OLS 2008 CELF Embedded Developer BOF

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Here is information about the Embedded Developer BOF (Birds-Of-a-Feather) meeting that CELF hosted at the 2008 Ottawa Linux Symposium.


CELF hosted the meeting on Friday, July 25 at the Westin Hotel in Ottawa. As near as we could count, there were about 120 people in attendance.

Tim Bird, the CELF Architecture Group Chair led the meeting. There were 4 mini-sessions and a few lightning talks, followed by some prize giveaways.


DSC02002.JPG DSC02004.JPG


  • Tin Can Tools Nail Kit
  • 5 Inaura Black Dog security devices
  • Sony Mylo2 (donated by TimeSys)
  • Sony PS3 (with screen and keyboard)
  • HP Media Vault 5150 (1.5 TB NAS device)