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The Visitor Book

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(18-Jan-2012) User:meltwater I heard about this project way back in May 2011 (via BBC Online Video), I immediately went to look at the (very basic at the time) website and emailed my support. Unfortunately, this has meant that I've been watching for a long time, so fingers crossed the new units will come flooding off the production line very soon. I hope we can build a community deserving of the hardwork the foundation has put in. Other than posting lots in the forums, I've recently been helping out with the wiki (along with user User:Alpaca & the predecessors').
(25-Jan-2012) User:Tufty I stumbled upon this via the BBC website - checking the Technology section has finally paid off! Very much looking forward to seeing a unit. I wholeheartedly agree with the aims underlying the Raspi's development, and I've been putting together a guide for absolute beginners on h2g2: Introducing the Raspberry Pi