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Presentations from https://events.linuxfoundation.org/embedded-open-source-summit/program/schedule/ ELCE 2023 (LF conference archive)].

Here's a link to the Linux Foundation playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLbzoR-pLrL6pY8a8zSKRC6-AihFrruOkq

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Session times are timezone ITC

Day 1 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript or Writeup Video
Day 1, keynotes
Keynote: Beyond World Domination: Open Source in Orbit and Beyond - David VomLehn David VomLehn - Astra Video
Day 1, 11:25am
Finding the Best Block Filesystem for Your Embedded Linux System Michael Opdenacker, Bootlin PDF Video
Reproducible System Composition Combining Linux, Zen & Zephyr on One Embedded Hardware Philipp Ahmann & Thomas Mittelstadt, Robert Bosch GmbH PDF Video
The Resurrection of Ureadahead and Speeding up the Boot Process and Preloading Applications Steven Rostedt, Google PDF Video
Day 1, 12:15pm
MediaTek Upsteaming: From Bring-up to Test Coverage Angelo Giocchino Del Regno, Collabora PDF Video
Status of Embedded Linux Tim Bird, Sony Electronics PDF Video
strace - Swiss Army Knife to Trace, Analyze, RT Debug Harold Konig, Bosch Sensortec GmbH PDF Video
Day 1, 02:15pm
How Igalia is Driving Innovation in Embedded Systems with Open Source Technologies Manuel Rego & Mario Sanchez-Prada, Igalia PDF Video
Stateless V4L2 Video Encoding Andrzej Pietrasiewicz, Collabora PDF Video
Toolchain Options in 2023: What's New in Compilers and Libcs Bernard Rosenkranzer, BayLibre PDF Video
Day 1, 03:05pm
How to Get Your Schema Bindings Accepted in Less Than 10 Iterations Krzysztof Kozlowski, Linaro PDF Video
WirePlumber, Prepelling PipeWire for Embedded Ashok Sidipotu, Collabora PDF Video
Yocto Project/OpenEmbedded Meets Security Marta Rybczynska, Syslinbit PDF Video
Day 1, 04:05pm
Braiding Wires Into the Linux Network Stack - recent Work on Embedded Networking Oleksij Rempel, Pengutronix e.K. PDF Video
Linux4Space.Org - A Reference Linux Distribution for Space Applications Lenka Koskova Triskova & Lukas Mazl, Technical University of Liberec PDF Video
MUSE: MTD in Userspace, or How to Extend FUSE for Fun and Profit Richard Weinberger, sigma star gmbh PDF Video
Day 1, 04:55pm
Accelerated Mainline Linux Development Ahead of SoC Availability Bryan Brattlof & Praneeth Bajjuri, Texas Instruments PDF Video
Testing and Remote Access to Embedded System DPI/LVDS Display Output Marek Vasut PDF Video
VZLUSAT-2: CubeSat with a Linux Payload Computer Martin Sabol & Tomas Novotny, Czech Aerospace Research Centre (VZLU) PDF Video

