PandaBoard/Ubuntu Tips

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This page contains tips for using the Pandaboard under Ubuntu 12.04 with TI OMAP Release PPA.

Enable Bluetooth

To enable Bluetooth compile and start the UIM Program by TI

git clone git://
cd uim
# start
modprobe btwilink
uim &
# start bluetoothd

No sound from analog output

For Analog output try hw:0,8 as Alsa Device, e.g.

speaker-test -D hw:0,8 -c 2 -F S32_LE -r 96000 -t sine -f 440 -l 1

Fix watchdog restart

If U-Boot hangs after a Watchdog restart compile a new Linaro U-Boot. I have used commit 43ee87aabf17e51d35a5d82848a4052e60f2c7bb.