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Marmita is a subset of the Angstrom distribution, oriented to enable DSP accelerated multimedia on OMAP based SoCs.

The DSP communication is through the DSP Bridge kernel driver.

Texas Instruments provides several multimedia algorithms for running in the DSP. More algorithms from 3rd party developers are expected (for example, Theora codec from Entropy Wave).

Marmita provides custom recipes for

Currently Marmita is very aligned with upstream, so it can't be consider as stable.

The long term objective is merge Marmita into the official Angstrom/OpenEmbedded distribution.


Gitorious page:

Demo images:

Mailing list:


 $ git clone git://
 $ cd marmita
 $ source ./marmita-init-build-env
 $ bitbake base-marmita-image

Patching OpenEmbedded

In order to compile the available socket nodes, it is needed to patch your OE setup, which adds the needed dependencies to generate the DSP binaries: