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Presentations from ELC 2011 (LF conference archive at web.archive.org).

Once again, through the diligent work of the Bootlin team, all videos for ELC2011 can be found at ELC 2011 Videos and the Android Builder Summit videos can be found at Android Builder Summit videos.

Table of Presentations

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Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Dirk Hohndel & Richard Purdie The Yocto Project No slides used.
Arnd Bergmann (IBM) Becoming Part of the Linux Kernel Community Elc2011_bergmann_keynote.pdf


Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Day 1, 10:00am
Keshava Munegowda (Texas Instruments) Power Fail Safe FAT File Systems Elc2011_munegowda.pdf
Frank Rowand (Sony) Identifying Embedded Real-Time Latency Issues: I-Cache and Locks Elc2011_rowand.pdf
Bruno Cardoso Lopes (University of Campinas) LLVM, Clang and Embedded Linux Systems Elc2011_lopes.pdf
Day 1, 11:00am
Steven Rostedt (Red Hat) Kernel Shark Tutorial Elc2011_rostedt.pdf


Kang Dongwook (ETRI) Snapshot Booting on Embedded Linux Elc2011_kang.pdf
Khem Raj State of OpenEmbedded Internal Toolchain and SDKs Elc2011_raj_sdk.pdf
Day 1, 1:30pm
David Rusling (Linaro) Linaro: A Year of Change Linaro_2011_ELC_Talk.odp Linaro_2011_ELC_Talk.pdf
Hai Shalom (Atheros) Control, Recover and Debug Your Embedded Product with PCD Elc2011_shalom.odp
Gene Sally Zigbee Networking & Linux
Day 1, 2:30pm
Xi Wang (Broadcom) Solving Real-Time Scheduling Problems with RT_PREEMPT and Deadline-Based Scheduler Elc2011_xi_rt.pdf
Mike Anderson (The PTR Group) ARM Neon Instruction Set and Why You Should Care Elc2011_anderson_arm.pdf
Darren Hart (Intel) Yocto Project: Practical Kernel Development Tutorial
Day 1, 3:40pm
Arnd Bergmann (IBM) Optimizations for Cheap Flash Media Elc2011_bergmann.pdf
Wolfram Sang (Pengutronix) Developer's Diary: Helping the Process Elc2011_sang.pdf
Rajesh Lal (Nokia) Fun with QML and JavaScript Elc2011_lal.pdf
Day 1, 4:40pm
Thomas Gleixner (linutronix) RT-Preempt: What's The State and Why There is No Roadmap Elc2011_gleixner.pdf
Jason Kridner (Texas Instruments) High-Level Web Interface to Low-Level Linux I/O on the Beagleboard Elc2011_kridner.pdf
Day 2, 10:00am
Paul Mundt (Renesas) Working with HardIRQs: Life Beyond Static IRQ Assignments Elc2011_mundt.pdf
Amit Kucheria (Linaro) Powerdebugging Inside Linaro Elc2011_kucheria.odp Elc2011_kucheria.pdf
Mike Anderson (The PTR Group) High-Performance Computing using GPUs Elc2011_anderson_gpu.pdf
Day 2, 11:00am
Paul Larson (Linaro) Linaro Automated Validation on ARM ELC2011-Linaro-Validation.pdf
Dave Stewart (Intel) The Yocto Project and its Application Development Toolkit (ADT) - The Answer to Effective Embedded Application Development ELC_Yocto_ADT_2011_davest.odp
Damian Hobson Garcia (Igel), Katusya Matsubara, Takanari Hayama, Hisao Munakata Integrating a Hardware Video Codec into Android Stagefright using OpenMAX IL Elc2011_garcia.pdf
Day 2, 1:30pm
Koen Kooi (Texas Instruments) Integrating OpenEmbedded and Yocto Elc2011_kooi.pdf
Mark Gross (Intel) How to Power Tune a Device Running on a Linux Kernel for Better Suspend Battery Life Elc2011_gross.pdf
Remi Lorriaux (Adeneo Embedded) Real-time Audio on Embedded Devices Elc2011_lorriaux.pdf
Day 2, 2:30am
Magnus Damm Runtime PM: Upstream I/O Device Power Management Elc2011_damm.pdf
Jesse Barker Linux Graphics Meets the ARM Ecosystem Elc2011_barker.pdf
David Anders (Texas Instruments) Board Bringup: Open Source Hardware and Software Tools Elc2011_anders.pdf
Open Tools References
Day 2, 3:40pm
John Williams (PetaLogix) Dynamic Co-simulation of FPGA-based Linux Systems-on-Chip Elc2011_williams.pdf
Sumit Semwal (Texas Instruments) Media Controller Framework (MCF) For OMAP2+ Display Subsystem Elc2011_semwal.pdf
Day 3, 9:00am
John Stultz (IBM) Android for Servers? Elc2011_stultz.pdf
Anand Gadiyar (Texas Instruments) Tools and Techniques for Debugging Embedded Systems Elc2011_gadiyar.pdf
Hans Verkuil (Cisco) Video4linux: Progress, New videobuf2 Framework and the Future Elc2011_verkul.odp
Day 3, 10:00am
Yoshiya Hirase (Nokia) Faster Resume For More Energy Savings on MeeGo Elc2011_hirase.pdf
Jake Edge (Linux Weekly News) What Embedded Linux Developers Should Know About IPv6 Elc2011_edge.pdf
Grégoire Gentil (Always Innovating) Hot Multi-OS Switch: How to run Ubuntu, ChromiumOS, Android at the Same Time on an Embedded Device ELC-AlwaysInnovating-Gentil.pdf
Day 3, 11:00am
Xi Wang (Broadcom) Controlling Memory Footprint at All Layers: Linux Kernel, Applications, Libraries and Toolchain Elc2011_xi_mem.pdf
Tom Zanussi and Saul Wold Building Custom Embedded Images with Yocto Elc2011_zanussi_wold.odp
Day 3, 2:30pm
Philip Balister A High Performance Interface Between the OMAP3 and an FPGA Omap3-fpga.pdf‎
Jean Pihet (NewOldBits.com) The Evolution of Tracing and Profiling for Power Management and Accelerators Elc2011_pihet.pdf
Day 3, 3:40pm
Elizabeth Flanagan (Intel) Delivering Predictability: The Yocto Project Autobuilder, Automated Sanity Testing, License Collection, and Build Statistics Tracking Elc2011_flanagan.pdf
Mythri pk Bringing up HDMI Display for OMAP4 Panda Board - Design, Challenges and Lessons Learned HDMI_ELC_mythripk.pdf
Day 3, 4:40pm
Khem Raj Debug/Develop uClibc with QEMU Elc2011_raj_qemu.pdf
Guntur Ravi Sankar (Samsung) What are and How to find a program's unused DSOs ELC_2011_Ravi.pdf‎

Birds of a Feather Session

Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions
Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Bill Traynor elinux.org wiki BOF Elinux_org_BOF.pdf
Jeff Osier-Mixon (Intel) Yocto Project Community BoFs (Notes) No slides.
Luca Coelho (Texas Instruments) OpenLink WLAN Hacking Workshop Openlink Workshop slides (PDF file)
Alison Chaiken (Nokia) "MeeGo BoFs: New Linux Platform for Mobile Computing Devices" (ODP format) MeeGo BoF Slides (PDF file)
Jason Kridner (Texas Instruments) BeagleBoard Hands-On Workshop
Yoshitake Kobayashi (Toshiba) Moving Forward: Overcoming Compatibility Issues BoFs Elc2011_kobayashi.pdf

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