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Presentations from ELCE 2015 (LF conference archive).

Important note about videos: Unfortunately, the video files for ELC Europe 2015 were lost. They were originally uploaded to YouTube, and there used to be links on this page that worked. However, some time in 2018, the YouTube account that was used to upload the videos was deleted accidentally, and the videos were lost. There were no backups. We are very sorry about this, but there is nothing that can be done to remedy the situation unless individuals made copies of these YouTube videos themselves. If anyone has any video content for the presentations listed below, please contact Tim Bird.

NOTE: If you add a wikilink to your presentation and attempt to upload it via the link, it may fail. If it does, use the Special:Upload page to upload your file.


Day 1 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 1, 9:10am
Keynote: Man vs. machine: High Frequency Trading and the Rise of the Algorithm Sean Gourley, Quid
Day 1, 9:30am
Transforming for the Digital Economy with Open Technology Stefanie Chiras, Director and Business Line Executive for Scale-Out Power Systems, IBM
Day 1, 9:50am
Keynote: The Future of Drones & Open Source Lorenz Meier, Dronecode Project and Tully Foote, Open Source Robotics Foundation
Day 1, 10:30am
BoFs: kernelci.org Kevin Hilman, Linaro PDF Lost
Don't Feed the Bugzilla - Squash (Heisen) Bugs Before Release Klaas van Gend, Vector Fabrics PDF Lost
Shared Logging Between the Kernel and the Bootloader Sean Hudson, Mentor Graphics PDF Lost
Day 1, 11:30am
Intelligent IoT Gateway on OpenWrt Andrzej Wieczorek, Tieto & Bartosz Markowski PDF Lost
Kernel Maintainership: An Oral Tradition Gregory Clement, Free Electrons PDF Lost
Making Open Source Robotics Approachable: The Future is Now! James Ketrenos, Intel PDF Lost
So You Want to Write a Linux Driver Framework Michael Turquette, BayLibre PDF Lost
Day 1, 2:00pm
How to Boot Linux in One Second Jan Altenberg, Linutronix, GmbH PDF Lost
OpenEmbedded: If We Had to Start All Over, What Would We Do Different Koen Kooi, Linaro PDF Lost
Reprogrammable Hardware Support for Linux Alan Tull, Altera PDF Lost
Day 1, 3:00pm
Current Challenges in UBIFS Richard Weonberger, Sigma Star GmbH PDF
Extending Android's Platform Toolsuite Karim Yaghmour, Opersys PDF Lost
How to Choose the Best Kernel For Your Embedded System Hisao Munakata, Renesas PDF Lost
Using FPGA for Driver Testing Marek Vasut, DENX Software Engineering PDF Lost
Day 1, 4:00pm
Anatomy of an Atomic KMS Driver Laurent Pinchart, Ideas on Board PDF Lost
Order at Last: The New U-Boot Driver Model Architecture Simon Glass, Google PDF Lost
Overview of PCI(e) Subsystem Kishon Vijay Abraham, Texas Instruments PDF Lost
Unveil How to Customize LTSI Test For Your Platform Kengo Ibe, Mitsubishi PDF Lost

Day 2 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 2, 10:30am
A Beautiful Build: Releasing Linux Source Correctly Bradley Kuhn, Software Freedom Conservancy
Making the Most of Dynamic Audio Power Management Lars-Peter Clausen, Analog Devices PDF Lost
Panel: Automotive Collaboration: What's Really Going On Paul Sherwood, Codethink No slides.
The Shiny New I2C Slave Framework Wolfram Sang PDF Lost
Day 2, 11:30am
Improving Drone Flight Safety Through Machine Learning Jonathan Pelham, IVHM Centre, Cranfield University PDF Lost
Secure and Scalable Data Collection Using OpenDOF Bryant Eastham, Panasonic PDF Lost
The Ara System Architecture Alex Elder, Linaro PDF Lost
You Are Here: GENIVI's Location-Based Services in Embedded Automotive Systems Jeremiah Foster, GENIVI PDF
Day 2, 14:00pm
Tutorial: Customize Your Mainline or LTSI Linux Kernel Using the Yocto Project Saul Wold, Intel PDF Lost
Tutorial: Learning the Basics of Buildroot Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons PDF Lost
Tutorial: Solving Device Tree Issues Frank Rowand, Sony Mobile PDF Lost
Tutorial: Useful systemd Functionalities Without systemd Bartosz Golaszewski, BayLibre PDF Lost
Day 2, 16:00pm
Creating Open Hardware Tools David Anders, Intel PDF (Resource Page) Lost
EFL's New Vector Graphics API For Designing User Interfaces Cedric Bail, Samsung PDF Lost
Linux - The Future For Drones Lucas De Marchi, Intel PDF
POWERLINK over Xenomai Pierre Ficheux, Open Wide PDF Lost
Understand USB (in Linux) Krzysztof Opasiak, Samsung PDF Video Video
Day 2, 17:40pm
Keynote: Linux Kernel SoC Support Mainlining Tips (By a Bunch of Other French people) Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons PDF
Day 2, 18:30pm
Device Mainlining BoF Tim Bird, Sony Mobile PDF
Device Tree NG BoF Pantelis Antoniou
Yocto Project & OpenEmbedded BoF Jeff Osier-Mixon, Intel Corporation/Yocto Project

