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This page describes how to build and run Sugar for the BeagleBoard. Sugar is an educational software environment that is fundamentally collaborative and may be interesting for other collaborative computing products. The effort was kicked off by an e-mail on the mailing list with the goal of giving a training session on Beagle at ESC Boston. Koen then got us started by building most of the packages, and getting the main interface running on Beagle.

Build Process

To build Sugar from the sources and help find/fix bugs:

Install Process


Picture of Sugar running on Beagle

  • OE recipes needed for python-modules to avoid some runtime crashes.
  • OE recipes needed for remaining Glucose items.
  • OE recipes needed for Fructose items.
  • Need lots of debugging and screenshots.
  • icon-slicer-native is not built.
  • Other gaps likely exist.
  • Need to build binaries for other than armv7a for use on non-Beagle platforms.