Ottawa Linux Symposium 2007

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Here is a list of activities sponsored by or of interest to CELF members at OLS 2007:

CELF Embedded Linux Projects BOF.
Thanks for so many developers attending!


The CE Linux Forum is a sponsor of the 2007 Ottawa Linux Symposium.

This is our third year of sponsorship, and we really enjoy participating each year. Our participation consists of several items:

  • CELF hosts its own BOF, which is open to the public
  • Individual members present specific sessions at the event
  • CELF members often lead or participate in BOFs
  • CELF gives out prizes donated by member companies at the final keynote session of the symposium.
Alert.gif Note: The acronym "BOFs" stands for "Birds-of-a-Feather"session.
This is an informal session where people with similar interests get together to share their ideas and plans.

CE Linux Forum Bird's of a Feather session

This BOF is for anyone interested in the latest work being done in the area of embedded Linux. We have a few interesting mini-talks on new memory measurement tools, size and bootup time reduction techniques, and experience with testing realtime features in Linux.

Please feel free to come and discuss your own embedded project.

The BOF was held at:

  • Place: Westin Hotel, adjacent to the Congress Centre
  • Room: Confederation Ballroom III, on the Fourth Floor
  • Date: Friday, June 29
  • Time: 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

CELF BOF Agenda:

Person Topic
Matt Mackall Discussion and demo of pagemap (accurate memory measurement) patches and tools
Michael Opdenacker Size and Bootup Time techniques and demo
Tim Bird Discussion on recent RT-preempt testing on embedded platforms
Manas Saksena Fedora on ARM project
<open floor> Lightning talks, demos, etc.
Come and tell us about your own embedded project!
Lightning Talks from Japan: See CELF wiki page for OLS2007 for links to lightning talk papers and presentations

Sessions and BOFS on embedded topics

Embedded Linux BOF

Embedded Linux Wiki BOF

BoFS: Linux in Mobile Phones

Power Management BoFS

Sessions by category

Realtime sessions

Power management



Bootup technology

System Size

Architecture/Processor Support


CELF Areas of emphasis

These are the areas of emphasis that CELF is promoting at this year's symposium:

  • RT-preempt - what can we do to help improve it and get it mainlined?
  • Embedded Linux Wiki -