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Information about R-Car M2 Porter board hardware R-Car/Boards/Porter:Hardware
This page provides information about Ethernet for Audio Video Bridging (AVB) for R-Car M2 Porter board.

For general information regarding Ethernet AVB please refer to [1].


R-Car M2 SoC provides Ethernet AVB functionality with 1000Mbps speed. This IP block shares pins with Ethernet MAC so only one of these interfaces can be used. R-Car M2 Porter board provides Ethernet MAC with KSZ8041RNLI PHY and Ethernet AVB connector (CN3). You can find this connector on the Porter hardware page. Thus it is necessary to disconnect KSZ8041RNLI PHY before using Ethernet AVB. To achieve this you should remove resistor R321. Resistors R1005 and R1006 allow to connect PHY reset pin to different SoC pins. Please, check that resistor R1005 is installed and R1006 is not.

KSZ8041RNLI reset resistor

This resistor connects KSZ8041RNLI PHY reset pin with R-Car M2 SoC. Without this resistor MAC PHY remains in the reset mode and does not use shared pins. Next step you should set JP7 in closed state.

Ethernet AVB clock enable

This step will connect crystal oscillator (125MHz) to the R-Car M2 Ethernet AVB transmit reference clock pin.

Porter JP7
closed For Ethernet AVB
opened For Ethernet MAC


Yocto build

To build Yocto image with Ethernet AVB support for Porter board, follow this procedure carfully:

  1. Do all steps specified on R-Car/Boards/Yocto and stop before executing bitbake core-image-weston or bitbake core-image-x11
  2. Edit $WORK/build/conf/local.conf with your favorite text editor, and add at the end:
    MACHINE_FEATURES_append = " porter-tse" 
  3. Complete all steps on R-Car/Boards/Yocto.

To boot Linux kernel use uImage with r8a7791-porter-eavb.dtb or uImage+dtb.