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Timesys is a pioneer and industry leader in providing embedded Linux solutions. The company is committed to providing easy-to-use embedded Linux offerings for embedded developers targeting Linux as their go-to-market platform.

Timesys' LinuxLink is a free suite of development tools that supports a wide variety of popular processors and associated development platforms. It enables developers to quickly design, prototype, build (online or locally), debug, deploy and maintain a custom embedded Linux based device. LinuxLink is an end-to-end workflow utilizing open source components such as makefiles and Yocto Project build environments, Eclipse-based and other GNU tools, and a framework in which to efficiently work and collaborate.

In addition to LinuxLink, Timesys offers project-based commercial support (whether using the LinuxLink Factory or the Yocto Project build system), professional services and customized training.

Timesys was founded in 1996, with headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA and offices in Austin, TX and Poznan, Poland. Timesys' solutions have been used globally in markets that include medical, automotive, telecommunications/networking, industrial control/process automation, military/aerospace and consumer electronics. The company has an extensive global partner ecosystem, so no matter where their customers are located, Timesys can provide them with a comprehensive solution tailored to meet their product requirements.