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Presentations from Embedded Linux Conference Europe 2012.

Through the diligent work of the Bootlin team, all videos for ELCE2012 can be found at Videos.

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Table of Presentations


Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Mark Shuttleworth, Founder at Canonical Advancing the User Experience -
Dave Engberg, CTO Evernote Why Evernote Runs Their Own Linux Servers Instead of "The Cloud" -
Brian Stevens, CTO and VP Worldwide Engineering at Red Hat
Jonathan Corbet, Editor at LWN The Kernel Report
Matt Locke, Texas Instruments Are we headed for a complexity apocalypse for embedded SoCs PDF
Catarina Mota, Founder at openMaterials Research into open hardware
Linux Creator Linus Torvalds and Intel's Open Source Technologist, Dirk Hohndel Linux: Where are we going?


Presenter(s) Session Description Presentation
Day 1, 10:10am
Matt Ranostay Beaglebone: The Perfect Telemetry Platform? PDF
Jim Huang, 0xlab Implement Checkpointing for Android PDF
Wolfram Sang, Pengutronix e.K. Maintainer's Diary: Devicetree and Its Stumbling Blocks PDF
Day 1, 11:05am
Matthias Brugger, ISEE 2007 S.L. A War Story: Porting Android 4.0 to a Custom Board PDF
Kishon Vijay Abraham USB Debugging and Profiling Techniques PDF
Alan Ott, Signal 11 Software Wireless Networking with IEEE 802.15.4 and 6LoWPAN PDF
Day 1, 1:20pm
João Paulo Rechi Vita, INdT Bluetooth Smart devices and Low Energy support on Linux PDF
Peter Stuge OpenOCD: Hardware Debugging and More PDF
Alessandro Rubini PF_ZIO: Using Network Frames to Convey I/O Data and Meta-Data PDF
Day 1, 2:15pm
Joo-Young Hwang, Samsung A New File System Designed for Flash Storage in Mobile PDF
Alexandre Belloni, Adeneo Embedded Boot Time Optimizations PDF
Philipp Zabel, Pengutronix e.K. Modular Graphics on Embedded ARM PDF
Day 1, 3:30pm
Karim Yaghmour, Opersys Inside Android's User Interface PDF
Samuel Ortiz, Intel Near Field Communication with Linux PDF
Arnout Vandecappelle, Essensium/Mind Upgrading Without Bricking PDF
Day 1, 6:15pm
Tim Bird, Sony Network Entertainment BoFs: Developer Tools and Methods: Tips & Tricks PDF
Nithya Ruff & Ruud Derwig BoFs: Is HW Availability a Gating Item for Your Software Development PDF
Elizabeth Flanagan, Intel BoFs: Yocto Project & OpenEmbedded Community PDF
Alexandre Belloni BoFs: The Need For a Fast Bootloader PDF
Day 2, 10:10am
Sascha Hauer, Pengutronix e.K. Barebox Bootloader PDF
Benjamin Zores, Alcatel-Lucent Dive Into Android Networking: Adding Ethernet Connectivity PDF
Jiyoun Park, Samsung Experiences as an OEM with Development of UI Frameworks PDF
Day 2, 11:05am
Keshava Munegowda, Texas Instruments FFSB and IOzone: File system Benchmarking Tools, Features and Internals PDF
Chris Simmonds, 2net Limited The End of Embedded Linux (As We Know It) PDF
Steven Rostedt, Red Hat Understanding PREEMPT_RT (The Real-Time Patch) ODP
Day 2, 1:20pm
Klaas van Gend, Vector Fabrics Application Parallelization for Multi-Core Android Devices PDF
David Anders, Texas Instruments Board Bringup: You, Me, and I2C PDF - Resource Page
Rama Pallala, Intel Linux Power Supply Charging Subsystem PDF
Day 2, 2:15pm
Agusti Fontquerni, ISEE 2007 S.L. Embedded Linux RADAR Device PDF
Matt Porter, Texas Instruments What's Old Is New: A 6502-based Remote Processor PDF
Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons Your New ARM SoC Linux Support Check-List PDF
Day 2, 3:30pm
Tracey M. Erway, Intel & Nithya A. Ruff, Synopsys Can You Market an Open Source Project? PDF
Lars Knoll Qt on Embedded Systems PDF
Koen Kooi, Circuitco Supporting 200 Different Expansionboards: The Broken Promise of Devicetree PDF
Day 2, 4:25pm
Wolfgang Mauerer, Siemens Àndroit: Real-Time for the Rest of Us PDF
Anna Dushistova Eclipse and Embedded Linux Developers: What it Can and Cannot Do For You PDF
Dave Stewart, Intel Yocto Project Overview and Update PDF
Day 3, 10:40am
Vineet Gupta, Synopsys ARC Linux: From a Tumbling Toddler to a Graduating Teen PDF
Laurent Pinchart, Ideas on Board DRM/KMS, FB and V4L2: How to Select a Graphics and Video API PDF
Frank Rowand, Sony Network Entertainment Practical Data Visualization PDF
Day 3, 11:35am
Marcin Juszkiewicz, Linaro ARM 64-Bit Bootstrapping with OpenEmbedded PDF
Wim Decroix, TPVision Practical Experiences With Software Crash Analysis in TV PDF
Mark Brown, Wolfson Microelectronics Regmap: The Power of Subsystems and Abstractions PDF
Day 3, 1:50pm
Wolfgang Mauerer, Siemens Low-Level Linux Debugging Without Grey Beards PDF
Hans Verkuil, Cisco Systems Video4Linux: Current Status and Future Work PDF
Holger Behrens, Wind River Yocto Layer for In-Vehicle Infotainment PDF
Day 3, 2:45pm
Tero Kristo, Texas Instruments Debugging Embedded Linux (Kernel) Power Management PDF
Martin Bis, BIS Real-Time Linux in Industrial Appliances PDF
Jens Georg, Openismus GmbH Rygel: Open Source DLNA, ready for Customer Products? PDF
Day 3, 3:40pm
Yoshitake Kobayashi, Toshiba Improvement of Scheduling Granularity for Deadline Scheduler PDF
Tsugikazu Shibata, NEC LTSI (Long-Term Stable Initiative) Status Update PDF
Thomas Gleixner, Linutronix UBI Fastmap PDF

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