500_> see my g+ from a few days ago
Feb 11 18:35:33 * vvu is looking
Feb 11 18:37:10 <_av500_>
Feb 11 18:37:11 <_av500_> there
Feb 11 18:37:13 <vvu> yes got it
Feb 11 18:37:58 <Abhishek_> cool
Feb 11 18:38:29 <_av500_> vvu: maybe even a part of the project to export ADK to BBB user space
Feb 11 18:38:43 <_av500_> like a template for "insert your code here" and have your BBB app talk to your android app
Feb 11 18:39:02 <_av500_> vvu: and you can do cool things like download a new BBB app from the phone and push it
Feb 11 18:39:10 <_av500_> we want to do that for the STM firmware
Feb 11 18:39:54 * Abhishek_ has worked with STM32 as well
Feb 11 18:39:57 <_av500_> vvu: or add a hdd to BBB and make the content available android
Feb 11 18:40:02 <_av500_> (maybe)
Feb 11 18:40:08 <vvu> these sound nice
Feb 11 18:40:16 <_av500_> should be doable with the new content provider APIs
Feb 11 18:40:22 <_av500_> like what is used for gg drive
Feb 11 18:43:06 <vvu> i think we should continue 1st with the remote display
Feb 11 18:43:11 <vvu> and add everything to it
Feb 11 18:43:29 <vvu> and document a bit how to install it...this is still a problem there
Feb 11 18:44:55 <vvu> and to make another project would be smth you have at work, like a template engine to expose sensors or other things hooked to the BBB via adk
Feb 11 18:46:38 <_av500_> ack to finish remote display first
Feb 11 18:46:44 <_av500_> add kdb/mouse and maybe sound
Feb 11 18:55:32 <vvu> jkridner: meeting over ?
Feb 11 18:55:36 <jkridner> yup
Feb 11 18:55:57 <jkridner> I submitted the questionaire.
Feb 11 18:56:17 <jkridner> I mostly updated with my answers
Feb 11 18:56:23 <vvu> ok
Feb 11 18:56:23 <jkridner> we can update to Feb 20.
Feb 11 18:58:30 <jkridner> av500: have you registered a profile?
Feb 11 18:58:37 <jkridner> _av500_: I want to add you as the backup admin
Feb 11 18:59:05 <_av500_> jkridner: yes, please do
Feb 11 18:59:10 <_av500_> Im just looking at the page
Feb 11 18:59:16 <_av500_> for that
Feb 11 19:01:06 <_av500_> ok, signing up