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This page is out of date.
Please refer to the Yocto-Gen3 page for the latest version.

Yocto BSP version list
Yocto BSP version Yocto Project version Yocto Codename
v5.1.0 3.1.4 dunfell
v4.7.0 3.1.3 dunfell
v4.1.0 3.0.2 zeus
v3.19.0 2.4.3 rocko
v3.15.0 2.4.3 rocko
v3.13.0 2.4.3 rocko
v3.9.0 2.4.2 rocko
v2.23.1 2.1.3 krogoth
v2.12.0 2.0.2 jethro