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Embedded Linux Conference 2006 Technical Showcase

Embedded Linux Conference 2020 Technical Showcase

We are happy to be planning a technical showcase again this year at Embedded Linux Conference. This Wiki page will guide you in giving your demonstration. For conference details, please follow this link to the conference website:

Embedded Linux Conference 2006 Technical Showcase Embedded Linux Conference 2006 Technical Showcase ELCE 2015 Technical Showcase

(This year, the showcase will not look like this. We've never done a virtual one before, so I don't have examples of what a virtual showcase looks like. This is going to be a new experience for most of us!!)


The demo session will be on Tuesday, June 30 starting at 5:45 pm and going until 7:15 pm.

  • The showcase will be set up in the virtual conference as an Exhibit Hall with each participant receiving a booth.
  • A poster file (see below), will need to be prepared in advance of the event, to provide virtual signage for the showcase booth.
  • For demos, the participants will be expected to pre-record their demo and be available live during the showcase (in the booth) to answer questions via the chat window (1:1 or group format)
  • There will also functionality to host live video Q&A with participants (this is being confirmed).
    • If this is confirmed, attendees may want to have their demo running live at their site, so they can respond to attendee questions and demonstrate features live during the showcase.
  • There is a limited amount of virtual booth space available, and space will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

What you can/should prepare for your booth

  • Showcase participants may:
    • Provide a welcome video that will be played upon an attendee's entry to their booth.
      • Additional video content can be added as well, think of it as your own YouTube channel.
      • Videos must be under 10MB and either a .mp4 or .flv file.
    • If a welcome video is not your style, an image is another option.
      • The image must be 484x272 pixels as a .jpg or .png file
    • Provide links to collateral (spec sheets, project data, etc.)
      • Collateral is best saved as a pdf file for easy download.
    • Provide links to demos or content hosted on a different web site.
      • Linked material should be only one click away from your booth.
    • Survey attendees to your booth

Each showcase participant will be provided access to a portal to allow them to complete their booth properly. LF event staff will be available to help answer questions or walk participants through anything as needed.


"Seeing is believing!" Unlike in Desktop or Server applications of Linux, in embedded systems Linux technology is usually unseen. Although it is a challenge, we want to expose Linux software and techniques so that other developers who are interested in this technology can learn, and become potential contributors themselves. We hope that through opening up technical details and projects (in the way of Open Source development), these demonstrations will provide insights that are helpful to developers.


  • No purely commercial demonstrations.
  • The Embedded Linux Conference should not be used for a pure sales pitch.
  • You can show off a product, if there are features or aspects of the product you are displaying that are open source.
  • Demonstrations should be of software and/or hardware that is available under an open source license.


Tim Bird - Sony

  • e-Mail : tim (dot) bird (a) sony (dot) com
  • Please replace (a) to "@" and (dot) to "."

What will be prepared by the Linux Foundation

The Linux Foundation will provide the following FREE OF CHARGE :

  • A virtual exhibition booth, that you will prepare and populate with videos, images and links.
  • Online booth development guidance
  • Details will be given to the demonstrators

Dimension of the desk

  • This doesn't apply this year. Have as big a desk for your demo as you want!!


All demonstrators are requested to prepare a poster to explain the technical outline of their demonstration. You can download the template from this page. The document should be sent edited, removing the sample page, and sent IN PDF FORMAT to the coordinator by Wednesday, June 17th.

Caution: Do not change the paper size. It is intentionally set to a big size.

To help you know what kind of posters we usually get, see ELCE 2012 showcase posters.

Note that by submitting a poster, you authorize the coordinator and the Linux Foundation to publish the PDF on eLinux.org. The poster may also need to be published in your booth via the exhibitor setup page, but sending the poster for approval by the coordinator is still required. If no poster is received, then the showcase entry (and virtual booth) will be forfeited.

Some tips

The demo consists of a mandatory PDF (at least one piece of online collateral), with a few sentences talking about your project, tool, technology or distribution and a demonstration, which consists of:

  1. nothing at all, just have a person sitting there to talk to people about what's on the poster, or ...
  2. something on a laptop - like a program running or a even a static chart showing some result
  3. something running on a board or a device
  4. something on an actual CE product

You can also put links to other collateral there for people to download, if you'd like.

If you can put charts and graphs on the poster, that's nice but it is NOT required. Neither the poster nor the hardware (if any) needs to be elaborate or require lots of setup. One year I showed up with a camcorder and just talked to people about it's bootup time (which I had worked on). On the other hand, you can also think big. For example the ELC 2017 showcase included a rocket!

Elc 2018 lf photo stream 33435777426 3cf1c9c292 c.jpg

(Since we are virtual this year, you can have images or other items at your virtual booth, but you can also, during the live demo, show any object that your camera can capture. So, knock yourself out!)

If you are a presenter, the demo session is a good chance to talk to people one-on-one about your session topic. This gives you more time for interactive Q&A, and a chance to show something hands-on, if that applies to your subject.

How to apply

  1. Send an e-mail to the coordinator with the following information:
    1. a) The contact person, b) the company name, c) a project name or title for your demo, and d) a brief outline of the demonstration.
    2. The coordinator will acknowledge your application by e-mail.
    3. Please send your application for the demo session no later than Friday June 5th.

Further steps and deadlines

  1. Prepare the poster and send it to the demonstration coordinator by Wednesday June 17th.
    1. Prepare the demonstration equipment (and demonstration itself), at the site you will be joining from.
  2. Set up your virtual exhibition booth, following instructions that will be provided to you.
    1. Prepare welcome video or landing image for your booth
    2. (optionally) Prepare additional collateral for download from your booth
    3. (optionally) Prepare attendee survey for your booth
    4. Virtual booth setup must be completed by Friday June 19th.
  3. Actually perform the demo, answer questions, and interact live, during the showcase time period
    1. This will be performed from your site, on Tuesday June 30th


  • Q: Is this opportunity limited to CE Linux Project or Linux Foundation members?
  • A: No. You do not have to be a forum member to have a demo at the conference. However, each demo should be associated with a paid conference attendee.
  • Q: Is the demonstrator required to make a presentation at the conference?
  • A: No, this is not required. However, we believe there will be many people who will to be interested in details of the technology, so we hope that you can have a session. Please note that the due date for a session proposal is earlier than the due date for demo sign-up.
  • Q: Should I assign some dedicated staff to carry on the demonstration?
  • A: No, this is not necessary. There will be a dedicated time slot for the demos that will be separate from the other technical sessions. So there should be no conflict between the demo session and the other technical sessions.
  • Q: Is there any fee to demo something in this session?
  • A: No, the demo session is completely free.