PandaBoard Button

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UserSpace Access

the push button can be accessed via the sysfs interface as well as a shell script functionality. the sysfs entry for the push button can be found in the directory marked /sys/devices/platform/ . each button will be listed as gpio-keys follow by a number.

Adding New PushButtons

the gpio buttons are defined in the linux kernel machine file. in this case for pandaboard it would be in arch/arm/mach-omap2/board-omap4panda.c file. each button requires that the gpio be defined, a name, and key scan code associated with it. in addition standard platform data and platform device have to be defined.

static struct gpio_keys_button gpio_keys_buttons[] = {
    [0] = {
            .code	    = 0x26,
            .gpio           = 39,
            .active_low     = 0,
            .desc           = "PB0",

static struct gpio_keys_platform_data gpio_keys_data = {
	    .buttons   = gpio_keys_buttons,
    	    .nbuttons   = ARRAY_SIZE(gpio_keys_buttons),
static struct platform_device pandaboard_buttons = {
	.name		= "gpio-keys",
	.id		= 0,
	.dev		= {
		.platform_data = &gpio_keys_data,

PushButton Hardware