GStreamer 2010 Presentations

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Presenters and Participants: Thanks very much for your participation in GStreamer Conference 2010.

This page is for collecting the presentations that were made at the conference. During and after the conference we will collect materials from the presenters and place them here. Please watch this page if you are interested in a particular presentation - and it if doesn't show up, please send me an e-mail and we'll try to track it down.


Videos from the conference were recorded and will be made available as soon. An announcement will be made, and a link placed here, when these are ready.


Presenters: Please post your technical conference presentations on this page. (See Instructions below the tables)

Table of Presentations

Session Description Presenter(s) Presentation
Keynote - GStreamer - Current and future development Wim Taymans, Collabora Multimedia
Webkit, HTML5 and GStreamer Philippe Normand, Igalia
Cross platform development with GStreamer Michael Smith, Songbird
Challenges of video editing in your pocket Edward Hervey, Collabora Multimedia
A GStreamer based framework for adaptive streaming applications Emanuele Quacchio, ST Microelectronics
GStreamer and OMAP4 Rob Clark, Texas Instruments
Implementing DLNA using GStreamer Zeeshan Ali, Nokia
Integrating VideoConferencing into Everyday Applications Olivier Crete, Collabora
Optimizing multimedia with Orc David Schleef, Entropy Wave.
Case study - Tandberg and GStreamer Håvard Graff, Tandberg
Landell - live streaming for the masses Luciana Fujii, Holoscopio
Case study - Flumotion and GStreamer Zaheer Merali
Case study - GStreamer on Axis devices Jonas Holmberg, Axis
Using ICE middleware with GStreamer to implement real-time QoS-aware video streaming for remotely controlled vehicle. Andrey Nechypurenko and Maksym Parkachov
3D Stereoscopic and GStreamer Martin Bisson
Case Study - Intel SMD elements in GStreamer Josep Torra, Fluendo
WebM and GStreamer Sebastian Dröge, Collabora Multimedia
Case study - Using gstreamer for building automated webcasting systems Florent Thiery,
Interactivity in GStreamer pipelines Jan Schmidt, Oracle Corporation

Instructions for Presenters

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