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Your error

Do not EVER make a correction of the model wizard on the actual WIZARD, there's a talk page for that. You are wrong (even though it may seem like common sense), so do not ever edit the model.

Hello, Jeff. Thank you for alerting me to my supposed error, I appreciate the chance to defend myself. I'm a bit surprised by your tone, however. You seem to be very controlling, almost possessive over the model wizard. It seems strange to me, considering that this is an open wiki that is supposed to be contributed to by everybody.
I will quote your message here: "Do not EVER make a correction of the model wizard on the actual WIZARD, there's a talk page for that. You are wrong (even though it may seem like common sense), so do not ever edit the model."
As I understand it, the talk page is meant to discuss changes or revisions that may be under question. My edit, however, did not fall under that category, and I can back my edit up with facts. To refresh our memories, the line under question is this: " It is impossible to connect to the internet, even with a wireless adapter."
This line is factually incorrect, so I edited the page to correct this. The Model A and Model B have these differences: one verses two USB ports, 256MB verses 256/512MB, no built-in ethernet verses on-board ethernet adapter. On a deeper level, the Model A connects the single USB port directly to the chipset, while the Model B has a USB hub within the ethernet chipset to supply the two ports.
So, from this, we know that both models of RPi have fully functioning USB ports. Since they also share the same EXACT Broadcom chipset and run the same EXACT Linux images, there is no reason from a hardware or software standpoint that one can network while the other one can't. (The power issue for running a USB WiFi chipset is present on both models, and must be mitigated in both by using a powered USB hub.)
I would also point out that the ethernet chipset is not required to run a USB wireless chipset. The two operate totally independently, with different kernel modules and everything.
I see from your userpage that you are the President of the RPWC. I take that to mean that you are heavily involved in the RPi wiki project. Please understand that I mean no disrespect when I assert my claims, but I find it uncharacteristic of a heavy wiki user to revert a perfectly reasonable assertion without any sort of explanation and going on to leave a heavy-handed and somewhat belittling message on their talk page. I hope this is uncharacteristic of you, Jeff.
FWIW, User:Jeff does not represent the wiki or any content found therein. I'm still unsure what the RPWC is, or how it thinks it has any bearing on any content on, be it RPi content or not, but I assure you that will remain as open as possible! Edit what you want, review counter edits, etc. etc. Please contact User:wmat if you have any questions regarding this. --Wmat (talk) 02:45, 29 November 2012 (UTC)
Thanks for the info. I wasn't sure exactly how this wiki operated, so I was treading carefully. Glad to know the wiki supports open wiki principles! --Zootboy (talk) 02:57, 29 November 2012 (UTC)
I also agree that "Jeff" and "RPWC" seem to be very heavy-handed and over the top. AFAICT Jeff (view his edits) took it upon himself to create the "Wiki Council" and elect himself "President" :-/
R-Pi_Hub says "As the RPi wiki is currently a wreck, the council's current goal is to clean up the RPi Wiki" so I made some suggestions at the bottom of but that page hasn't even been touched since October last year, which IMHO speaks volumes... I personally think it's doing more harm than good, especially with the "Note: This is official and is ok with the administration of eLinux." line at the top. AndrewS (talk) 03:54, 22 February 2013 (UTC)
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