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This event takes place over lunch on Thursday.

Welcome to the ELCE 2011 Wiki Working Lunch. As part of the ongoing elinux.org wiki editing contest during ELCE 2011 you have the opportunity to complete any of the tasks below. Linux Foundation kindly is supplying the fuel of Pizza and drinks.

The elinux.org wiki is recognized as the primary repository of Embedded Linux information in the open source community. It has grown to just under 5000 pages, over 3000 users, and 13 million plus page views.

Everything you need to know about editing a page can be found in Help linked to on the left navigation.

10 Minute Tasks

  • Categorize the uncategorized content. Do your best to reuse pre-existing Categories when possible.
  • Add descriptive content to Special:Categories without content currently. Pages without content are red links.
  • Complete your User page. If your Username is still colored red at the top of the page, then you haven't populated your User page yet. Simply click on your Username link to begin editing.
  • Start a Discusssion page about your favorite embedded topic.
  • Find a presentation on a topic that interests you, and put information from the presentation onto a related wiki page. To find a presentation, follow links from the Events page.
    • For example, you might find a paper on power management by following a link from Events to ELC_2011_Presentations. Look through the list, and select one, say "Power debugging at Linaro" by Amit Kucheria.
    • Read through the paper, and find something interesting.
    • Then, find an appropriate page for the information. For power management, start at the Power Management portal on the Main Page.
    • Put the tidbit of information you found interesting, from the paper, onto an appropriate page. Reorganize a page (e.g. making a new section), if needed. Include links to external information if possible.
    • If the paper has not been linked from the appropriate page, make a "media:" link to it.

Larger Tasks

  • Document a Project

For examples of projects documented during ELC in April, see Ftrace, Test_Systems or Ktest.

  • Look at the Development Portals on the Main_Page, choose the one you know the most about and dive in. Update out dated info, flag info for possible revision, add links to supplementary information elsewhere.