ELC Europe 2007 Presentations

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Presentations from ELCE 2007 (conference archive).

Video is provided by Bootlin at Videos.

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Person Session Description Presentation Video
Francois Audeon Detection & Resolution of Real Time Issues Using TimeDoctor Detection-of-RT-issues-with-TimeDoctor.pdf video
Tim Bird BOF: State of Embedded Linux BOF ELCE-BOF_State_of_Embedded_linux.pdf
Tim Bird and Satoru Ueda Keynote: CE Linux Forum: the Past, Present and Future CE_Linux_Forum-Ueda-Bird.pdf
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri Fancy and Fast GUIs on Embedded Devices Fancy_and_Fast_GUIs_on_Embedded_Devices.pdf video
Hugh Blemings arch/ppc, arch/powerpc and Device Trees - A Walk Through a Port . video
Shane Martin Coughlan Free Software, Licensing and Business Processes FSFE-presentation-ELCE-03-11-2007.pdf video
Carsten Emde Introduction to the Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) CELF-OSADL.pdf
Jörn Engel Introduction to LogFS PDF not available video
Nils Faerber Overview of LiPS Mission Statement, Architecture and Roadmap not available
Zhang Feng, Zhao Chunlei, Chen Deyong, Meng Yan Tutorial: Linux As Handheld Device OS in Lenovo not available
Harald Fernengel Qtopia for Developers not available
Holger Freyther WebKit on Linux and How It Compares to Other Open Source Engines ELCE2007_WebKit.pdf video
Thomas Gleixner Status Overview of Real-Time not available video
Thomas Gleixner Kernel Summit Report not available video
Mark Gross Power Management BoF not available
Mark Gross Power Management Quality of Service not available
Takanari Hayama Writing DirectFB gfxdriver For Your Embedded System elce2007_directfb_gfx.pdf video
Marcel Holtmann Integration of Bluetooth in Embedded Devices not available
Alexey Korolev Improving JFFS2 RAM Usage and Performance Media:ELC-E-JFFS2_RAM_Usage_impr.ppt video
Matthew Locke OpenEmbedded for Commercial Development not available
Matthew Locke A Power Management Architecture For Mobile Devices mlocke-elce2007-pmarch.pdf
Hiroyuki Machida Linux for Cell/B.E. and PS3, Related Open Source Projects BoF 20071102-ELCE-Cell-PS3-BoF-E.pdf
Morten Mossige, Pradyumna Sampath, Rachana Rao (ABB) Evaluation of Linux rt-preempt for embedded industrial devices for Automation and Power technologies – A case study paper video
Paul Mundt Asymmetric NUMA: Multiple-Memory Management For The Rest of Us ELCE2007-Asymmetric_NUMA.pdf
Hadi Nahari Trusted Secure Isolation For Embedded Linux ELC-E_SecureIsolation.pdf
Hadi Nahari Linux Security: Carrier Grade Moving 3G Networks Forward not available
Sampo Nurmentaus Creating Cross Platform Multimedia Applications: Case Embedding a Mozilla Based Browser Sampo-Nurmentaus-Cross-Platform-Linux.pdf
Michael Opdenacker Linux Tiny - The Diet Must Go On linux-tiny.pdf
Tsutomu Owa RT Patch for Celleb - Patch Status and Performance Measurements ELCE2007_RTpatchForCelleb.pdf
Matt Porter Methods to Protect Proprietary Components in Device Drivers Proprietary_Components_In_Device_Drivers.pdf
Manas Saksena Fedora on ARM Platforms not available
Gene Sally How GCC Works, an Embedded Engineers Perspective not available
Gene Sally Tutorial: Getting Started with Embedded Linux not available
Gene Sally Tutorial: Using RPM as Your Build Environment not available
Rus Sani Experiences Using Linux In Carrier Grade Telecom Equipment on Control and Data Plane Media:srus_elce2007.zip
Frank Scholz Coherence, an open source DLNA/UPnP framework CELF-E_2007_Coherence_slides.pdf
Dodji Seketeli The PokyLinux Distribution: Mobile GNOME at Your Fingertips poky.pdf
Arthur Siro Assessment of the Realtime Preemption Patches (RT-Preempt) and their impact on the general purpose performance of the system paper video
Satoru Ueda and Tim Bird CE Linux Forum: the Past, Present and Future CE_Linux_Forum-Ueda-Bird.pdf
Klaas de Waal Linux in TV, Going From Prototype To Product LinuxOnTv520.pdf
Wookey YAFFS yaffs.pdf video
Wookey and Neil Williams Tutorial: Embedded Debian Workshop not available
Vitaly Wool Parallelizing Linux boot on CE Devices par.pdf video
Vitaly Wool Linux Suspend-to-Disk Objectives for Consumer Electronic Devices std.pdf video
Siarhei Yermalayeu Linux Clock Management Framework ELC_2007_Linux_clock_fmw.pdf
Fuxin Zhang A High Performance Linux-based Home Server Design not available
Tim Bird Panel: the ideal embedded Linux distribution no presentation video