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Pre-Launch Questions

Group Name: Beagle Scan

Group Description

The Beagle Scan group is composed of a graduate EE student at the University of Texas at Austin.

What do you hope to gain by participating in this challenge?

This project is a continuation of a previous experiment. I don't want my project to be judged or to be considered for any prizes. I think that this is a great way to improve upon my previous work and to get my project noticed. I have seen many people building 3D scanners online and I think that one that utilizes the Beagleboard would get some attention from the user community.

IRC Contact #beagle bjrosas

What is your project?

Project name

Beagle Scan

Project Description

This is a machine vision project that will use a fixed optical sensor, servo, and laser to partially recreate objects surrounding the device. The project will use OpenCV for ease of use and depending on how well the project progresses, will use the DSP to allow for some parallel processing. This project could be placed on a Beaglebot to allow it to gather data about the terrain, or for obstacle avoidance. With some tweaking the project could be used for modeling 3D objects and printing through a 3D printer or use on a CNC machine.


  • Brandon Rosas


Below are a few images of the project. More images are included in the attached PDF. This gives and idea of the device, inputs, and outputs of the system. The actual data points are included in the zip file.

Sorry but I was not able to get a video of the scanner in action.

Usage Instructions

Below is the project report file. It includes usage instructions as well as results from the project. The zip folder containing the project source code is referenced throughout.


Source Code


There are no schematics for this project. A small breadboard and voltage regulator was used for the laser and a DC power supply was used as well. These are noted and given specifications in the attached project report PDF.

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