ELC Europe 2008 Presentations

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Presentations from ELCE 2008 (conference archive).

Videos provided by Bootlin at ELCE Videos page.

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Person Session Description Presentation Video
Tim Bird and Armijn Hemel Opening Remarks none video
Mike Anderson Using a JTAG in Linux Driver Debug JTAG_In_Linux_Driver_Debug_Anderson.pdf
Mike Anderson Understanding and Using SMP/Multicore Processors Understanding_And_Using_SMP_Multicore_Processors_Anderson.pdf
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri Rich GUI without pain Rich_GUI_without_pain.pdf video
Tim Bird Tools and Techniques for Reducing Bootup Time Tools-and-techniques-for-reducing-bootup-time.pdf Tools-and-techniques-for-reducing-bootup-time.ppt video
Vitaly Bordug Device Tree and Embedded Linux vitb-ELCE-2008-presentation.pdf video
Andrew Christian Handhelds Mojo - Building and Running Ubuntu Distributions on ARM not available
Shane Coughlan Strategic Implementation of Free Software in Business shane-coughlan-presentation-ELCE-07-11-2008.odp
Jake Edge Avoiding Web Application Flaws In Embedded Devices elce-2008.pdf elce-2008.odp LWN page video
Bas Engel Digital TV with Linux Digital_Television_With_Linux.pdf video
George France, Brian Avery, & Andrew Christian Handhelds Mojo: Building and running Ubuntu distributions on ARM Mojo_CELF_Nov2008.pdf
Klaas van Gend & Ned Miljevic Building Embedded Userlands ELCE2008-Building_embedded_user_lands.vGend.Miljevic.pdf video
Klaas van Gend The ELC Europe 2008 end game: Linux Fortunes Opentux page
Peter Griffin A Quart into a Pint: Porting uClinux to small micros Porting_uClinux_CELF2008_Griffin.pdf video
Armijn Hemel Abusing Universal Plug and Play elce-presentatie.pdf video
Marcel Holtmann BlueZ 4.0 not available video
Marcel Holtmann Linux Connection Manager not available video
Perry Ismangil & Benny Prijono PJSIP: Open Source Compact SIP and Media Stack pjsip_at_Embedded_Linux_Conference_Europe_2008.pdf
Mischa Jonker Power management on an ARM11 platform MischaJonker_ARM11_power_management_CELF_ELC_2008.pdf video
Denis Oliver Kropp Open Integration Layer - DirectFB 2.0 not available
Jaya Kumar Deferred IO and E-Paper Display E_paper_Displays.pdf
Vasileios Laganakos Portability and Optimizations of GNU Applications for ARM Embedded Linux ARM_EmbeddedLinux_Apps_Port.pdf video
Philip Lougher Overview of SquashFS filesystem squashfs-elce.pdf video
Eugeny S. Mints Taking Linux Power Management to Production Quality not available video
Denis Mishin A Corner-to-Corner Approach for Cost-Effective Implementation of Consumer Electronics Human Machine Interfaces not available
Michael Opdenacker Update on filesystems for flash storage flash-filesystems.pdf flash-filesystems.odp video
Thomas Petazzoni Choosing embedded graphical libraries choosing-embedded-graphical-libraries.pdf choosing-embedded-graphical-libraries.odp video
Gregers Petersen Embedded Magic, or How People Suddenly Find Out That They Are Collaborating (Some Thoughts Parsed Through the Brain of an Anthropologist) not available video
Samo Pogacnik Socket Aware change of IP address not available video
Matt Porter Managing NAND Flash to Optimize Product Longevity managing_nand_flash_elce.pdf video
Bill Roman Using Appropriate Wear-leveling to Extend Product Lifespan Datalight_ELC_Presentation_6_Nov_2008.pdf video
Frank Rowand Adventures in real-time performance tuning, part 1 adventures_in_real_time_performance_tuning_part_1-no_hidden.pdf video
Frank Rowand Adventures in real-time performance tuning, part 2 adventures_in_real_time_performance_tuning_part_2-no_hidden.pdf video
Frank Scholz Building bridges - coherence, a DLNA/UPnP framework not available video
Stefan Seyfried Suspend modes and power management on Linux not available video
Andrew Smahlei (Synesis Vision) A corner-to-corner approach for cost-effective implementation of consumer electronics human machine interfaces not available video
Peter Stuge Coreboot not available video
Harald Welte How chip makers should (not) support free software, by Harald Welte (Independent) not available video
David Woodhouse Community and Embedded Linux dwmw2-community_and_embedded_linux.pdf video
Wookey Solar hot water geekery: making infinitely versatile home heating controllers with free software and open hardware hotwaterballoon-CELF2008.pdf src.tgz video
Vitaly Wool Using "Dot Clock" Displays In Embedded Linux Devices dotclock.pdf dotclock.odp video
Vitaly Wool NAND Chip Driver Optimizaton and Tuning nand_opt.pdf, nand_opt.odp video