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Ganesh Gudigara

started career in Indian Institute of science, Bangalore in RADAR & Microwave R&D. where started using slackware, Redhat 7 as computational platform for optimized agorithms . This triggered a interest on using Linux as primary platform and Started exploring Linux everywhere in home usage also. Earlier days spent enought time to experiement

on bringing up/fixing issues/compiling Pixelview TV tuner v4l driver  and soft modem drivers along with ppp as  Linux user.

Later joined Symbol Technologies as Embedded Engineer and started really playing with hardware. Became part of the team which developed the world's 2nd EDA based on Linux kernel 2.4.18(official). Explored on Intel PXA255 series hardware and contributed finalizing drivers and develping drivers, sdk, filesystem Worked on Linux bringup on Symbol\s different wireless controllers.

After this worked in Virident Systems and Wind River majorly on Linux kernel modifications for AMD HT based SCM storage controller and SSD controller.

Worked heavily on modifying the ubifs for performance on Virident SSDs.

Later started a Wireless mesh startup where worked heavily on omap based linux embedded device for handheld active rfid readers.

Worked in RDMA driver porting for Western Digital's custom SDS platform along with optimization on OFED stack.

Now working as IOT consultant in Linux bringup on different Linux based embedded platforms like Freescale i.mx6/7/8, TI AM335x/AM4xxx, DM814x, Xilinx MP Soc, Jetson TX2 platforms.

Heavily engaged in developing thin client OS based on Linux platform for VXL instruments and other companies.