IMX 6 Internal and drivers pin-muxing reference

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iMX6_pin iMX6_pad_name used function exported gpio n° default at boot Schematics Label How to use it
A22 SD2_DAT0 GPIO1_IO15 gpio15 OUTPUT LOW touch_rst touch controller reset, active low
A23 SD2_DAT2 GPIO1_IO13 gpio13 INPUT touch_int touch controller interrupt, it should generate interrupt at touch
F23 EIM_EB3 GPIO2_IO31 gpio63 OUTPUT HIGH en_eth_pwr Ethernet PHI power for consumption and power management
C13 SD3_DAT5 GPIO7_IO00 gpio192 INPUT sdio_cd Microsd card detect
W5 KEY_COL0 TXD4 OUTPUT KERNEL DRIVEN U1ARX_IMX Used to communicate with and program SAM3X8E, it should be programmed as output only if used and if sel_dbg_uart is 0, otherwise it should be left open drain
V6 KEY_ROW0 RXD4 INPUT U1ATX_IMX Used to communicate with and program SAM3X8E
T5 GPIO_0 GPIO1_IO00 gpio0 INPUT KERNEL DRIVEN IMX6_PIC_RST SAM3X8E reset, active low
P24 DISP0_DAT0 GPIO4_IO21 gpio117 INPUT KERNEL DRIVEN ERASE Cancellation of the SAM3X8E device before a reprogram, level 1 enables the cancellation, then it should be put in open drain
T1 GPIO_2 GPIO1_IO02 gpio2 OUTPUT HIGH, KERNEL DRIVEN PANEL_ON It enables the power supply of the LVDS panel, active high
R6 GPIO_4 GPIO1_IO04 gpio4 OUTPUT HIGH, KERNEL DRIVEN BL_ON It enables the backlight of the LVDS panel, active high
M25 EIM_WAIT GPIO5_IO00 gpio128 OUTPUT HIGH USB_OTG_SEL is 0 It enables the USB_OTG port on the mini-USB connector, at 1 it connects it at SAM3X8E for host-client communication
R2 GPIO_16 GPIO7_IO11 gpio203 OUTPUT LOW VBUS_EN It enables and disables the vbus for the SAM3X8E, 1 enables, 0 disables (used in ADK mode)
R1 GPIO_17 GPIO7_IO12 gpio204 OUTPUT HIGH HUB_USB_RST# Reset signal for the hub usb2514, active low
A17 NANDF_CS2 CCM_CLKO2 CLK_OUTPUT USB_CLK Clock at 24MHz for the hub usb2514
F15 NANDF_CS0 GPIO6_IO11 gpio171 OUTPUT HIGH EN_VTT It turns off the Vtt at power off, active high
B18 NANDF_D5 GPIO2_IO05 gpio37 OUTPUT HIGH SDIO_PWR It enables the supply voltage of the sd-card, active high
D19 SD4_DAT7 GPIO2_IO15 gpio47 OUTPUT LOW SELUSB_HOST_nDEV USB selection of SAM3X8E in host or client mode , 0=host
D19 CSI0_DAT19 GPIO6_IO05 gpio65 OUTPUT LOW KERNEL DRIVEN CAM_RST Reset for the CSI camera module
M6 CSIO_DAT18 GPIO6_IO04 gpio164 OUTPUT LOW KERNEL DRIVEN CAM_EN Enabling the CSI camera module, active high
P1 CSIO_PIXCLK GPIO5_IO18 gpio146 INPUT DTR_ARD Monitoring the Arduino serial protocol to recognize erase and reset commands
L3 CSIO_DAT17 GPIO6_IO03 gpio163 INPUT RTS_ARD Monitoring the Arduino serial protocol to recognize erase and reset commands
A19 NANDF_D4 GPIO2_IO04 gpio36 OUTPUT LOW EN_5V It turns off the tension of 5VDC at power off, active high