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Welcome to the Networking Tech Zone for ELC 2013!!

This page is dedicated to preserving information and discussions about Linux Networking from the Embedded Linux Conference. You should think of this page like a "scratchpad" to record your thoughts and discussions from the conference. Most of us take notes at an event, at a talk that interests us, or after we learn something new and useful from another attendee. Here's a place to record those notes in public, so that not only you can access them after the event, but everyone else can as well


What discussions did people have in the tech zone?

Problems and Issues

What issues do you have with "Multi-Core"?

  • One of the major concerns is that now that virtually every new-generation processor is multi-core, how do you plan for transitioning legacy code to make it multi-core capable?

What are some possible solutions?

  • An understanding of how the scheduler sees threads is most important. But, it's really developing an understanding of data flow through a program. Protecting the data is key to avoiding race conditions and other nasties.

What's going on in the wider community to address these issues?

  • Not a whole lat at this point.

Presentation notes

What presentations at ELC, on the subject of "Networking" did people like? Why?

  • Controlling Multi-Core Race Conditions in Linux/Android

Put your notes about the "Networking" presentations from ELC here...

  • Code demonstrations used in the session are available via emailing


Who at ELC is interested in "Multi-Core"?

  • Mike Anderson, The PTR Group, Inc.