Install ncurses

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Installing ncurses

The following is a simple tutorial on installing ncurses on the Beaglebone Black. The steps for installing on a host computer should be the same, although certain commands might require elevated privileges to run.

Getting Started

The first step is to set up IP forwarding and ssh into the Beaglebone. Instructions can be found here: [1]

Get and Install the Files

Getting the Files

Execute the following command to obtain the ncurses tar file:

beagle# wget

Extract the Files

Execute the following command to extract the tar.gz file. For more info on the tar command, use tar --help

beagle# tar -xzvf ncurses.tar.gz

Configure and Make

The next step is to create the configuration files and make the program

First navigate to the ncurses directory, which should have the format ~/ncurses-v.v-yyyymmdd, where y, m, and d are the year, month, and day of release, and v is the version number. Now execute:

beagle# ./configure

Next call make:

beagle# make

Testing and Installing ncurses

Navigate to the test folder inside the ncurses directory and execute the following commands:

beagle# ./configure
beagle# make

Next, run the various test programs found within the test folder. A list of the programs can be found in the README file inside the test folder in the ncurses directory

If the test programs run correctly, return to the base ncurses directory and run:

beagle# make install

ncurses should now be installed on the bone