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Presentations from ELC 2006 (CELF conference archive).

Michael Opdenacker, of Free Electrons, made video-recordings of many sessions. See the videos here: http://free-electrons.com/blog/elc-2006-videos/

Presenters: Please post your technical conference presentations on this page.

(See Instructions below the table)

Here is an article on LinuxDevices with images of the demo posters: http://www.linuxdevices.com/articles/AT8247255296.html

And here is a report by Free Electrons on the event: https://lwn.net/Articles/180439/


Person Session Description Presentation Video
Tim Bird (Sony) Keynote: 13 Years of Linux Media:13-years-of-Linux.pdf video
Andre Kruetzfeldt, Christophe Guinet The MPPWG Mobile Phone Telephony API – part 2 Introduction to the Mobile Phone API Media:ELC-Aplix-NEC.pdf
Armin Gerritsen The Video Clip Player – Philips Nexperia™ PNX0106 and Linux based platform Media:CELF-ELC_VideoClipPlayer.pdf
Arvind Kuman MIPS BOF . video
Chang-Sik Cho Digital Entertainment Center Solution Media:ELC-presentation-DEC-0412.pdf
Denis Kropp Graphics Subsystem in an Embedded World - Integrating DirectFB into a UHAPI platform Media:ELC 2006 -GraphicsSubsystemInAnEmbeddedWorld.pdf video
Ed Plowman Khronos Media API Update Media:Khronos-API-CELF-Apr06.pdf
Greg Kroah Hartman Tutorial: Write a real, working Linux driver Media:celf_2006_tutorial.pdf Media:USB_tutorial_example_code.tar.gz
Greg Ungerer uClinux -- Micro-controller Linux Media:uclinux.pdf video
Hyok S. Choi Non-Paged Memory Management on Mainline ARM Kernel .
Jared Hulbert Tutorial: Creating optimized XIP systems Media:CELF-XIP_Linux.pdf
John Goodacre ARM MPCore and Power Management Media:MPCore_and_Linux_Power.pdf, Media:MPCore_and_Linux_Power.ppt
Jordan Crouse Taking the plunge - the marriage of X86 and embedded Linux Media:jordan_crouse_celf_2006.pdf
Jung-Hyun Yoo Linux on a Terrestrial DMB TV Receiver .
Kevin D. Kissell Microthreads as Linux CPUs - SMTC Linux for MIPS MT cores Media:CELF_SMTC_April_2006_v0.3.pdf
Kittur Ganesh Optimization Techniques for maximizing application performance on Multi-core processors. Media:Ganesh-CELF.pdf, Media:Ganesh-CELF.ppt
Klaas de Waal Myth TV on Philips Nexperia™ PNX8550 and Linux based platform Media:MythTVonNexperia-CELF-05.pdf video
Liam Girdwood Enhancing ALSA audio for portable devices. .
Manas Saksena State of Linux Realtime – BOF . video
Mark Gross Power Management Panel . video
Mathew Locke CE Linux Forum Open Test Lab . video
Mathieu Desnoyers Low disturbance embedded system tracing with Linux Trace Toolkit Next Generation. Media:celf2006-desnoyers.pdf video
Matt Mackall Kernel Size Issues .
Matthew Klahn Visualizing resource usage during initialization of embedded systems Media:VisualizingResUsageDuringBoot.pdf video
Min-Seok Jang Research on Linux 2.6 Kernel Features for CE products .
Munehiro Ikeda Examining Linux Kernel Size Media:size_exam_celf_elc2006.pdf video
Prof. Nicholas Mc Guire Boot-Time Optimization - results of applying currently available solutions Media:boot_opt.pdf
Rob Landley What's new with BusyBox . video
Ruud Derwig Audio Video Graphics Version 2.0 Specification Media:CELF_AVG_Specification_v2_20060411.pdf (Media:CELF_AVG_Specification_v2_20060411.ppt)
Scott Preece The MPPWG Mobile Phone Telephony API – part 1 Developing the API Media:MppApiSession1.pdf
Shinichi Ochiai Experience with realtime performance of the current Linux technologies Media:ExperienceWithRealtimePerformance.pdf
Steve Johnson Trusted Bootloader Media:Trusted_Boot_Loader.pdf
Takanari Hayama Analysis of User Level Device Driver usability in embedded application – Technique to achieve good real-time performance Media:uldd060411celfelc2006.pdf video
Thomas Gleixner A Case Study of transitioning a project from RTAI to RT-Preempt .
Todd Poynor Topics in Embedded Power Management Media:pm-celf-summit-2006.pdf video
Tohru Nojiri Kprobes implementation for Embedded System .
Greg Kroah-Hartman, Greg Ungerer, Matt Mackall and moderator Tim Bird Panel: Tips for Mainlining, From the Experts . video
Tim Bird Embedded Linux Quiz and Closing Game . video

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