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Biographies for ELC 2006 go here:

Andre Kruetzfeldt

Armin Gerritsen

Armin Gerritsen is a young and enthusiastic embedded software developer. He started as a physicist, but entered Philips shortly after receiving his master degree on the area of computational physics, where he was hired to do modelling for future generations of Philips Semiconductor platforms. Shortly after he was sucked into the embedded Linux world and failed to escape since then. His job is to support the implementation of new designs by writing software necessary for (dis)proving new concepts, prototypes and demonstrator platforms. The vast majority of this software is based on Linux.

Chang-Sik Cho

Denis Olivier Krop

Ed Plowman

Ed Plowman has more than 10 years of experience in media and graphics processing. Ed is currently employed as 3D Graphics Products Manager with ARM Ltd, guiding ARM's 3D graphics processing strategy. He also represents ARM in the OpenGL ES working group and occupies the ARM seat on the Khornos board of promoters. Ed started his career as one of the founding members of Argonaut technologies (an off shoot of Argonaut Software which later became ARC cores), working on CPU based 3D graphics technology which later provided the foundation for the ARC processor core.

Greg Kroah-Hartman

Greg Kroah-Hartman is the current Linux kernel maintainer for more driver subsystems than he wants to admit, along with the driver core, sysfs, kobject, kref, and debugfs code. He is also the maintainer of the linux-hotplug and udev projects. On top of that he maintains the Gentoo Linux packages for these programs, and helps with the kernel package, which put him in touch with actual users every day, thereby ensuring his email inbox is never empty. He is also the co-author of the book, "Linux Device Drivers, 3rd Edition" and a contributing editor for Linux Journal.

Greg Ungerer

Greg specializes in embedded systems development, having spent more than 15 years developing embedded software, and more than 10 years developing with Linux.

Greg is currently one of the core maintainers of the uClinux project. He first started hacking on it 7 years ago, and did the port to the Motorola Cold Fire CPU family. Over the last couple of years Greg has been pushing the uClinux support into Linus's mainline 2.6 series Linux kernels. Greg has been involved in the design and release of many commercial products based on uClinux software over the last few years.

Hyok S. Choi

Hyok S. Choi is the maintainer of uClinux/ARM and a system architect for electronic gadgets in Samsung. The project URL is http://opensrc.sec.samsung.com/

Jared Hulbert

Jared Hulbert has been working with embedded Linux since 2000 when he picked up a ucSimm. Hes worked with XIP on Linux since 2001 helping port it to various machines. He now works for the CTO of the Intel Flash Memory Group managing the Linux Team trying to improve Intel NOR and NAND flash memory support for Linux. Jared has helped Intel customers optimize and port Linux on several phones currently on the market. He has also created many systems as demos for customers or internal uses such as what was probably the worlds only XIP Linux iPaq.

John Goodacre

Program Manager, Multiprocessing, ARM

John joined ARM in February 2002 taking responsibility for their platform architecture roadmap. More recently he has been responsible for the market development of multiprocessing technology and the release of ARM11 MPCore the first integrated SMP core.

Prior to working at ARM, he worked for Microsoft for 5 years, firstly as Group Program Manager in the Exchange Server group and latterly as the manager for its Wireless Telephony group responsible for product, the definitions and strategy of mobile devices.

Graduating from the University of York with a BSc in Computer Science, John has over 20 years experience in the engineering industry.

Jordan Crouse

Jung-Hyun Yoo

Kevin D. Kissell

Kevin D. Kissell is Principal Architect at MIPS Technologies, and has been a part of the MIPS architecture development team since its spin-out from Silicon Graphics in 1997. He was first involved in the architecture and design of RISC microprocessors when he joined the original Fairchild Clipper design team in 1983. In between, Kevin has been variously responsible for processor, systems and software architecture, for decoupled access/execute supercomputers at ACRI, massively parallel distributed memory computers at nCUBE, and large-scale shared-memory supercomputers at Evans & Sutherland. His prior work at MIPS includes having been principal architect of the Smart MIPS(tm) extensions for smart cards. He holds a degree in computer science from the University of California at Berkeley.

Kittur Ganesh

Kittur Ganesh is a Sr.Technical Consulting Engineer at Intel providing consulting, support and training on various software products targeting Intel® Architecture. Previously, for 6+ years at Intel, Kittur designed and developed software primarily used for fracturing design data of Intel chips. Prior to joining Intel, Kittur was involved in developing commercial SW in the EDA industry for 10+ years. Kittur has a M.S (Computer Science), M.S (Industrial Eng.) and a B.S (Mechanical Eng.)

