Embedded Developer BoF 2010

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This is an event for embedded Linux enthusiasts together with the community developers beside an international Linux event, LinuxCon Japan.

September 28th (Tue) at Roppongi Hills

  • From 5:30pm
    • 40th Floor (Roppongi Academy Hills) directory
  • Everyone who is interested in embedded Linux will be welcomed
    • No admission fee required
  • Light meal will be served

Co-located with LinuxCon 2010

Last Year


  • Thomas Glixner made briefing of the latest situation of real-time preemption of Linux.


  • 5:30
    • Welcome talk and introduction of CE Linux Forum
  • 5:45
    • Summary of CE Linux Forum technical activities
  • 6:15
    • Linux and OSS technical talks
    • (If you wish to talk something, contact Satoru.Ueda(a)jp_dot_sony_dot_com)
  • 6:50
    • CE Linux Forum, the story from the origin to the future
      • S. Ueda (CELF Marketing Group Chair / Sony)
  • 7:30
    • Let me introduce my talk in LinuxCon Japan!
      • lightening Session
  • 8:00
    • DRAWING!
      • You have chance to win some fancy goods! (Sponsored by Sony Corporation)