ELC Europe 2009 Presentations

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Presentations from ELCE2009 (conference archive).

Videos of most talks are available at: Bootlin ELCE 2009

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Keynotes and Panel
Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Jon Masters Porting Linux Masters-PortingLinux.odp Masters-PortingLinux.pdf
Philippe Gerum State of Real-Time Linux: Don't Stop Until History Follows gerum-elce-09.odp gerum-elce-09.pdf
Session Presenter(s) Presentation File Links
Carmelo Amoroso LKM Fast Loader Based on ELF Hash Table C_AMOROSO_Fast_lkm_loader_ELC-E_2009.pdf
Jean-Pierre André, Szabolcs Szakacsits Unexpected Emergence of Wide Use of NTFS in CE Devices andre-NTFS3G.pdf Andre-NTFS3G.ppt
Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri Canola Application and Framework for Rich GUI GustavoSverzutBarbieri-elce2009-canola2.pdf
Patrick Bellasi Constrained Power Management Bellasi-ConstrainedPowerManagement.pdf
Gilad Ben-Yossef The Good, The Bad and Ugly: On Threads, Processes and Co-Processes Ben-Yossef-GoodBadUgly.odp Ben-Yossef-GoodBadUgly.pdf
Tim Bird Analyzing Kernel Function Execution with Ftrace Bird-Ftrace.pdf Bird-Ftrace.ppt
Vladislav Buzov Digital TV and Application Store, Solving Security Problems Buzov-SMACK.pdf
Grégory Clement How We Got a 3D Application Booting in 5 Seconds Under Linux Clement-Boot3DApplicationIn5s.pdf
Bas Engel Accelerating Digital Television Innovating -- Joint SPACE Initiative 2009_ELC_Accelerating_Digital_Television_Innovation.pdf
Florian Fainelli OpenWrt, as Rapid Embedded Systems Prototyping Framework fainelli-openwrt-elce2009.pdf
Pierre Ficheux Using QEMU for Industrial Embedded Applications pficheux_elce09.pdf
Adriaan de Groot Software Licensing - A Lot Like Programming DeGroot-SoftwareLicensing.pdf
Sascha Hauer, Marc Kleine-Budde U-Boot-v2 Hauer-U_BootV2.pdf
Gordon Hecker e2factory - Open Source Embedded Linux Build System e2factory_elc-e09.pdf
Cedric Hombourger Why OpenEmbedded Proved a Good Foundation for MontaVista Hombourger-Why_oe_good_foundation_for_mv.odp Hombourger-Why_oe_good_foundation_for_mv.pdf
Marcin Juszkiewicz Hacking with OpenEmbedded Juszkiewicz-HackingWithOpenEmbedded.pdf
Guennadi Liakhovetski Embedded Video Capture Under Linux: The Soc Camera Framework soc-camera.pdf
Bruno Cardoso Lopes The LLVM MIPS and ARM Back-ends Lopes-LLVM.pdf
Michael Opdenacker Update on Boot Time Reduction Techniques opdenacker-boot-time.pdf opdenacker-boot-time.odp
Samuel Ortiz Linux Wifi Solutions for Mobile Platforms Ortiz-elce-2009.pdf
Nicolas Palix, Julia Lawall, Gilles Muller Coccinelle: A Program Matching and Transformation Tool for Systems Code Coccinelle_ELC-E_2009.odpCoccinelle_ELC-E_2009.pdf
Pascal Pellet Linux Embedded Applications in Machine Vision pascalPellet-e2vELC-E.pdf
Matt Porter Mythbusters: Android Mythbusters_Android.pdf
Frank Rowand A Survey of Linux Measurement and Diagnostic Tools survey_of_linux_measurement_and_diagnostic_tools.pdf
Alessandro Rubini Use of the Fast IRQ (FIQ) in ARM-Linux 0910-elce-fiq.pdf
Wolfram Sang Developer's Diary: The Device Tree Sang-DiaryDeviceTree.pdf
Stefan Schwarzer Disko v1.6 – An Application Framework for Embedded Devices TBD: legal status of 1 slide is unclear
Robert Schwebel Customizing Embedded Linux Systems with PTXdist Schwebel-Customizing_with_PTXdist.pdf
Jean-Marc Temmos Genivi Alliance : An Effort to Build a Linux-based In Vehicle Infotainement Platform Temmos-GeniviVisteon.pdf
Francesco Virlinzi A Generic Clock Framework Implementation ELC_E_2009_Generic_Clock_Framework.pdf
Alex de Vries Technical Features and Components of Open Source Build Systems not available
Nina Wilner Porting Android to Power Architecture Android_On_Power.pdf
Vitaly Wool Using Device Trees on ARM Platforms vwool-device_trees_arm.odp vwool-device_trees_arm.pdf
Birds-Of-A-Feather Sessions
BOF Presenter(s) Presentation File Links
Tim Bird Android Bird-Android-BOF.pdf Bird-Android-BOF.ppt
Peter Korsgaard, Thomas Petazzoni Buildroot buildroot-bof.pdf
Yann E. Morin Building Our Own Toolchains For Our Embedded Projects: Why, and How To Morin-Crosstool-NG.pdf Morin-Crosstool-NG.odp
Michael Opdenacker Small Business opdenacker-small-business-bof.pdf opdenacker-small-business-bof.odp
Pierre Pronchery Hackable Devices: The New Possibilities of Open Hardware not available