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Tim Bird is a Linux developer working for Sony Corporation.

Tim is Chair of the Architecture Group of the Core Embedded Linux Project of the Linux Foundation (formerly the CE Linux Forum). In the past, Tim worked at Lineo, Caldera, and Novell. Tim was the Chief Technical Officer of Lineo, an early pioneer in the Embedded Linux industry.

Tim has worked with Linux for over 25 years (since 1993). In his career at Sony and in work at the Linux Foundation, Tim has worked on reducing Linux system size, on reducing boot time for the Linux kernel, and on initiatives to help companies upstream their kernel development work and participate in the Linux community. He is currently the maintainer of the Fuego, and is involved in efforts to promote standards for Automated Testing of open source systems. He has given numerous talks and keynotes at Linux conferences, and created the Embedded Linux Conference and Automated Testing Summit.

Current contact information

You can contact Tim at the following address, which has been made spam-resistant:

  • e-mail: tim (dot) bird (at) sony (dot) com.


See Tim Bird's Presentations for a list of presentations given by Tim Bird over the years.

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