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Personal Details

Name: Shrey Dabhi
IRC: sdabhi23
E-mail Address:
School: Institute of Technology, Nirma University
Country: India
Primary Languages: English, Hindi
Typical work hours: 11 - 14, 16 - 20, 21 - 23 IST
Task Completion: Pull Request

Past Open Source Contributions

I have recently been involved in contributing to Hasura. Here's the link to one of my projects: But i haven't made any large contributions to any large open source communities, reason being I wanted to know the technologies being used before I go ahead and start working with large oraganisations and their codebases.

I am interested in contributing to BeagleBoard as majority of my work experience has been in the software domain, and I would like to better understand the hardware side of devices I work with. Also BeagleBoard has an awesome global community of developers and users.

Project Description

Project Title: Connected PocketBeagle

The aim of the project is to create more resources for using various connectivity modules in order to make it easier for the community to get started with a basic setup very quickly. The current proposal aims to have reference application notes, code, example, and “How-To” document for each type of wireless communications for PocketBeagle, for at least the following wireless protocols:

  • 802.11 (WiFi)
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
  • Cellular (GSM)
  • Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • ZigBee
  • GPS

Each will have easy to use references for users building projects to use as a cut/paste library.


This project will be implemented over 12 weeks. The tentative timeline I have prepared is as follows:

Week Plan
1 Acquire the required connectivity modules
2 Explore the existing PocketBeagle libraries and the sample code for the modules
3 Interface the BLE module
4 Interface the WiFi (802.11) module
5 Interface the GPS module
6 Testing, BUG fixing and documentation
7 Testing, BUG fixing and documentation
8 Interface the NFC module
9 Interface the GSM module
10 Interface the ZigBee module
11 Testing, BUG fixing and documentation
12 Testing, BUG fixing and documentation

The main reason for dedicating 2 weeks to bug fixing and documentation is because I plan on writing small tutorials for the community on easily reusing the code to get a head start on using these modules with PocketBeagle

Experience and Approach

I have done projects with Arduino and Bluetooth technology. Also I have some experience with Raspberry PI. Hence, I expect to be able to easily interface the required modules with PocketBeagle.


I can use the vast documentation and help available through forums, wikis, IRC and other means to find solutions for my problems. And also as a last resort I can also consult my colleagues and other faculties in my university for further support.


To make it easier for beginners and novices to easily use different connectivity modules with PocketBeagle