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ELC 2013 Tech Zones Contest

For ELC 2013's traditional wiki editing contest, participants are encouraged to contribute to the section of the wiki that best corresponds to their specific presentation given, or to a presentation attended. Here's how:

These pages are dedicated to preserving information and discussions about specific topic areas from the Embedded Linux Conference. You should think of these pages like "scratchpads" to record your thoughts and discussions from the conference. Most of us take notes at an event, at a talk that interests us, or after we learn something new and useful from another attendee. Here's a place to record those notes in public, so that not only you can access them after the event, but everyone else can as well.

  1. Login or Request an Account to the wiki. Account Requests are being monitored in real time throughout the conference and will be approved immediately. If you get impatient, find Bill Traynor and nag him a little.
  2. From this page, select the Tech Zone icon that you'd like to contribute to, either as a presenter or as an interested party.
  3. At the top of each Tech Zone page you'll find a section entitled ELC2013 Tech Zone Contest. Edit this section and either create a wikilink to your new page, or click through to a page already created and contribute appropriately.
  4. For Tech Zone discussions, add material to the Discussions section on the page. To record notes about a presentation, put those in the appropriate section of the page as well.

ELC 2013 Tech Zones


At the end of the conference, a panel of judges will evaluate the "Tech Zone" pages, and will decide which one is best. This will be the one with the most comprehensive notes and useful insights captured on the page, for that topic area. After selecting the best page, the judges will select among the contributors to that page to receive prizes for their contributions. Note that contributing to multiple pages increases your chances of winning.

All prizes will be awarded at the closing ceremonies. You do not have to be present to win, however make sure you have a valid email address associated to your wiki account so the Administrator can track you down to deliver the prize at a later date.

First Prize

Sony Digital Camera

Secondary Prizes

LWN gift certificates

FlySwatter2 ARM JTAG Debugger

Xprotolab mixed signal oscilloscope

Tips for avoiding conflicts while editing a page

During the conference, more than one person at a time may attempt to edit a page. To avoid a conflict, try creating a new section, and edit that individual section, rather than the whole page. As long as edits are non-overlapping, the WikiMedia server software can often merge the edits even if they are made simultaneously.