Klaas de Waal

Klaas de Waal has been writing software for systems ranging from Seiko 8-bit microprocessors to Silicon Graphics workstations. He was writing applications for Linux at the time when it was still called Unix, AIX, Irix or Solaris. Instead of writing software he now spends most of his time porting existing open-source applications to the Philips Semiconductor's Nexperia platform and talking about it.

Liam Girdwood

Liam Girdwood is a Software Engineer at Wolfson Microelectronics. He specialises in embedded Linux audio and, prior to joining Wolfson, was an embedded Linux consultant with HP (now Agilent). He has worked within the Free Software community for more than five years. Liam Girdwood holds a Computer Science Degree from Heriot-Watt University. In his spare time, he is the maintainer of several open source projects including libnova (http://libnova.sf.net ), a celestial mechanics library used by robotic telescopes around the world.

Manas Saksena

Manas Saksena is the CTO of Time Sys, where he is responsible for the technology strategy and development for Embedded Linux products and services. He is also the chair of the real-time working group at CELF. In his past life, he spent a few years doing research in real-time systems, and published a number of papers on that topic.

Marcin Klecha

Mark Gross

Mathew Locke

Mathieu Desnoyers

Mathieu Desnoyers is interested in kernel programming internals and computer security. He contributed to the rt2570 wireless driver, to the Linux Kernel time subsystem and he took part in technical discussions with the System TAP team. He is active in the 2600 Montr�al group, follows security conferences and competitions.

Since November 2005, he has become the maintainer of the Linux Trace Toolkit (LTT) project, taking over the development with the new LTTng. He is the author of Linux Trace Toolkit Next Generation (LTTng) project which started in may 2005 (http://ltt.polymtl.ca). He is the main developer of Linux Trace Toolkit Viewer (LTTV) since the project started in 2003. He is currently completing a M.Sc.A. in Computer Engineering at Ecole Polytechnique de Montr�al.

Matthew Klahn

Matthew Locke

Matt Mackall

Min-Seok Jang

Munehiro Ikeda

Nicholas Mc Guire

Rob Landley

Rob Landley is a Senior Linux Engineer at Time Sys Corporation and the new maintainer of BusyBox. He first encountered Linux when the SLS disks came across Fidonet in 1993, and has been building various Linux systems from source code for six years. He co-founded a combination Linux Expo and Science Fiction convention (Penguicon) because that really is his idea of fun, as are writing documentation, researching computer history, urban hiking, and knitting chain mail.

Ruud Derwig

Scott Preece

Scott Preece is a senior software architect at Motorola Mobile Devices, working in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, on developing a mobile-phone platform based on Linux. He has been working in software development close to 40 years, with extended periods in information retrieval research, user interaction design, UNIX system development, LISP compilers, and mobile-phone software systems. He is a Motorola Science Advisory Board Associate and was chairman of Motorola's Software Engineering Technology Steering Committee.

Scott has a Computer Science PhD from the University of Illinois as well as degrees from Dartmouth College and the University of Chicago, dating to before Computer Science was a major.

Scott chairs the CELF Mobile Phone Profile Working Group and is a member of the CELF Architecture Group.

Shinichi Ochiai

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson has been a Senior Software Engineer for a Panasonic R & D lab in Princeton, NJ for the last 14 years. He is currently the chair of CELF's Security Working Group. He graduated from the University of California, Davis in 1968, 1970, and 1977 from which you can draw two conclusions: 1) he's getting up there in years, and 2) you shouldn't make any assumptions about the sequence of years. In his spare time he likes to make and/or fix things, which pretty much describes his working day also. His current wish is to learn more Japanese words without forgetting the words learned last week.

Takanari Hayama

Takanari Hayama, Ph.D. is a founder and president of IGEL Co.,Ltd, an IT consulting company. He has been consluting Linux and open source solutions for more than 10 years. He has been supporting many kernel related development. He has developped Linux drivers for MPEG-2 Decoders, Digital TV related products, Professional Audio Device and so on. He also has involved in IPv6 development that runs not on only Linux, but also on NetBSD and ITRON. His current interrests are in the area of multimedia computing, operating system and mobile computing.

Thomas Gleixner

Thomas Gleixner has worked on industrial embedded devices for over 20 years. During the last 8 years he has focused on Linux for industrial applications. He has contributed to Linux in several ways. He is the main author of the hrtimer subsystem and the high resolution timer implementation on top of hrtimers and a major contributor to Ingo Molnars realtime preemption patch.

Todd Poynor

Todd works on embedded Linux OS features for Monta Vista Software, including development of power management technology for mobile devices and consulting with consumer electronics manufacturers on power management architecture.

Tohru Nojiri