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Presentations from ELC 2009 (CELF conference archive).

Video from the conference can be found here courtesy of Bootlin: Video Presentations

Free Electrons has been kind enough to provide some of these presentations in High Definition, making it possible to more easily read slides directly from the video.


Presenters: Please post your technical conference presentations on this page. (See Instructions below the tables)

Table of Presentations

Keynotes and Panel
Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Dirk Hohndel Ubiquitous Linux No slides - but see ELC2009: Ubiquitous Linux (LWN.net)
David Woodhouse Embedded Linux and Mainline Kernel dwmw2-ELC-2009-04.pdf dwmw2-ELC-2009-04.odp
Tim Bird (moderator) Embedded Linux Kernel Features and Development Panel No slides - but see ELC/LFCS2009 A tale of two panels (LWN.net)

Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Kate Alhola Maemo 5 (Fremantle), mobile Linux platform with cellular connectivity fremantle_elc_2009.pdf
Kate Alhola Animated UI technologies in Maemo 5 (Fremantle), mobile Linux environment animated_ui_elc_2009.pdf See also Kate's blog entry for ELC
Mike Anderson (presented by Reece Pollack) User-Space, Multi-core Development Issues UserSpace_Multicore-Slides_Anderson.pdf
Mike Anderson (presented by Reece Pollack) What are Interrupt Threads and How Do They Work? InterruptThreads-Slides_Anderson.pdf
Jeff Arnold Ksplice: Rebootless kernel updates elc2009-ksplice.pdf
Eric Cloninger Building an Embedded Tools Standard Using Eclipse elc2009-building_an_embedded_tools_standard_using_eclipse.pdf
Magnus Damm Runtime Power Management on SuperH Mobile Runtime-Power-Management-on-SuperH-Mobile-20090407.pdf
David Daney Some new tricks for better performance in MIPS-Linux new-tricks-mips-linux.pdf
Mathieu Desnoyers Deploying LTTng on Exotic Embedded Architectures LTTng-presentation-celf-2009-0.2.pdf desnoyers-celf2009-paper.pdf
Anna Dushistova, Alexandre Rusev and John Mehaffey Debugging with JTAG DebuggingWithJtagCelf2009.pdf
Jake Edge Security issues for embedded devices security-issues.pdf LWN page
Klaas van Gend Top 3 pains in professional use of bitbake ELC.klaasvangend.openembedded.v4.pdf
Toru Homma Evaluation of Flash File Systems for Large NAND Flash Memory ELC2009-FlashFS-Toshiba.pdf
Edgar E. Iglesias Debugging and profiling embedded Linux/CRIS systems with QEMU elc2009-qemu-cris.pdf
Jaehoon Jeong Dynamic Instrumentation of user-space application based on kprobe ELC2009_User_space_dynamic_instrumentation_based_on_kprobe-0331-final.pdf
Bhagyashri Hemant Katole Embedding Network Devices with Linux (session was cancelled)
Dongsoo Kim, HeungJun Kim Framework for digital camera in Linux Framework_for_digital_camera_in_linux-in_detail.ppt
Denis Oliver Kropp DirectFB II (session was cancelled)
Grant Likely It's Alive! - Linux on Embedded PowerPC porting guide glikely-powerpc-porting-guide.pdf
Grant Likely Tux Meets Radar O'Reilly - Linux in Military Telecom glikely-tux-meets-radar-oreilly-paper.pdf glikely-tux-meets-radar-oreilly.pdf
Bruno Cardoso Lopes Understanding and writing an LLVM Compiler Backend LLVM-ELC2009.pdf
Matt Mackall Visualizing Process Memory smem.pdf // In case color mapping error observed, try this file ELC2009PresentationsM.pdf
Dan Malek Memory...The Most Precious Resource celf_mem_notify.pdf
David Mandala Ubuntu ARM Distribution UbuntuARM.pdf
William Marone Distributed Cross Platform Test Automation DistributedCrossPlatformTest.pdf
Paul Mundt Superpages Revisited: Transparent Application of Large TLBs on Embedded Systems elc2009-superpages.ppt
Michael Opdenacker Update on filesystems for flash storage flash-filesystems.pdf
Jeffrey Osier-Mixon Cooperative Development Inside Communities CommunityDevelopment.pdf
Conrad Parker A Linux multimedia framework for SH-Mobile processors article elc-shmobile-multimedia.pdf
Rodolph Perfetta The Web in your Hand - Optimizing Browsing Experience with ARM Embedded Linux Devices CELF.pdf
Thomas Petazzoni Building Embedded Linux Systems with Buildroot buildroot.pdf
Matthew Porter Video4Linux: What about Output? elc09_mattporter_v4l.pdf
Andre Puschmann Quantitative analysis of system initialization in embedded Linux systems ELC09_boottime_reduction.pdf
Jim Ready Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan: Avoiding Common Linux Development Stumbling Blocks .
Frank Rowand Musings on analysis of measurements of a real-time workload. musings_on_analysis_of_measurements_of_a_real-time_workload.pdf
Leandro Melo de Sales BRisa UPnP Framework for Embedded Systems brisa_ELC.pdf
Christian F.K. Schaller Basic video editing on embedded devices using GStreamer celinux-sanfran-gstreamer.pdf celinux-sanfran-gstreamer.ppt
Madhvesh Sulibhavi (presented by Tim Bird) KProbes and Systemtap Status Kprobes-Systemtap-Status-from-Sony-for-ELC09.pdf
John Williams Embedded Linux on FPGAs for fun and profit ELC2009_Embedded_Linux_on_FPGAs_for_fun_and_profit.pdf

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions
Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Thomas Petazzoni Build Tools building-tools-bof.pdf
Tim Bird eLinux Wiki eLinux-wiki-BOF-ELC-2009.pdf
Matt Locke Embedded Security ELC-2009-Security-BoF-mlocke.pdf
Michael Opdenacker System Size size-bof.pdf