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Below is a list of tasks to be worked on in the Bootup Time Working Group. See also the Bootup Time Howto Task List


If no one has signed up for a task, feel free to do so (on a first-come, first-served basis).

To edit the task list, you can click on either EditText or EditTable at the bottom of this page.

Please fill in the person (which can be a wiki name if you have a page on this site) or just your name. Please also provide contact information if you are not a member of the forum. If you would like to commit to a completion date, please enter that as well, in the form: YYYY-MM-DD. Finally, add any notes you think are pertinent to this task.

If you need to create a page with more detailed information about the task, please do so and link to that page either in the Task Description or the Notes field.

Status should be one of: "not done", "started", "done", "cancelled"

Task List

Task Description Project Person Expected Completion Date Status Notes
Make this task list WG process Tim Bird 2004-01-12 done This task is recursive :)
isolate KFI patch from CELinux tree KFI - - not done -
check for IDE noprobe bugfix in 2.6 kernel noprobe - - not done -
port printk patch to 2.6 kernel printk - - not done -
examine bootsplash project and see if it is interesting bootsplash - - not done -
create a table of reduction techniques, and ask people to sign up for each page. See Bootup Time Howto Task List howto Tim Bird - done -
make wiki pages for each workgroup project, spec, and implementation process - - not done -
Document KFI usage (triggers and filters) KFI Todd Poynor - not done -
write sample specification for avoiding calibrate_delay() LPJ Tim Bird - not done -
create outline of kernel init sequence howto - - not done -
create core group process All - not done -