Day 3 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript Status Video
Day 3, 9:00am
Day 3, 10:30am
Monkey: A Webserver for Embedded Linux Eduardo Silva, Treasure Data PDF Lost
Supporting Multi-Function Devices in the Linux Kernel: A Tour of the mfd, regmap and syscon APIs Alexandre Belloni, Free Electrons PDF Lost
The Art of Counting Potatoes With Linux Ricardo Ribalda PDF Lost
Day 3, 11:30am
Creating a Truly Open Automotive Distribution with Automotive Grade Linux Walt Miner, Linux Foundation PDF
Linux in a Lightbulb: How Far Are We on Tinification Pieter Smith, Philips PDF
Practical Real-Time Linux Arnout Vandecappelle, Essensium/Mind PDF Lost
Status of Embedded Linux Tim Bird, Sony Mobile PDF Lost
Day 3, 2:00pm
CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer Hans de Goede, Red Hat PDF Lost
Eine Kleine Eingebettete Musik (A Little Embedded Music): Replicating 12th Century Musical Instruments Using Embedded Linux Elizabeth Flanagan, Intel PDF Lost
How Do Debuggers (Really) Work Pawel Moll, ARM Video
Day 3, 3:00pm
BoFs: Minnowboard John Hawley Lost
Rethinking the Core System Bernard Rosenkranzer, Linaro PDF Lost
Upstreaming in a Downstream Environment Dinh Nguyen, Altera PDF Lost
Visible Light Communication Networks Based on Linux-Enabled Light Bulbs Stefan Schmid, Disney Research PDF
Day 3, 4:00pm
Bringing up FOSS GPU Drivers on Freescale i.MX6 Systems Lucas Stach, Pengutronix PDF Lost
CE Workgroup Shared Embedded Linux Distribution Project Yoshitake Kobayashi, Toshiba PDF Lost
Debugging the Linux Kernel with GDB Peter Griffin, Linaro PDF Video
Day 3, 4:50pm
Closing Remarks - with Games and Prizes! Tim Bird

Technical Showcase Posters

Poster Title Presenter Poster
Another Cute Measurement Equipment P. Titiano / B. Golaszewski / H. Chaumette, BayLibre PDF
Using docker and yocto as a base for multi-arch fleet deployment Andrei Gherzan, resin.io PDF
MX6 Graphics for Mainline / Barebox Bootloader Pengutronix PDF
Sony Mobile phone debug board Werner Johansson, Sony Mobile Communications PDF
C.H.I.P, a mainlined $9 computer NextThing Co / Free Electrons PDF
Continuous Integration and Automated Testing Paul Sherwood, Codethink PDF
Fluent Bit: IoT Data Collector / Big Data Eduardo Silva, Treasure Data PDF
MinnowBoard Max / Turbot - iPython Notebook John 'Warhog9' Hawley PDF
New I2C Slave Framework (plus Runtime IP Core Switching) Wolfram Sang PDF
Integrated Vehicle Health Management for RPAS using AIS Jonathan G. Pelham PDF
Linux FastBOOT and Qt! Jan Altenberg, linuxtronix GmbH PDF
GENIVI Demo Platform Nedeljko Miljevic, Wind River PDF
3D Printed Car Headunit Phil Wise, ATS PDF
Modular Industrial Camera with Linux Ricardo Ribalda, Dimitrios Katsaros, Qtechnology PDF