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Here are some notes on CELF's new idea to create an embedded wiki.

from AG meeting

  • current wiki is too CELF-centric
  • new wiki focus should be embedded, but with CELF as a sponsor
    • could look for other sponsors as well
  • current wiki is very unorganized (just like all wikis)
    • need to methodically maintain content, but it doesn't happen
  • need to have a specific project to organize content and maintain it
    • no volunteers
  • should be able to fund a part-time person for task of initial implementation
  • maybe 10-20K cost

Tim's Notes

  • this might compete with commercial sites (linuxdevices?)
    • probably not - won't be a news site
  • should augment or reference existing materials
  • need to go in and categorize content after each conference (CELF or otherwise)
  • should be highly useful to average embedded developer
  • content should be organized by???:
    • feature areas: boot time, power management, real time?
    • technology areas: synchronization, XIP, file systems, audio?
    • development tasks: configuration, development, debugging, tuning?
  • need "clusters" of pages
  • how to get people to contribute?
    • idea for e-mail based micro-contributions??
    • request and/or pay people for articles in specific areas?
    • have to avoid "I'm not the page owner" syndrome
    • site has to become popular within open source community
      • need to actively market the site?
    • need to open it up to Japan audience
      • need translations of pages
        • this didn't get very far on the original wiki - How to improve?
  • how to avoid wiki rot?
    • automatically re-validate pages over time using a micro-contribution system?
    • ability to sort page by age of last update/last validation?
  • how to avoid wiki-spam?
  • how to make it easy to publish
    • automatic system for handling data (charts, graphs, etc.)
  • need to unlock and refactor content in presentations.
    • Should get original presentations as well as PDFs so they can be put onto wiki pages

Some notes on building a community

See this article: How to Turn Lurkers Into Posters