Day 2 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript or Writeup Video
Day 2, 11:20am
Evaluation of PREEMPT_RT in Virtualized Environments Jan Altenberg, Open Source Automation Development Lab (OSADL) eG PDF Video
Setting up Yocto Layers and Builds with Official Tools – 2023 Edition Alexander Kanavin, Linutronix ODP, Saving a Build, Restoring a Build Video
USB on Embedded Linux Systems Deep Dive Marcel Ziswiler, Toradex AG PDF Video
Day 2, 12:10pm
Camera Sensor Drivers Compliance Jacopo Mondi, IdeasOnBoard Oy PDF video
Fetching, Configuring and Building Your Bitbake Project with Just One Command Jan Kiszka, Siemens AG PDF Video
Preparing Linux Real-Time Kernel and Tuning Robotics Platform with Modern ARM64 SoC Krzysztof Kozlowski, Linaro PDF Video
Day 2, 02:10pm
Improving Embedded Linux Development with BeagleBoard.org Jason Kridner, Kathy Giori & Drew Fustini, BeagleBoard.org Foundation PDF Video
rtla timerlat: Debugging Real-time Linux Scheduling Latency Daniel Bristot de Oliveira, Red Hat PDF Video
Why Are GPUs (Not) Fast - A Trip Through the Driver Stack Lucas Stach, Pengutronix PDF Video
Day 2, 03:00pm
Recent Advances in U-Boot Simon Glass, Google Inc. PDF LWN.net article Video
Subsystems with Object Lifetime Issues (in the Embedded Case) Wolfram Sang, Sang Engineering / Renesas PDF Video
Tweaking Device Drivers for Achieving Real-Time Performance in Embedded Systems Using RT Linux Vaishnav Achath & Vignesh Raghavendra, Texas Instrument Inc. PDF Video
Day 2, 04:00pm
20 Years Teaching Embedded Linux: Lessons Learned from my Students Chris Simmonds, 2Net PDF Video
A Current Overview of the DRM KMS Driver-Side APIs Paul Kocialkowski, Bootlin PDF Video
Adding Runtime Power Management Capabilities to Device Drivers Shreeya Patel, Collabora PDF Video
Day 2, 04:50pm
Maintaining a Community BSP Layer: Updating Meta-Tegra Through Major Changes Tim Orling, Konsulko Group & Ilies Chergui, Medtronic PDF Video
Panel Discussion: Embedded Linux in Space! Lenka Kosková Třísková, Technical University of Liberec; Steven VanderLeest, Boeing; David VomLehn, Astra; Rob Bocchino, NASA JPL & Tim Bird, Sony LWN.net article Video
RISC-V and Open Source Hardware BoF Drew Fustini, BayLibre PDF Video

Day 3 Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation Transcript or Writeup Video
Day 3, 09:00am
Building Embedded Systems with AOSP - Why You Should Consider, Best Practices and Pitfalls Anna-Lena Marx, inovex GmbH PDF Video
Kernel CI – How Far Can It Go? Nikolai Kondrashov, Red Hat PDF LWN.net article Video
The Yocto Project – Where We’re Going and What’s Next Philip Balister, The Yocto Project PDF Video
Day 3, 9:50am
A Developer's Diary: The Trials and Triumphs of Maintaining Devboards in AOSP Amit Pundir, Linaro PDF Video
Automated Testing and Continuous Integration/Delivery: Lessons Learned Marcel Ziswiler, Toradex AG PDF Video
Efficient and Practical Capturing of Crash Data on Embedded Systems John Ogness, Linutronix GmbH PDF Video
Day 3, 11:00am
Kernel Locking Engineering Daniel Vetter, Intel PDF Video
The AOSP Build System Chris Simmonds, 2net Video
The End of the Paved Road: Maintaining Linux Kernel 4.4 Beyond LTS Ulrich Hecht PDF Video
Day 3, 11:50am
Cross-platform UI Engines Rendering Performance Andy Wingo, Igalia PDF Video
Designing to the Worst Case Scenario - Practical System Call Filtering with Seccomp Simon Goda, Doulos Ltd PDF Video
Learn How to Support Your SoC and ISP in Libcamera Laurent Pinchart, Ideas on Board PDF Video
Day 3, 02:00pm
Do the Time Warp – the Rocky Horror PTP Show: Verification of Network Time Synchronization in the Real World Johannes Zink, Pengutronix e.K. PDF Video
The AOSP BOF Meeting Chris Simmonds, 2net PDF Video
Threads in Embedded Linux- 6 Easy Pieces Loïc Domaigné, Doulos PDF Video
Day 3, 02:50pm
A Tour of USB Device Controller (UDC) in Linux Hervé Codina, Bootlin PDF Video
BoF: The Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded Organization Philip Balister, OpenEmbedded & Josef Holzmayr, Mender.io PDF Video
How Much Is Tracing? Measuring the Overhead Caused by the Tracing Infrastructure Andreas Klinger, IT-Klinger PDF Video
Day 3, 04:00pm
Linux Power! (from the Perspective of a PMIC Vendor) Matti Vaittinen, ROHM Semiconductor PDF Video
The Xenomai Project : Current and Future Pierre Ficheux, Smile PDF Video
Tracking Vulnerabilities with Buildroot and Yocto Arnout Vandecappelle, Mind PDF Video
Day 3, 04:50pm
Camera Applications with Libcamera and PipeWire Daniel Scally, Ideas on Board Oy PDF Video
Debugging Android Devices in the Field Chris Hayes, Memfault PDF Video
Day 3, 05:40pm
Embedded Linux Conference Annual Closing Game Tim Bird, Sony Corporation PDF Video