CELF BOF and Plenary 2009

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This page describes the CELF Bird's-of-a-Feather meeting and Plenary meeting.

This meeting will consist of a reception, lightning discussions, and general mingling, followed by a formal CELF Plenary meeting.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the BOF and reception, while members of the forum (employees of CELF members companies) may attend the Plenary meeting.

Meeting Details

BOF P 2009 1.JPG

  • The Bof meeting scene

BOF P 2009 2.JPG

  • Thomas Gleixner to present about the latest situation of real-time preempt patches to the mainline.




The BOF and reception starts at 19:00 (7:00 pm) and runs to 20:30. There will be light snacks and drinks served, and an opportunity to present lightning talks.

Lightning talks are short (5 minutes or less) presentations or discussions on any subject of interest. At previous BOFs, these have been descriptions of project status, or demonstrations of interesting technology.

CELF Plenary

The Plenary meeting will consist of presentations about the status of the CE Linux Forum, with the Chair of the Architecture Group (Tim Bird) and the Director of the Forum Office (Paul Lanning) reporting.

This meeting is limited to members of the CE Linux Forum only. You do not need to have registered with the forum to attend. If you are employed by a member company, or are a Special Supporting Member, or Contractor of the forum or other forum-affiliated party, you may attend this meeting.

For a list of member companies, please see: http://www.celinux.org/membership_list/

Directions to Meeting-place Hotel

A map of access to the hotel is available at:

From Narita:

  • Take JR Line for Tokyo (Narita Express), then...
  • transfer to Yamanote or Keihin-Tohoku line north bound to Akihabara Station, OR
  • transfer to Chuo line to Ochanomizu station

both are just few minutes ride.

If it is commuter time (7am to 10am / 5pm to 8pm) I highly recommend you to take taxi from Tokyo station which may cost around 1000 Yen.

  • Take Keisei Line for Keisei-Ueno (Skyliner), then...
  • Transfer at Nippori station to south bound of Yamanote or Keihin-Tohoku line to Akihabara station. It is just few minutes ride, OR
  • Take taxi at Keisei-Ueno Station, the final stop. It may cost about 1000 Yen.

From Haneda:

  • Take monorail to Hamamatsucho station and transfer to Yamanote or Keihintohoku line north bound to Akihabara Station. It is about 10 minutes ride.

More pictures from the event

BOF P 2009 ueda.JPG

  • Ueda-san talking about Linus

BOF P 2009 kuma.JPG

  • Kumagai-san, of Sharp

BOF P 2009 Gleixner.JPG

  • Another picture of Thomas Gleixner