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Presentations from ELC 2010 (CELF conference archive).

Videos from the conference are available at https://bootlin.com/blog/elc-2010-videos/


Presenters: Please post your technical conference presentations on this page. (See Instructions below the tables)

Table of Presentations

Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Greg Kroah-Hartman Android: A Case Study of an Embedded Linux Project PDF | ODP | TGZ (with notes and license)
Matt Asay Embedded in 2010: An End to the Entropy? PDF

Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Mike Anderson Using a JTAG to Debug Linux Device Drivers PDF
Mike Anderson Using Interrupt Threads to Prioritize Interrupts PDF
Mike Anderson Creating a Secure Router Using SELinux PDF
Mike Anderson Strategies for Migrating Uniprocessor Code to Multi-Core SMP PDF
Steve Bennett Effective Use of Scripting in Embedded Devices Slides | Paper
Tim Bird State of Embedded Linux PDF | ODP
Magnus Damm Kexec - Ready for Embedded Linux? PDF
Kevin Dankwardt Effective Use of RT-Preempt ODP
Lucas Martins De Marchi Multi-core Scheduling Optimizations for Soft Real-time Multi-threaded Applications -- A Cooperation Aware Approach PDF | ODP
Mathieu Desnoyers Using the LTTng Tracer for System-wide Performance Analysis and Debugging (Hands-On Tutorial) PDF | examples
Jake Edge Understanding Threat Models for Embedded Devices PDF | ODP
Mark Gross Experiences in Android Porting, Lessons Learned,Tips and Tricks PDF
Kevin Hilman Runtime Power Management: Overview and Platform Implementation PDF
YungJoon Jung and DongHyouk Lim Measuring Responsiveness of Linux Kernel on Embedded System PDF
Hiromasa Kanda Lock-free Algorithm for Multi-Core Architecture PDF
Jeremy Katz An Introduction to the Qt Development Framework PDF
Yoshitake Kobayashi Evaluation of Data Reliability on Linux File Systems PDF
Yong Bon Koo and Youngbin Seo DVFS for Embedded Linux PDF
Rob Landley Developing for Non-x86 Targets Using QEMU PDF
Melanie Rhianna Lewis Case Study - Embedded linux in a Digital Television STB PDF
Grant Likely Flattened Device Tree ARM Support Update PDF
Dan Malek Embedded Multi-core with Adeos
German Monroy Wake-ups Effect on Idle Power for Intel's Moorestown MID and Smartphone Platform PDF
Jeff Osier-Mixon Effectively Managing Documentation for Embedded Linux Projects PDF
Jacob Pan Porting the Linux Kernel to x86 MID Platforms PDF
Steven Rostedt Ftrace - Embedded Edition ODP
Frank Rowand Real-Time Linux Failure PDF
Leandro Melo de Sales Understanding and Developing Applications for Maemo Platform PDF
Gene Sally GPIO: Talking to the Outside World ODP
David Schleef Recent Developments in Open Video Technology PDF
Frank Scholz Mirabeau - Creating Personal Media Networks and Bridging DLNA/UPnP Devices Over The Internet ODP, PDF
Masahiko Takahashi A Consideration of Memory Saving by Efficient Mapping of Shared Libraries PDF
Rob Taylor Semantic Data Storage for Mobile Devices PDF
Sujith Thomas Workload-based Aggressive Power Management on the Intel Moorestown MID and Future Intel MID/Smartphone Platforms PDF
Matthew Tippett Engaging Developer Communities: Lessons and Opportunity from webOS PDF
Dominique Toupin Linux Toolchain Overview with Advanced Debugging and Tracing Features PDF
Bill Traynor eLinux.org wiki Present & Future PDF
Greg Ungerer Linux Without a Boot Loader? PDF | ODP | source
Hans Verkuil Supporting SoC video subsystems in video4linux ODP
Denys Vlasenko Link Time Dead Code and Data Elimination Using GNU Toolchain ODP | PDF
Alexey Volkov Implementing Asynchronous Zero-Copy API for Embedded IVR Application Slides, Paper
David VomLehn No Crash Dump? No Problem! PDF
John Williams and Edgar Iglesias Custom Hardware Modeling for FPGAs and Embedded Linux Platforms with QEMU PDF
Vitaly Wool Polishing Dirt: Porting RTOS Code to Linux Userspace Driver Framework PDF | ODP
Benjamin Zores GeeXboX Enna: embedded Media Center PDF

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions
Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Grant Likely Small Business Owners BOF No slides
Bill Traynor eLinux.org wiki Present & Future PDF
David Mandala Ubuntu on ARM
Kevin Hillman Power Management BOF

Instructions for Presenters

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When you have created the link, click on it to upload the file containing your slides.