Bootup Time Things To Investigate

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This page has a list of items which may be worth investigating in the future.

If you see something that creates a long delay (e.g. over 250ms) then add it here and maybe some day we will try to investigate it.

netconsole extra delay for bogus network carrier detect

Tim Bird saw this on the linux-tiny list: (see

Network devices that say they've got carrier detect instantly at boot are assumed to have bogus carrier detect and netconsole waits a bit to assure the line is up and ready to go before proceeding. The timeout mentioned below could probably be shrunk.

>eth0: NE2000 found at 0x300, using IRQ 5.
>> Universal TUN/TAP device driver 1.5 (C)1999-2002 Maxim Krasnyansky
>> netconsole: device eth0 not up yet, forcing it
>> eth0: driver changed get_stats after register
>> netconsole: carrier detect appears flaky, waiting 10 seconds
>>                                            ^^^^^^^^---------this delay seems long